With Graduation coming, I thought it might be fun to give you a few origami patterns made using money.  While I think money for graduation is a good thing, I can’t bring myself to just give it plain…..just seems so impersonal.  So here a few ideas for making those gifts little more impressive, and it’s just a suggestion but usually, I fold a dollar in the same way as I fold their money gift.  Why you ask, well I have had kids and even adults (when I give Christmas tips I fold them in the star or a tree and then found my  receipient didn’t want to unfold it)  kinda defeated the purpose so now I give a dollar as a keepsake. You could also buy some play money at Michael’s or Jo Ann’s and fold it up and give that as the keepsake.  Even if the Play money is smaller or larger it will fold the same way and just finish being either smaller or larger.  I am also giving  you a little origami wallet that you may want to use for gift  card,  again just a little extra pizazz.






Both of these patterns came from a  CAN DO CRAFTS BOOKLET..MONEY FOLDING 101. IF you are just getting started in Origami this a great beginning with many different images you can fold using money.  While you might find it in a craft store or bookstore I gave you the link to my ” go to” for books AMAZON.  There are several other clever folds some harder but most well written and easy to follow.  I almost always cut a piece of paper the size of a dollar and practice with it first so I can be sure I have the fold down, however if you get cocky and forget or try it with money first don’t despair because our money is almost cloth it UN- CREASES pretty well, just unfold and smooth it out with your bone folder if your really freaky or one of those type A folks ( I am not disparaging you )then you could even lightly iron it to get it crisper. It is a paperback book and I believe its around $12 dollars.

This next fold is also from a book which I am linking to Amazon.  It’s called ORIGAMI CARD CRAFT.  I love this book it’s also paper and a little more expensive but filled with lots of fun folds using origami paper or other papers but not money…when I got it a year or so ago I sat down with a package of origami paper and went thru it and folded a lot of the patterns and just left the sample in the book.  So when I went to give you this one (wallet) for the gift card, I realized it was slightly larger than I thought…so after about 10 sheets of paper ( remember I told you I don’t do math ) I finally came up with a different size of paper that will fold almost the same size as a gift card. Its very simple and not a lot of measuring so you Type A guys may have angst with this, but just cut some scrap paper and work with that first and I am sure you will get it. It does work best if you have duplex paper ( thats paper with two different sides even if one is white for making the strip across the front. If you like Origami I highly recommend this book the pages are beautiful as are the images , its easy to follow and filled with lots of lovely card ideas.









You will see that they are calling this an envelope and they did it using a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and suggested that it was great for mailing out invitations or even a letter.  You could type on your paper first and then fold , address and use a sticker or return address label to hold it closed.  Using that size paper it will fold into a mailing size of 3 1/2 x 5.

To make this the gift card size as I said I cut about 10 sheets of paper to get it the size I wanted because I am not good at figuring mathematical proportions . Actually I suck at it… so finally I cut it 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches …now that makes it a square and they used a rectangle piece of paper and generally in Origami that won’t work so it blew me away when it came out just like I wanted.  This is why I don’t understand Math but it does work.  Trust me on this but do fold with scrap paper first .  As I said, this will work fine for a gift card but it also makes a cute postage stamp holder.  I used to send friends that were going on a trip, to somewhere I would like to go, a few postcard stamps along with some self addressed labels… and I would tuck all of that into this fold along with a note that said, they didn’t even have to write anything just mail me postcards from their trip… it almost always worked I got lots postcard and I called it my ARMCHAIR TRAVEL KIT.  They always seemed to think it was a great idea.

POP UP GIFT CARD HOLDER from SCS  Here is one more idea for gift card holder .  Its from Splitcoast Stampers and it quick and simple and came just in time for this post. Hope you enjoy it.


I want to share with you some very creative Eye Candy….it’s three short videos from U TUBE.   They happen to be ads for Sherwin Williams Paint.  This is not a recommendation for Sherwin Williams but these videos create various scenes and everything in the video is created using nothing but paint chips  Now it may all be done with photoshop, I don’t really know how they do it I just think its so incredible that I wanted to share it with you.  I wanted to try to link them here but the best I can do is to give you the titles and tell you to go to utube and type in this each title and click search.  If that doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll try to find another way.  Enjoy…

Sherwin Williams Honey bee…..

Sherwin Williams.River.mp4

.Sherwin Williams-Paint chips mp4

Had to share just two more… first is a FLASH MOB in Russia and while this one is way more organized than I could ever pull off ….it is on my bucket to be part of FLASH MOB and I think this second one is something I could do alone or with just a couple of friends.  Let me know if you want to do this.  Its called dance-walking and while there is music playing on this video the guy was walking down the street/dancing and no music… this I think I could do.

Just received another lovely little piece of EYE CANDY…from CYNTHIA THOMAS. This is a version of the Word Card I posted pattern for back a month or so.  I love her flowers and leaves.  You may not be able to tell are dimensional. Thanks for sharing Cynthia.

If you have a card you’d like to share whether its one of the patterns on the blog or not, I’d love to receive it.  Just send me an e mail and I’ll give you my address.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BUY……Wire Headed Cyber Toad..aka kath




great driftwood against marsh

Our room is bottom right

painting on wall of building

sunrise over marsh

Favorite name for a grocery

WOW its Friday again…. seems like it keeps coming sooner and sooner maybe because the past two fridays  I have been out of town so I worked like a demon the week before to get the posts ready and then set them to auto…well I am sure by now that if you looked at the blog more than once you saw that I had to keep making updates …..why you ask… well because I forgot things and then while I had planned while on the road to make a few tweaks to blogs I was unable to connect well enough… the blog on the 12th I forgot to say that all those lucious samples came from my friend, teacher and fellow calligrapher ELIZABETH WALSH.  Also I came home sick with what I think they are telling me is Bronchitis…not sure if that’s correct spelling but I can tell you it means trying to cough your toes up… I am a little better or perhaps its the meds so if this blog seems really weird chalk it up to the meds.

The photos at the beginning of this blog are from my recent trip to APALACHICOLA Florida.    If you are wondering where in the heck that is look at map of Fl and its up in the panhandle  a little south of Panama City .  For you oyster fans it is also where about 90% of US oysters come from , at least that is their story. I wasn’t sick there so I am pretty sure that is what they said but they may have said 90% of Florida oysters come from…that makes a little more sense to me since I know WA has lots of oysters and they don’t come from Florida cause FLorida oysters are much smaller and I am sure that a connoisseur would be able to tell you the merits of both… My confusion indicates alcohol was involved.  Right, moving on the place we stayed was on a Creek and was both a hotel and Marina so there were boats tied up right outside our room which was more like a condo than a hotel room …Its called the WATER STREET HOTEL AND MARINA.  Ok I am not really changing this blog to a travel blog but still thought I’d share some of this with you. We went kayaking on the creek and around in some of the inlets of the creek which brought us really close to marsh…. I am in love I am ready go stay somewhere on a marsh for a long period of time… It was fantastic and I fell in love…it is also extremely peaceful and relaxing.


I am sure you are all aware of  Jo Ann’s and Michael’s dollar bins well actually they seem to be going up at Michael’s but I recently went into TARGET and they had a dollar bin with lovely little tins already decorated with MARY ENGLEBRETT designs and I thought, WOW just a dollar and it makes a great little box for an accordion card…and just in time for one of my favorite people so below is the photo of my birthday accordion card that I slipped into the ME box for my friend SHARON CLYMER and she is so good at sending me photos back just in case I forgot to take one.  So if you have a TARGET near by pop in and see if you can find some little tin boxes for $1 and you can use them for tiny gifts or as I did make an accordion card.  I rounded the corners and I did not glue the card in thinking that Sharon might also re cycle the box and make a card and send it to someone else… Thanks for the photo Sharon..

accordion card in tin by kh

You can see I also used the Clothesline Caps with colored pencil as well as some embellishments..there was plenty of room for them in the box and you can make your accordion as long as you want.  Sharon also shared with me a great web site of decorated envelopes by Mark B Hill. They are great so take a peak and once you are on his site click on his ENVELOPE PROJECT.


STAND ALONE POP UP from SCS (split coast stampers)

Ok on to the stuff you came to see.  This is a lovely little stand up card…and I have suddenly taken a great interest in TAGS and this card works great to either make your own tag for the pop up or use a ready made tag that you decorate.  You can use designer papers for the tag but it must be rather heavy or it won’t stand up on its own.  So light weight card stock with designs on is fine but text weight paper will not work. I actually got this card in  a kit and then found it on Split Coast Stampers…yippee… I was trying to write up the directions and then when I found it on SCS I realized I did not have to re invent the wheel..merely share it with you all they called it the FREE STANDING POP UP. I


Now they decorated theirs with ribbon and embellishments but I have a tendency to decorate mine with more stamps.. I also write a personal message on the back of the tag . You do not have to follow either of our examples but can make your own.. and of course if your willing please share a digital photo with me.  There are lots of pre-made tags out there and you probably have some already … if you put embellishments on your tag remember that you might need to enlarge the slit so that it has room to slide up and down with the embellishments.

Again this is a great card to pre-cut, pre-score and have in various colors so that you can grab it and go … you might even want to make up some tags ahead also.

I used some zebra stripped card stock to make my tag and then some crayola crayon mini cards glued on top .  I also had some mini popsicle sticks and also a cupcake brad.  My tag is actually a little longer than the one in the pattern so it will require a larger envelope when I get ready to mail it, probably a 5 x 7.  But that is still regular mailing size so it won’t require extra postage except for the fact that I have bumps being the brads as well as the popsicle stick that would make it require extra postage.



I can’t remember where I found the little green crayola cards but it was definitely a dollar bin…probably from Michael’s and I have had them for a while…

This is the back of my card and I just like to add a little personal note on the back as well as the decorations on the front.  I still haven’t added the string or ribbon at the top that you would use to pull it up and you may want to enclose a note to the person receiving the card so that they will know to pull up and make the card stand on it own.





This week’s Post is again Calligraphy and this time not a monoline but an actual Calligraphic Script.  It’s called NEULAND and it was developed by Rudolph Koch while working for the Klingspor.  He designed the letters and then was so excited about them that while is job at Klingspor was to design letters he asked to actually carve these.  He was told that they thought they were the ugliest letters but they did allow him to develope them ….. and where would all the Mexican restaurants and travel brochure’s of today be without them!!!

For a long time I have felt ( and some other calligraphers agree with me ) that this should be the first alphabet you are introduced to in Calligraphy.  My reason is that first you are learning to write with a totally different tool and most of us have no experience with a flat (Chisel) nib, and you also hold you pen at a perfectly flat angle, no twist ( well only a little ) and it’s a great first experience for most students because it is easier and there is a higher level of satisfaction with the student as to his/her ability to actually make the letters.  I say this because my first script and most calligrapher’s first script is ITALIC and I admit that is what most people visualize  when they hear the word calligraphy but ….ITALIC is so complicated with various pen angles, and that d___ slant and if you don’t get that right then the whole alphabet looks like well you know..( do you sense that my italic is something   I rarely share with anyone…any time I have been asked to do a commission in Italic I quickly recommend another calligrapher because I could never charge for my Italic…ok its a sore spot with me so I ‘ll quit now but trust me I should pay you if you want my italic.lol) Back to the NEULAND…I also used to teach 1st grade and I know if you want to get someone hooked on lettering then giving them a first experience where the go away with the thought ” I can do this ” you have a much better chance of seeing them again.

I also recommend that your first lettering experience should be with a ZIG CALLIGRAPHY PEN..( its felt tip but again trust me the felt except in abuse or extremely heavy hand will out last the ink in the pen) by that I mean that it will stay crisp and sharp and even when they are running out of ink I LOVE THEM because they make this streaky effect that hard to achieve otherwise.  I also want to mention that they are LIghtfast, and waterproof so those of us in Washinton can  mail them without fear of the ink running in the rain…lol.  I have given you two sources for purchasing these pens on line. ( the felt tip one is from Amazon and it appears to be a basic set which i think includes Black.) You may also find them in craft stores such as Jo Ann’s or Michael’s .  I have also just discovered while giving you these links that  the double end with a 5mm tip is hard to come by without buying a set and for that I am sorry.. you may find them somewhere in smaller sets but my guess is that you are going to love the colors so you might as well go ahead and buy a set … I also really want you to use the 5mm end as its much easier for a beginner and you will have to adapt your guidelines if you use a smaller tip ALSO while you won’t see your mistakes in the lettering as much that IS NOT A GOOD THING…you always want to make your letters as correct as possible so seeing it bigger is better after you are sure you have it them you can downsize.  Also this is not so big you can’t use it on a card and it does have the much smaller 2mm on the other end which is actually more like a 1.5 mm.  Back to the pens after you get them then do not throw them away when they run out of ink , you can dip them and continue to use them until the felt actually starts to get mushy… there are cheaper calligraphy felt tips out there but that is the problem they use cheaper felt and long before the ink runs out you will have a squishy nib that will not make nice letters no matter how hard you try… and you can go straight to the Parallel Pens but if you have a heavy hand like me you are going to find that you may in fact tear the paper by pressing to hard… hence the felt tip is going to slide easier for a beginner on the papers. IMHO  I am including a lot of samples of various people’s Neuland and how they have played with it to give you more ideas.  I should have noted that all of these samples were ones tha ELIZABETH WALSH shared at a class last fall.  Thanks so much Elizabeth .

Ok…. I have just realized how hard it is to teach a class over the internet via a blog…so basically if you don’t understand or need more help PLEASE ASK ME…I check in vain for questions or comments on the blog and ITS ALWAYS EMPTY…a friend said my indian name was ” she who waits by the mailbox...” I am thinking of changing it to ” she who checks the blog comment box.”  Ok I remind myself that I am doing this cause I want to not because I am lonely just keep thinking that I am sending this out into the ETHER along with Carl Sagen its out in the star stuff.  Are you afraid to post in case I am a wacko…would a photo help?  I can give references and I am against my will on FACEBOOK. I promise I won’t stalk you..lol  I have friends in fact I am blessed with quite a few, but they don’t post comments either…lol 

Ok now this is one of my favorite cards cause its so simple …You will need the following

strip of paper 4 ” x 11″

push pin ( any color lol)

scissors or exact knife and ruler( my preference is a quilting ruler because you can cut with an exacto against it without damaging the ruler, and you can see through it. )

Score your paper in half at the 5 1/2 inch mark. With the card folded turn it so the open in is facing your body and using the quilting ruler measure in two inches from left as well as two inches from the open end… make a dot or just use your push pin and and poke a small hole thru both pieces of card stock.

Now unfold card and and on the front cut a diagonal line from the push pin hole down to the bottom of the right hand side point.  Key word here is diagonal .

Next flip the card over now looking at the inside right hand side cut a diagonal line from the dot UP to the top right corner…Just the opposite of what you did on the front.  

Ok you can now see that I have cut the diagonal at each end of the card and one is cut up and one is cut down.

Now when you fold this card back together just slip one cut inside the other and you now a  triangle on the front of your card… to me it looks like the back of an envelope so I am calling it an envy card envy short for envelope.

If you use duplex paper ( double sided paper or even with just white on the back it will make a nice look) You can either stamp on it or write a note etc.


On my sample I also cut a strip of 1 1/2 ” by 2 ” and I scored it at 1/2′, 1″ 1/1/2 ”  fold on all the score lines and and put a piece of tape , glue or glue dot on the first 1/2″ a second on the piece at the right hand end …remove tape and stick left edge up against the fold line inside card and press down so it is stuck to card… then fold the little tab at the 1″ line remove the tape which is on the next fold and fold the card closed to adhere the little tab which now creates a box to which you can glue images etc which will sorta pop up when opened.. all of this is extra …you can just stamp or glue images photos, or write on the inside of this card and its good to go…


OK you can see that what the tab looks like inside your card and and then that in this case I used a small paper bag and filled it with various strips of paper all with birthday greetings of some sort .  Another good idea is to fill it with several different or even the same THANKS stamp on strips and on the bag write Thanks a Million or A Million thanks.. You can also see the slits that you cut so that it interlocks when folded.

Ok so now your turn…… GO MAKE SOMETHING.


hugs the wire headed cyber toad…aks Kath




star fold card

STARFOLD CARD VIDEO…this video is off youtube and you should know that there are no words only music and that it is not in english or in inches measurements, she does however have writing on the screen that kinda helps but I am pretty sure she is working with a piece of 12×12 paper and that is not what my measurements are so the measurements are different,  however it will probably be very helpful to watch it first then follow my directions below. It is a rather long video and after you see how to fold it you can just quit or watch to see  how she decorates and its much more involved than anything I did.

Cut card stock 8 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches

Mark a small pencil mark at 4 1/4 on the 8 1/2 size then lay your paper on a paper cutter and cut a diagonal cut from the each of the points on the 7 1/2″ side of paper and cut up to the 4 1/4 mark you made.  Now you should have a triangle and while it doesn’t seem possible each of the triangle sides will measure 8 1/2 inches.

From here the directions are that this will be easier with a SCOR-PAL or some other scoring pad.  You can however use a ruler and make a pencil tick at the measurements.  If you are using a ruler be sure to look at how she does it in the video and then use my measurements to make your tick marks and then she uses a paper cutter with scoring tool to make the score lines if you are using the ruler I would just use the ruler and score along the ruler with a bone folder.  I don’t do well with swapping the cutting blade for the scoring blade ..tend to get in a hurry and end up cutting it off when I only meant to score it…then the bad words come out.

Laying your triangle so that the flat side of any leg is against the left side of the SCOR-PAL and the point is up at the top left corner , score straight down at the 3 and 3/4 mark and again at the 5 inch mark.

ROTATE the triangle again so flat side is against the left edge of SCOR-PAL and point is up at top left corner and again score at 3 3/4 and also at 5 ..


NOW after all scoring you will see a triangle in the center and you will fold each score mark as follows the 3 3/4 score line is folded in the 5 ” score line is folded out ….repeat with each of he other two and when you get all three folded into center then you have your star to keep it closed gently hold down and pick up one flap and tuck it in under the other so that you create a box top type fold.

If you watch the video you will see how that looks.  You can then decorate your star points with images or pieces of triangle paper glued on top or if you use a piece of Duplex paper ( that’s paper that has different designs or colors on each side THEY WILL ALREADY BE DECORATED.  You can still add embellishments to them and if you cut a piece of card stock 3 1/2 inches square you can cut a small triangle to fit into the center by cutting the 3 1/2 inch square the same as you cut the original triangle find the center ( 1/3/4 “) make a tick mark and lay it on your paper cutter and cut from mark diagonal down to the point. Repeat with the other side.  This will create a slightly smaller triangle that will fit inside the STAR.


I really really like this fold and again its a great one to cut the triangles in various colors of paper and score them then store them in your sheet protectors so that they are ready to go when you need them…In addition , I would suggest you take a sheet of text paper cut, score and fold it and SAVE IT in the protector so that you can see how to fold it again if you don’t make for a while and forget how it goes.

I mentioned early that if you don’t have the SCOR-PAL or similar scoring board you will need to use a ruler and I Highly recommend that you spend the money for a quilting ruler…a) because it has great measurements on it …b) its clear so you can see thru it c) and if you cut against it with an xacto knife it won’t get cut.  The set that I have linked you with is a good buy and perfect sizes…the 6 x 12 is great for almost any size card you might be working on and the 4 x 8 is also good for a smaller card and the tiny one is great for caring with you in your purse.  this is a good buy but you can look at the local store and find a single if you want but I would definitely suggest that it be something x 12..to work with all the paper you have.

Please feel free to let me know if you think I could write this easier to understand or if you think there is a better way and I’d love to post your image if you make this card.


PS measurements help from Stamping School .

hugs the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath