Well I am excited about sharing some of my favorite stuff with you including TIPS, TOOLS and FAVORITE TOYS.  I am also writing this a week ahead because A) I can and B) because next weekend is my birthday and I am going to Savannah to celebrate with the man behind this woman’s passion. i.e. my sweet husband who proofs these blogs and makes suggestions for improvement.  Ok moving on to some Tips first.

One of my favorite tips is pre cut and pre score ….if you have a new favorite or an old favorite card that requires special folding or lots of layers etc then cut your paper to the required size/sizes in assorted colors and then while sitting in front of the tv at night score your card stock where necessary that way you will always have a piece of card stock ready to go if you need it in a hurry.  This also goes for if you have special birthday or other stamps that you like to layer on the cards then cut and stamp them up ahead of time and if they require color you can do that again while watching tv…its fun but time consuming and coloring , even staying inside the lines is not brain surgery so you can watch and color too.

The next tip kinda goes with the first one… if you need a pattern for a card put it in a sheet protector(by the way the best way to get them is from Costco , they are cheaper there and almost always available.) and then add your pieces necessary for the card to that sheet protector then you can either keep them in a notebook or you can have a file drawer where you put them do that when you need it in a hurry you can pull out the directions and what ever other pieces you need if had extra scoring on it the that’s done for you also ( see first tip) and all you need is your trusty glue stick or sticky tape.   Now all of this said I don’t like to put the card totally together somehow if I have pre assembled card ready to go I never use it…guess I feel like I need to spend some time on the card since in a way its my gift and if I just sign my name the time spent ahead doesn’t count for me…but hey its ok if it works for you.

Now this tip I am especially proud of as I don’t sew… that means that in HS when I took home ec I managed to sew the dress I was required to make with both sleeves on the left side…. that pretty much did for me …(I did get a D rather than an F cause the teacher said it was very creative and couldn’t’ figure out how I did it and neither could I.) So I don’t sew…EXCEPT on cards…and most recently on SHEET PROTECTORS…You see I have these new templates for cutting out large words, THANKS, LOVE AND WISH and  I decided to cut out a few of each of them to have on hand.  Because they are long and not wide I wanted to store then in sheet protectors but they kept falling over so I thought why not sew a zigzag stitch down the center of sheet protector and TA DAH worked and they now stand nice and straight in my file. Yeah, I did buy a cheap but multi stitch sewing machine a few years ago so I could sew cloth candles on cards… and I wanted it to do various stitches..I figured if I was going to sew it should look amazing( as long as it didn’t have sleeves)  Sew (LOL) think about sewing up some sheet protectors to hold the smaller things or long an narrow things.

Back to the first tip about saving your pattern in a sheet protector if the card is either complicated or just one that you especially like either make up a dummy ( also known as prototype) or make a color copy of it and put it with the may think you have that fold down perfect but we are all loosing little bits of the grey stuff and its lots easier if you have one there that you can unfold rather than wasting 4 sheets of paper ( been there done that) so call it whatever, and it may not even been yours it may be an idea some sent you, even better to save it with directions because you don’t want to send it back to them telling them about this great new card you …unless you are thanking them for sharing.


Back in one of my first blogs, I told you about SCOR-PAL and I think I told you about SCOR-BUDDY..( they are not calling it that at this site but the size is the BUDDY NOT THE PAL) its the smaller one and its great for working in you lap while watching TV or if you Washingtonians just have to go outside cause the sun is shining you can take it with you and its easier to hold than the big one..





Next  I also told you that FISKARS has great new paper cutter and the one I told you about is the larger one…but there is also a smaller one, FISKARS Surecut card making trimmer.  Again this works great in front of the TV or outside or just away from your desk cause it looks like a hurricane went through there and you can’t find a thing and you want to play rather than clean up… grab the little one and go anywhere you want.  I don’t want to rush you but I had a really hard time finding this one and while Michael’s used to carry it haven’t seen it lately and this is a really cheap price from WALMART so if it was me I’d order soon as they maybe going to discontinue this size and thats too bad cause it great for lap work.

The SOAP STONE PENis a great tool, calligraphers have been using it to make lines on dark paper but you an also use it to see where your lettering is going to go and if it fits… now its a little large so you won’t get a really tiny writing but it is still very helpful because when you make these lines on papers  they simply rub off with a soft cloth , paper towels will work but an old piece of towel or washcloth is even better.  It leaves no marks and because it makes a white line is easily seen on your dark papers. It is actually a quilting tool for drawing on cloth in which case it washes out …hence finding it at JOANN’S  in the Quilting section is also a place to look and I would have taken you there on line but they don’t seem to be keeping their on line up to date so I took you were I did find it AMAZON…..but if Joann’s is close then you could  look in quilting section.   

Well that’s probably  enough for today but I just feel with all this writing I need to share at least one card.  This is from Split Coast Stampers and its called the STAIR STEP FOLD.  It is one of my favorites and a great way to use multiple images/stamps/ accessories. It is also a great one for TIP # 1, to pre cut and pre score so all you have to do is fold it and decorate.  Also note that at the bottom of the first set of directions they give the score lines if you are NOT using a SCOR PAL… so just one of the many ways SCS is so helpful… maybe if you are not using scor pal or buddy you might want to highlight that part so you don’t score it incorrectly.


I’D also love to hear if you have a favorite tool or tip and would like to share it. i.e. COMMENTS


hugs the wire headed cyber toad




This first EYE CANDY is mine.  Its a small stand up calendar that I sent out last year. I used photos in it but you can use stamps etc to make fit the person you are sending it to. This is the standing card and the image is the way it looks after you adhere the two un-scored squares together. ( see pattern below) I had used this pattern to make a Halloween card a few years ago and I loved that it could stand up on its own.  Then I was in one of my favorite stamp stores IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.. and they had used these tiny calendars( well almost business card size.   IMPRESS does sell these and I’ll try to give you the link. MINI MONTHLY CALENDARS ( couldn’t find a link but if you call them I am sure they still have them or can tell you when they will be getting the ones for 2013.)  This is the pattern for cutting and folding…couldn’t be simpler  You cut on solid lines and score on dotted lines.  You can use any size square.  And as you will see from the photo below and second generation friend JANIS BLEVINS put 4 of these together to create a unique, stand alone birthday card for her MOM.. KUDOS , Janis its fantastic.








This is the pattern for the pop up and you cut between 1 and 2 and then adhere them together and the score mark on 3 is a mountain fold i.e. pushes up and into the card..

Now this next card is from CAROLE CROSE in Sequim WA.  I think the pattern for this came from CAROL PALLENSEN of Reno NV.  Its just so cute and easy …just use about a 1 inch punch of a square and also one of a circle then adhere the square onto your background in the diamond position and then cut the circle in half and adhere one have on each side of the diamond …leaving the small space of background showing makes it look even more dimensional.  Remember Hearts aren’t just for Valentines..



This next one is an Anniversary Card I received from my AUNTIE M ( I am Dorothy’s daughter and so somewhere along the way my Aunt Merrilyn Shape became AUNTIE M and Mom has Toto actually known as Molly).


  Without pulling this card apart…and using my SCOR-PAL I cut the OUTSIDE of card 4 3/4 x 8 and scored it laying it on Scor-pal scored it at 2 3/4 and again at 6 1/4.  This allows the card to fold uneven so that you can attach a ribbon or cord to the outside and wrap it around to tie it closed.   INSIDE cut at 4 1/2 x 11… score it at 1 1/4 then fold score again at 1 1/4 reverse fold and score one last time at 1 1/4.(thats 3 scores all at 1 1/4).  Then I flipped the card around and repeated this at the opposite end..adhere the the two flaps in the center so that they create a sorta door look and then adhere to the OUTSIDE PIECE OF CARD STOCK, matching the score lines .  As you can see she adhered extra pieces inside on both the front and rear of card plus the decoration in the center…and yes hubby and I are Martini she used raffia as her tie and a small heart brad on the outside to adhere the raffia..

This one is from by BFF MARLENE MAJESKI.  She had me buy these pre made cards last season from TARGET..don’t bother running to find them as they no longer are there and as often as I check the stationary section of Target I have not found anything this cool since.. It was a multi fold card with each section a different color with various size hearts cut into each panel.  It was actually a THANK YOU  card but as you can see both Marlene and I have found ways to use it for other things…IN this case Marlene used assorted LOVE POSTAGE on the bottom of each panel and used this for her Valentine’s card this year…YEAH MARLENE for thinking outside the box and creating such a unique Valentine.

Isn’t that just a great accordion card.  I keep checking Target so see if they have anything this impressive again but so far nothing.  They were also I think 10 in pack with envelopes and less that $7.  A truly great find.




This card was sent to me along with the apron you see below.  A stamping buddy from Snohomish WA, CYNTHIA THOMAS….Cynthia got some terrific fabric from Africa and made herself an apron and posted it on FB and I told her I loved it especially due to the Pockets well apparently that entitled me to an apron also made from African fabric and this is the card that came with it.... this is photo of me wearing my new apron… YOU can’t really see the pockets but it has them...THANK YOU CYNTHIA…I have only one other friend who has sewn for me so this is special…and the card was layered so that the apron was stamped and then cut out and she used one of those border punches to punch the design along the edge…I am such a LUCKY GIRL.  (PS its the angle of the photo that makes me look



I also want to post a BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC PIECE OF CALLIGRAPHY by my  California Buddy BONNIE NOEHR.   Bonnie continues to amaze me with her skill and talent to say nothing of her design prowess. She told me that she drew the Lily from her garden with graphite and then wrote the quote using McCaffery’s Red Violet ink.  She has a way with both drawing and she loves and is exceptionally good at various POINTED PEN styles of lettering.  Thanks so much for sharing Bonnie, and this is definitely EYE CANDY.








This is the latest piece by Bonnie that I kidnapped off her FB page…Bonnie has had pet skunks before and I am guess this is one of hers.  But I know they are her letters written in italic….Stunning!!!!!



Last but not Least…. Bonnie’s Facebook Valentine made with candy hearts spaced around the word mine..which she wrote…

Hope she didn’t glue them so she could still eat them…lol





Now these last pieces are images off the web that were sent to me by various people.   The Lily is from my friend SHARON CLYMER and is from a photo she took of lily in her yard.  THE BEAGLE in the dog house was created using an app I have and was for my BFF PAMELA O’NEAL who has a beagle Ms Annie Mae..  If you don’t recognize him…the indian is JOHNNY DEPP( I love him both as an actor and as eye candy) He is dressed in his maybe outfit for the movie LONE RANGER..where he will play TONTO…can’t wait to hear him say,” Kemosabe , me think they went that-a-way.”. lol. Then the collage photo is from a new app called FUSEL that allows you to make collage Photos to share and send..This one is my family… MOLLY aka TOTO my Mom’s dog…my Mom and my Grandkids (Rachel 21, Reid, 18 and Margaret 15and Daughter Becky and Mom 86).The hanging Elephant is also off the web and just a reminder to any and all of you who may be going through a rough time…JUST HANG IN THERE  and try to take time to PLAY.

Ok that’s all for now and always THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. And Thanks to all my friends for sharing.



This is an incredible card and I have had several different patterns on how to do it and NONE of them were as simple as this version by DAWN’S STAMPING STUDIO.  I found her web site by accident but I am pleased that I did.  She is also a STAMPIN UP instructor and sales rep which means that you can also order other things like stamps and papers from her as well as checking out her videos.  I really like the way she does the videos and her enthusiasm is great.  In addition to the WATERFALL CARD...check out her video on the BUNNY CARD and the FLOWER POT CARD.






Both of these images are from Dawn’s Blog.  For the Bunnies you don’t have to have the templates to cut the shapes all you need to do is draw a free hand heart shape and put lay your template onto a folded sheet of paper just like she shows you in the video. Dawn’s directions/video on how to create the waterfall card are the BEST directions  I have seen for this card.  They are simple and easy to follow.  And as I mentioned she is also set up to sell stamps and other things like punches and templates.


Ok I wasn’t going to put this one it this time but….I just loved it and it was so SPRING so I thought since  I was here I’d just do it… This is also one of DAWN’S VIDEOS  and as I said its quick and simple and if you must have it just like her sample here then you are right on her sight and can order from her as well.

When I did mine I didn’t have the texture stamp she uses in video so I ran mine thru the cuttlebug with a texture embossing template and I really liked it also my paper was white inside so I was able to sand it a little to make the flower pot look a little rougher…I also had different flower punch it had rounded shape but that works as well.


This just seemed so amazing to me I had to share it I got it in an e-mail from Linda O Neill.  I should say tell you that I have done this with just stamps and inks but I have not tried running it thru my computer to print a photo on it …I am going to give it a try but do be sure its adhered to the backing paper or your printer might eat it and choke to death …creating a huge mess still it does sound interesting.  Also why she doesn’t say it think it needs to go thru dryer or at least wet and crinkled to just stamp on them maybe for printing thru computer it would be best to use right out of box .  Since I don’t use them and don’t want that smell in my dryer I would just wet them and let them dry outside.  Let me know if you try and if possible send digital or hard copies to me to share.

How to Print on Dryer Sheets


I can’t remember when I started using dryer sheets instead of liquid fabric softener. But the first time one of these gossamer fiber fragments floated out of a basketful of towels I said to myself, hmmm, I bet you could do something with those.
“Piterskoie Okno/St. Pete Window 13,”
by Natalya Aikens

A lot of other fiber artists were way ahead of me, dyeing, painting, stamping, printing, and stitching them into art.

Perhaps no one has made more beautiful use of dryer sheets than Natalya Aikens, who wrote about her digital art printing and painting process for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. When I saw the article I thought, “Wow, what a way to upcycle.”

She begins by altering photographs digitally and ends with handstitching. The combination of digital photo art, fiber art, and paint produces an ethereal mixed-media photo collage. But it’s so easy to do.

Printing on Dryer Sheets

1. Choose a photograph. I use my own and play with it in Photoshop, cropping it, using filters, generally achieving a sharp, crisp image that I like. Alternatively, you can draw the image you like and scan it into your computer.

2. Select used dryer sheets for printing. Your printer will like you much more if you choose sheets that have crisp edges. Smooth them flat and then iron them to a freezer-paper sheet cut to size (8½” x 11″ for most household printers).

3. Print your photograph. If you’re printing more than one sheet, feed the sheets through the printer one at a time. Once your sheet is printed and dry, peel it off the freezer paper. Now you can use it in your art as is or paint it first.
“Piterskoie Okno/St. Pete Window 10,”
by Natalya Aikens

Natalya notes that in her experience, printing on conventional dryer sheets doesn’t necessarily require pre-treatment with a medium like Golden’s Digital Ground (Clear).

But, it all depends on your time frame. If you don’t pre-treat, it will take days or even weeks for the ink to dry completely. With pre-treating, the waiting time is 24 hours to a few days. However, pre-treatment will usually make the dryer sheet stiffer and more opaque.

You can experiment with dyeing or painting the sheets first, mounting them on different fabrics or papers before stitching, or adhering them to a substrate in a different way. You might also want to try different brands of sheets to see how they look or feel after washing and see what happens when you wash them several times.



Sorry I am a day late this week… HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY …here’s to the wearing o’ the green… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.


OK remember when I started this I told you it was because of the movie Julie and Julia, and if you saw that movie ….do you remember when she burned the one dinner and it had taken hours and she had to do it all over again…. WELL that’s the kind of week I have had so bear with me.  I wanted to share with you a really fun card that has so many variations that I doubt that I even know them all but for the most part they are called EXPLOSION cards.  I think that the reason was because they kinda pop out at you and do you also remember when we all used to love to put various confetti in cards so that the person receiving them would end up playing PICK UP.  These cards were great for creating a lovely little pocket in which to tuck confetti and I confess I still like to do it..LOL..


6×6 sheet of text weight paper ( i.e. light weigh not card stock unless its very light)

small square punch think mine is a one inch

folded card 4 1/4 X 5 1/2. (Any color)

With the inside of your page facing up fold the card in half from top to bottom ( this assumes you have already stamps or written on the paper you should do that as it is easier to get good images if you do it before you have creases.)

Take the small square punch and with the paper folded punch out each corner ( because its folded you are punching 2 at a time) on the open side of the card NOT THE FOLDED SIDE.  I line the punch up with the outer edges of the paper. i.e. top and side.

Unfold the paper , flip it over and fold it diagonally from corner to corner and use your punch outs to get it perfect.

Unfold again and fold it diagonally again the opposite corners.

Now you should be able to push it into a triangle by pinching it together at the point that you see on the back.  

Making sure you have it right side up adhere it to the inside of your folded card as near to the crease in the middle as possible…putting it there allows for the card to open as wide as possible.  If you adhere it close to the outer edges of the card it will not open as wide, however if you filled it with confetti it will for sure pop all that confetti out on the recipient.


The first one I am going to share is based on a square sheet of paper folded into a triangle and somewhere along the way I was shown to punch out the corners.      I ‘d love to give credit to the person who shared that with me but I think I may also have mentioned that I have CRS disease ( Can’t Remember Sh_t) and I have no idea so whoever you are if you see this blog please send me a comment and let me give you credit.  Ok back to the card.  I typically use a 6 x 6 square of some text weight paper …depending on  whether or not you want to do a lot of stamping or only a few words you can use textured, or paper with designs or solid.  It does work best with light weight paper (text) like the paper you use in your computer.  In fact I have designed several in my computer using my PAGES (APPLE) program but there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing with WORD (PC).  I went into program and set up margins so that paper was 6 inches wide then also 6 inches long then added additional margins of 1/2 top bottom and sides and wrote my quotes/sentiments using the centering layout. Then print the page on any color paper or white that you want .  Take it to your paper cutter and trim it so its 6×6… be sure you save it in your computer and I begin the title with CD so that I know it set up to make the card.I know some of you are going to scream what NO STAMPS , NO CALLIGRAPHY but some days I just don’t have time to hand calligraph a card plus there are so many fun and lovely fonts for computers that I just designed these to be cut and folded into the Explosion style.  I will also confess that I am terrible and borrowing sayings /quotes from greeting cards that don’t have the image I want or just because I love the quote.  ( This is where I remind you that because of that you should NEVER use Commerical Sentiments in your cards if you plan to sell them.  Since I usually buy the card to get the sentiment (CRS again) I don’t feel bad about using it on my own designs but I am not selling them.) Again I can’t give credit for the sentiment as I have no idea where I got it and eventually I did send the original card…that’s right I do send commercially made cards !!


1…2 1/4 X 5 1/2 strip of card stock

1….3 1/2 x 3 1/2 square of light weight or text weight paper

Now this same fold can be used to create what I call a MATCHBOOK card…its tiny ..and I don’t punch off the corners as I did in the one above.  But its cute and fun.  Again fold it the same way but this time you to fold those points into the center once you have the triangle.

Repeat this with the other side of the triangle so you now have 4 tiny triangles.  Gently holding the paper in your hand reverse each of those little triangles so that they fold into the inside leaving a shape that looks a lot like a BISHOP’s hat.

Now for the match book measuring horizontally from the left score

1/2 inch ,  3″ then 1/4 inch from the 3″ score line.

Fold the 1/2 up and staple it like a match book not too high kinda in the middle of the fold…then fold the top at first score mark and then the send and VIOLA…you have a match book…again insert your explosion piece so that the point is almost on the first fold line up from bottom.  Adhere both to both the front and back and you have a tiny MATCHBOOK could glue it onto a tag or onto a larger piece of card stock or just mail it in a small envelope (3 1/2 x 5 is smallest mailable size).

I hope you like these and I have a couple of others also but I’ll save them for another time.

Since these are the first ones I have done without sending you to a web site to see someone else’s video….I love hearing from you as to whether this works for you or not.   I’d love more comments good or bad…what you like what you don’t like etc.  Or what you like to know how to do or what you might like to see.  Please do share my site.

As always Thanks for stopping by.

You may always post a link to my Blog but please don’t post images or directions off my Blog onto yours .


I am not sure who coined this term…Eye Candy ….but it is a good one. Its non fattening, it doesn’t go bad and it brings a smile to your face just to see it. In this case it’s mostly either calligraphic or cards or both. While there may be a few of my pieces most are from friends.

Teabag fold and akim cursiveI want to thank all of those who have generously filled my mailbox either via snail mail or digitally.  I hope to continue to post Eye Candy so send me something.  Lol.  This first piece was sent by ARDI BUTLER and is a Christmas card using ARDI’S Akim Cursive lettering and HER Teabag Folding to  create the wreath on the front of the card. 





This one is ARDI’S ENVELOPE 


It was done , I think, using watercolors for the flowers and maybe the stems or it could have been markers. Her letters are a variation on NEULAND and just her own handwriting for the last name and what a great idea to add a dot between each letter for a more elegant look.  Also note that she used the Dragon head new 45cent postage(forever stamp). Have I mentioned that in addition to ART DECO …I love all things ASIAN.

Just received this post from Ardi on her envelope…...the beautiful daffodils…yes, I did those, but the original idea was the genius of Annie Timlick.  She taught a class using markers and this was one of images that I use over and over as it is so “spring”. “    Annie is a wonderful teacher and reminds us to always play.

This one is the Valentine card sent by my Aunt, MERRILYN SHAPE.  I just loved the little porcupine with the hearts stuck on his quills. That stamp was one of those dollar stamps from Michael’s and I purchased it for her in January.  When Michael’s has these seasonal dollar stamps they usually happen a while before the actual holiday and at a dollar apiece there are hard to pass up. Plus they don’t have to be just Valentine images..this could also be “SENDING YOU LOVE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY”, or even get well wishes i.e.” SENDING YOU LOVE AND HEALING WISHES FOR A RAPID RECOVERY. ” 





This one is from ELIZABETH WALSH and was her valentine to me.  Also her envelope which I think she used the masking technique to make the Heart’s white.  She also used Bone lettering not the envelope and then on the card she use a copy of a piece she had done with an image ( pretty sure she painted this ) of Bleeding Heart and then a lovely quote written in Legend or maybe chiseled pen akim.  Elizabeth has been great at sharing and sending me mail and calligraphy information.

The envelope was the masking technique and acrylic glazing liquid, mixed with acrylic, and sponged onto the evelope with a cosmetic sponge, while using a heart stencil and the positive heart (cut out from the stencil).

As for the Valentine, the orginal art was a watercolor I did, then the nature quote was done using gouache, using the carolingian style lettering that Carol DuBosch had taught in one of her classes

Elizabeth sent this update to her card and envelope

 Thanks Elizabeth

This one is a card sent to me by my WA BFF ( that’s Washington BEST FRIEND FOREVER), who is also my favorite card making buddy and shopping partner.  In fact she is out shopping for me today.  She is heading to IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS ,they have several stores and if you click the above name you can see where they are located.  The Tukwila store is the parent store and that’s where Stephanie is heading to pick up both a new little easter stamp for me as well as the new Rain Boots image . Click on HERE to see them. They also have a offer a lot of classes and I enjoy all of them.  You can subscribe to their weekly newsletter which in my case usually cost me money…lol… they also have lots of Eye Candy posted on their website. I definitely recommend subscribing and it our favorite word FREE.

 Back to Stephanie’s card she used lots of accessories on it and it was quite dimensional which made it lots of fun and great Eye Candy. The background of leaves was done using  3 colors ( any more than 3 and you can get MUD) of ink and stamping leaves all over the paper, especially over the top of each other…start using the lightest color first and then little darker then darkest color last. Since we did this background as a full sheet of paper she was able to get multiple pieces out of it for backgrounds on various cards.  I am pretty sure that the large Butterfly came from another dollar bin at Michael’s ( cause I bought them for us, again that dollar thing) and looks fantastic with the leaves.  Then she stamped the “Thank you” on the background and added a tag with a with a little bow and a very tiny raised plastic type of butterfly image.  She tied the bow herself…lol

These last two pieces are calligraphy from my friend BONNIE NOEHR.  Bonnie and I met about 10 to 12 years ago ( Bonnie can you believe its been that long) at the Calligraphy Northwest Conference in Tacoma.  She was rooming across the hall from me and my roomie Marn Majeski. I believe at the time that she, Bonnie, was just beginning calligraphy and she is amazing, I continue to enjoy seeing her work and watching her run circles around me.  She draws, paints and speaks 5 languages and has been studying calligraphy ever since.  These two pieces she posted on FB as the samples of the work she was doing in a class at  LETTERS CALIFORNIA STYLE  a few weeks ago.  Neither of them were intended to be read but were a study in creating texture using letters, ink, watercolor and in the case of the black one, black paper with white ink and I am guessing that the writing on the black one was done using a folded pen, or ruling pen and white ink. The tiny writing may have been done using a crow quill pen.  I just loved them both and asked her permission to share them.  The Envelope below is also one of Bonnie Noehr’s.  It was a ZENTANGLE …STUNNING.

Well I have more but think that is good for this week and sorry that I am a day late in posting.  Also want to say that it appears that if you subscribe to my blog what it does is shows up in your e mail so you don’t even have to look.  Don’t feel you have to subscribe but as far as I can tell they ( goggle/wordpress) are not sending you any junk just my blog postings.  Also I would love to see more comments, questions or requests for information or  How To Request.  It’s really simple just write in the comment box at the end of the blog.  And please know that I will not post anything you don’t want posted.  If your too shy to write in the comments, feel free to send me e mail and ask that way and you can ask me to remain anonymous . And Thanks again to all who gave their permission to reprint their work and for sending it to me in the first place.

Well as always thanks stopping by..Next week a new card idea and pattern plus a great idea for a simple and inexpensive yet very personal wedding gift .

Hugs kath

PS.  Please DO NOT REPOST any of the images or text from this site.( unless of course it’s your artwork). You can, however, post a link to my site.