I started this before New Year’s but am just not getting back to it and I have some other news to share with you.  Due to Mom’s continued short term memory problems I have come the realization that I simply can’t continue to post weekly… for me even though the videos and directions are often by others its kinda like teaching a class once a week….I liked it when I had the time but it was getting more difficult and now its simply an additional stress that I just don’t need.  LIFE IS SHORT and I must have time to play.  SO  a few things are going to happen 1) no more weekly postings although they might happen weekly but don’t count on them.. 2) When I am sharing DAWN’S CARDS OR SCS CARDS… there may or may not be a sample of my own…some times I have made this pattern before but don’t have any samples handy and now don’t have time to make one up…I will however, continue to share tips and hints about things to do or not do with that pattern from my experience….3) there will be more talk maybe than before …I am sorta not sure what is happening here so we’ll explore it together and I am sure there a place for you to unsubscribe to the notices of a new post if you want to.  Frankly I only have a few friends that even look so I am not too worried about them… I hate to admit but I am just a small frog in a HUGE POND…and most of the hits are probably spam just trying to get more hits for their site…. I probably didn’t need to tell you all this but it seemed like the right thing to do

With all of the above noted… I was playing and came across about 50 of these mini masterpieces…lol…so thought I would share a HOW TO with you and I owe this post to a dear calligraphy friend RANDI KANDER.  Along my art path I have taken several watercolor classes….only to find that I have no ability to Draw…shoot I can barely make straight lines…(ew that reminds me to give you a hint about writing in straight lines later…lol) thats mind makes leaps that would make a frog envious…lol. I think that is why Randi and I are friends at least for me I saw a kindred brain..anyway back to water to watercolor…Randi and I were at a weekend retreat and I was very focused on the project I was working on and she came to my table several times trying her best to get me to pay attention to what she was sharing but I was too focused…three or four days ( or more) after the retreat I finally tried what she had been showing me… what she showed me was that I’d you take a sheet of watercolor and tape it off like this…

w:c mini's khas you can guess I am using low tack blue painting tape…it works well on the paper but couple of tips…

1) start taping in the  middle of the paper both vertically and horizontally then you will be able to space your spaces more evenly…that’s if you care…or if you want them a certain size…

2) Be SURE you tape press the tape down securely …now this is tricky don’t stick it down so tight that you can’t remove it without tearing the paperbut the edges need to be stuck  to the paper to prevent bleeding of ink/watercolor UNDER THEM and leaving you WITHOUT nice crisp edgesalso I use at least 1″ tape so that I have a nice border around the image making it look as if it was framed with a mat.  

This is just how I do it… please feel free to play and do it anyway you want… HERE IS WHAT I GET DOING IT THIS WAY…

w:c mini's kh 1


YOU WILL NOTE that some of my edges are not as crisp as I would like and that’s due to the paper not being stuck …one more note… once your images are dry REMOVE THE TAPE don’t leave it lay as it may stick tighter and destroy the page when you try to remove it.

Here is a page where I tried watercolor crayons… crayons that weren’t w/ that’s the first one so they don’t react to water…watercolor pencils…TWINKLING H20’S…watercolors …note they will look darker wet then dry and I almost always like to work wet on wet…i.e. wet the mini’s with water first then add your watercolors …except with the crayons and sometimes the watercolored pencils they are harder to get the lines out i.e. it doesn’t flow…

w:c mini's kh 2


OOPs I scanned this in upside down so top right is walnut ink with crumpled saran wrap placed on it while wet…don’t remove till dry… next to last row orange is using salt ( yep table salt ) sprinkled on while wet and you need lots of pigment so dark colors mine could have had more paint…  and the bottom left is the one I did with just crayon and of course it didn’t bleed at all with water…lol…  also the bottom right is also with salt and see the darker the color the more it shows up….

SO HUGE THANKS TO RANDI and to all of you GO PLAY…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BYwire headed cyber toad…aka kath

One last image…found this on Pinterest and it was actually done using acrylic’s but you could do it with water colors and narrower tape like ½ ” then PAINT VERY CAREFULLY…no slap and dash…lol..



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