This Word Card is also from SplitCoast Stampers...I told you they have really fun cards.  This one arrived last Wednesday and I have made several and I have a few tips and techniques to share with you before you start. Don’t forget there is a video at bottom of THEIR  page.

The first is that they supply you with a printable version that prints two of each letter and hearts.  They suggest that you cut out the letters and heart and use them as templates and while you can certainly do that, if you want to use them as templates I would cut them out of old file folders so that they last longer.   You can also purchase a plastic that is used by quilters for making their own quilt templates. This will really last a long time.

However, my first choice and what I did was print that page directly onto various sheets of card stock.  This way I am able to cut them out and use them directly saving a step and also later of hunting for the template that you cut out.   I keep the full sheet in plastic sleeve and paper clipped the various letters and hearts together and dropped them into the sheet protector as well. After printing several pages I then, while watching TV cut them out and paper clipped them together by letter/heart .  Don’t know about you but I seem to often need a card in a hurry and this makes it so much easier.

Next don’t assume that this has to be a VALENTINE CARD…of course that is the most obvious use for it but I also used it for a few Birthdays that I had coming up.  You have the heart image to stamp or write in and you can also add things like cut outs or stamps of balloons, candles, gifts, etc to either of the letters.  In addition you also have the ability to write a personal note on the back of the card again on the heart as that gives you the most space.  Some ideas for quotes for Birthday cards.


LOVE  that its your BIRTHDAY and not Mine…

I love Celebrating with you( optional …. across the miles.)

LOVE is all there is….(no gift)

Hope this makes your HEART sing..

29…. that cracks me up…(for this one you might gently tear the heart in half diagonally and stick it down with the crack) do your lettering after you tear it to make sure you don’t tear your words.

using cord/ribbon make a string on the heart so it looks like a balloon and just stamp/write HAPPY BIRTHDAY..or CELEBRATING _____name

ok maybe this is enough don’t want to bore you.

Two last things about this card.  First I like it best on dark paper , I used black but other darker colors work as well.  Second you can layer it again after cutting out with a lighter color on a 4″ x 11 strip of card stock for yet another dimension.

Oh and there is no end of brads, punch outs, stickers and assorted ephemera you can put on here… if you want the brad folds not to show then put them on the letters/heart before you tape it onto the background.

ONE MORE note on printing your letters/heart…you can use light weight card stock plain or double sided just decide which side you want to show..and this zebra stripe I used was actually text weight paper with felt on it for strips and it went thru printer just fine.  If you don’t have printer/copier you can do this at Kinkos etc just ask for help in using your own paper.

Most of all have fun, play and explore.  If you send me a one of your cards I’ll post them on my blog, with your name unless you ask me not to. If you need my snail mail address send me an e mail and I ‘ll send it to you.

As always thanks for stopping by.

PS….did you know my indian name was SHE WHO WAITS BY THE MAILBOX. LOL

PSS.. Joann’s usually has the plastic but I was unable to link it in so I linked in the same stuff from Amazon..

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