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I want to share some things from my visit to Portland, Oregon to CALLIGRAPHY CONFERENCE NORTHWEST 2012.  The following photos are from the Faculty Exhibit that they had at REED COLLEGE in Portland Oregon.  All of the teachers there had done at least one piece for the show.  I didn’t take photos of all of their work but I am just sharing some of the ones I liked the best or that I was able to photograph well.

This was the display of some of the envelopes that were sent with the registration for the conference.  As you can see they were all working hard to make their envelopes exciting.

Weathergrams that were hanging all over the campus

In the past, the WEATHERGRAMS which are hanging all over the campus, are left hanging until the last day of the conference then the students are encouraged to go a pick one and take it home with them as a souvenir.  Since they all know this from previous conferences they tend to find the one they especially want and remember where it is so that on the last day they can get the one they want.  The best thing about these WEATHERGRAMS  are that this is the college where LLOYD REYNOLDS was a teacher and he is the one that invented WEATHERGRAMS.   They are made of brown kraft paper and string and they are done in permanent waterproof ink (usually sumi) and the only color on them is the first initial of the first word and perhaps a chop (japanese mark that is specific to that person) both of which are done in vermillion.  The idea behind weathergrams was that they were a tribute to nature, hence about nature and that they were similar to haiku poetry.  They must be made of the kraft paper and string and they must not have stamps or other decoration on them, just the poem.  Lloyd had two books of these poems and unfortunately they are out of print.  They are wonderful and my favorite way to practice calligraphy, which is what Lloyd was using them for.  He also taught poetry at Reed and he is considered to be the father of the revival of Calligraphy in the Pacific Northwest.  So he came up with this idea and had his students come up with poems about nature and they could not use the words LIKE OR AS…but they had to suggest the idea with their words…just like Haiku.  There are lots of Haiku books of poetry out there so you might want to pick one up or at least go and look at them in bookstore.  They are often seasonal.  I also loved them because they COULD NEVER BE BOUGHT OR SOLD but must be given away.  I am a huge WEATHERGRAM fan and have made a lot over the years.  I find they are a great way to give someone in the hospital and cheery note to let them know you are thinking of them.  When my Dad had open heart surgery, we were only allowed in ICU for a short time each day and often he was asleep so I got in the habit of taking a WEATHERGRAM and hanging it in his room.  You can’t have flowers or balloons in ICU but whenever he woke up he would have the nurse read him the new WEATHERGRAM each time.  The nurses really liked the idea and told me how much he enjoyed knowing I had been there.  In addition WEATHERGRAMS are intended to be hung outside which is why they are waterproof and Lloyd never wanted them taken down but merely to let them gently fall apart.  My hubby however, could never let this happen so when they were really weathered in our yard he would take them down and bring them too me so that I could save them… I ended up hanging the from the ceiling of my studio so that when the breeze blows they are gently swaying and sometimes reminding me to GO OUTSIDE…

As you can see I often let them get really WEATHERED…lol.  I love them so much that when I was teaching my calligraphy classes or monoline lettering classes (at scrapbooking/stamp stores) I almost always had them make WEATHERGRAMS as a way to practice their lettering. I used the poem (it is one of Lloyd’s) on a Christmas card a few years ago.

 As you can see I do have a few of them hanging on the ceiling. I also kept a notebook of some of the ones that were just too weak to hang.  Lloyd’s idea was that they should hang outside and that as they started to fall apart the birds and animals would take them and make them part of their nests.  They are truly meant to be a celebration of nature and for those of you that are not lucky enough to spend time in the Pacific Northwest this is where Nature SHINES.  Ok , I know that this had now become a WEATHERGRAM BLOG… and all of my friends would tell you that I am the queen or at least a high priestess of WEATHERGRAMS so its not surprising that my passion for them shines  through.  IF you are truly interested in more info on WEATHERGRAMS  you can contact me thru the comments at the bottom of the page or you can e-mail me at the address that I have provided in my info.  (click the about button*) Now back the Faculty Exhibit at REED COLLEGE IN PORTLAND OREGON.

I loved this one because of the walnut ink which is my favorite and also because of the rhythm and flow and the texture that was created .


I loved this next one because it was done on like sumi watercolor paper and it was a group of 4 hanging from  the branches. Also I love all things Asian.

Don’t you just love the way this is spilling out of the box… makes you want to untangle it all so you can read it cause you just know the message will be fun.

Fantastic Cat (I sure wish I could draw) and my favorite poem from Cats.

Again I was drawn to the color the motion and the words so expressive.

Ok, with this one I just kept thinking this is what it would look like if Snails could write.

Ok… this is a Haiku poem by one the most famous Japanese poets and not only was the lettering beautiful but that Butterfly looked like it could fly right off the page.  Just such amazing eye candy….and did I mention

Sorry for the shadow on this one but couldn’t be helped….I hope you can tell that these lovely NEULAND letters were cut out of the page and lovely background page was behind them.  Remember I shared the Neuland alphabet with you in a previous blog, and it lends itself so well to this type of art. It is bold and dynamic and the counterspaces are so lovely to view the background through.

This little alphabet book also is made of cut out letters this time they are complete cut out of cream/white paper and adhered to the little pages of the accordion book.  Again very time consuming and elegantly presented.

Well, just so you know I am kinda cheating by showing these as the Conference is still on and you may have other friends that will post better or more photos.

Those of you who check this blog for cards, I know this might be disappointed with this blog but my calligraphy people will love it I hope.  I promise that next week I will have a card for you too.

Now a few more photos of the flowers that were blooming on the REED COLLEGE CAMPUS. 

Gorgeous Dogwood in full bloom.

Giant Spruce/Fir trees

I think this was an heirloom rose as it had a wonderful fragrance and one tiny bug thought so too.

Full view of this lovely rose…

Now these last photos are off my deck they are the few flowers that I have at the moment.

My dragonfly and waterlily fountain where the my nuthatches have been coming to bathe… they sit on the dragonfly and suck up the water then fly to railing and shake it all off… too cute.

The leaves on my Black Calla Lily…yep it does come in black and for about 4 years I have managed to keep this one alive in my garage in the winter well actually my lovely Neighbor Shannon goes over and waters it in the garage during the winter….and it has come back this year and last but while we have lovely leaves no blooms think my pot is out of soil and so I am going to try to transplant it into a bigger pot this summer… but least you don’t believe me about the blooms… I found this one on my trip to Portland and while it not as healthy as my other plant think it will come around with a little TLC….

They are so black that they look purple when I photograph them but they look black when you see them in person.  lol

This is my red calla lily and it is also a new one this year.

This is a bloom off my Japanese Dogwood and you can see that they have different shaped petals than the regular dogwood and one small nibble from a slug I think.

Ok that does it for this week and hope you all had a happy and healthy 4th of July.

AS always THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY hugs from the wire headed cybertoad…aka Kath


  1. While I have always known you were a big fan of WEATHERGRAMS, this is the first time I have known of the history. Very fascinating, thanks for history lesson!!

  2. Loved all your photos from Reed College! Thank you so much. Wonder if Martin Jackson of Vancouver did the lettering on the Basho piece. He has quite a butterfly collection.
    Your black cala lily is sooooo lovely. I must look for one. I have several white and pink ones.

    I came to your blog by accident. Our book cell group’s next project is a Book of Hours. I’m taking an odd route,
    first signature, Hymns, second, poems, third Haiku, then weathergrams and fav Songs. who knows what else i might add. i googled weathergram and your blog showed up. xox. anne

    • Glad you liked it and yes i think Martin Jackso did the Bashonpiece I lost my notes when I got home. :-(…. Weathegrams are my passion and I may just own every copy of haiku that’s out there…lol. thanks so much for writing seeing comments makes may day!!!glad you found me stop by again..hugs whct…aka kath

  3. Is all sumi ink waterproof? I have always used Higgins waterproof ink on my weathergrams but lately I am having trouble with the quality of brown paper bags I am getting. Lots of feathering so I have added gum Arabic to the ink. It helps somewhat but during lettering it seem s like the ink dissipates and I am left with an almost clear letter with very little or very pale watery ink. I can’t figure out what’s going on since I have never had these issues before.

    • Well I am not sure either, as its possible that they have sold who makes Higgins or that it is old so you can make and effort to a) stir it well before use and we use to add about 3 to 4 drops of gum arabic to a full bottle of Higgins…now sumi ink is also supposed to be WATERPROOF but again that doesn’t mean it won’t bleed..however a couple of things you can do …you can spray your weathergram before writing with WORKABLE FIXATIVE…and that’s what it is called…also you can spray it after writing to be sure it doesn’t bleed when wet… You can also buy some kraft paper card stock and use that instead of paper bags ( its probably what they are using to make the bags that’s is causing the feathering.) Lastly you can buy a roll of heavy KRAFT PAPER the kind you get at mailing /packaging stores but again its what goes into the paper that causes the feathering …USUALLY… my experience with a few different kinds of sumi is that they are all waterproof but its always best to use a piece of the paper you are going to write on and test it…feathering doesn’t necessarily
      mean that its not waterproof…. sorry to take so long to answer you I was out of town… hope this helps and you can always keep a can of WORKABLE FIXATIVE around. Bottom line is its probably the paper not the ink.

    • I am not sure if I replied to this or not but my suggestion beyond the gum to try spraying the bags with workable fixative…this should help with fact that the quality of the paper is poor…you may also want to try buying roll of brown craft paper for wrapping its heavier and usually a better quality of paper and may take the ink better… generally I have found all sumi ink to be waterproof…

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