Watercolor technique with Dena Rekow


Hi there I stumbled on this video with Dena and I liked the idea because I do like to create textures and images in the background  but I like them to be subtle and this is subtle at least in the video its very subtle in fact its so subtle the you almost can’t see it in the yellow but it does show up better in the blue.. DENA‘S WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUE

In addition I wanted to mention that this is messy and she comments on the but I have a friend that would have stopped the video right there and gone NO WAY….she will not try anything that gets her hands dirty…so my suggestion is rubber gloves if you have nice nails or are going somewhere where you don’t want your hands to look as if you have been digging in the dirt with them rubber gloves are a great option…also keeping a baby wipe handy will allow you to clean off your hands quickly but my friend doesn’t want it on there to begin with so gloves or use a par of tweezers to hold the piece of paper or make it larger and leave some white space to hold onto then trim it down when you are finished…just some other options..



This was the best I could get in the way of visual from the YouTube video..but the video does do a great job of explaining what and how to do this…however a couple of things…she is inking up plane smooth white paper…. she says it won’t work with water color paper and if in fact she didn’t try it on hot press  I think she is right as cold press water color paper has is own texture and if the image is a very fine line it won’t show up very with against the texture so smooth paper is probably best.

Also she is using stamp pads to get her ink not really water color although the die pads are water based inks but don’t try this with pigment ink pads as I really don’t think they will work however, to make sure I am going to try to use some pigment ink as well as some gelatos .. I do like the GELATOS and think they will work well but again the only way to be sure is to try…. so if you have something you want to try with this like if you want to use real watercolors… I suggest that you do use HOT PRESS watercolor paper WHICH you will most likely have to buy in a large sheet and cut up as it doesn’t really come in pads. Not sure you really want to know all of this but using actual water and you would need a bit to get the colors to blend together is more than likely going to eat the surface off the smooth card stock so w/c paper HOT PRESS would be best… the GELATOS don’t need water to move them around you can do it using you finger and baby wipe…in fact I think they blend easier with the baby wipe then with the water…

I ALSO think that the KROME COAT (slick shiny ) card stock with work with this technique and it may in fact even show up better… I am going test all of these and will show you some samples of each .

I did want you to know though that she does have a blog and so she may have given you some idea of the papers she use there but I was reading the comments on the video and she said there that she use the SU white card stock.

Here however, are my attempts and while I agreed subtle was my choice… I could not make this work period… except with the embossing which really didn’t work to remove ink just raised the images so you could see them better …. then finally after multiple attempts I got some real watercolors out and painted them on the Kromecoat (slick) paper and got a it to work just a little but they were words and you can’t really read them… frankly this we a bust for me…. but I don’t have stamping up paper nor their stamp pads so that may be the reason…please if you try this and it works will you please send me some samples vie e mail kathharney@gmail.com so that I can share them but I am done trying…. once I reach the frustration level …that’s it for me I am done… still the idea is good just can’t make it work with my supplies and I don’t want to spend the $$ to get SU paper and ink… i spend enough on their stamps…lol

w:c technique kh

The top is the piece I tried with wet embossing template and as I said all it seems to do is emboss…doesn’t remove any color….the strip at the bottom with my first attempt with ink and then spritz stamp and stamp and dry with embossing gun… and as you can see nada, zip , nothing…. a total bust..

kromecoat paper

kromecoat paper

again the to is with same ink and same stamp and I got nothing….. the bottom ( red) was done with water colors on the KROMECOAT paper and then wet the stamp and then stamp and dry with embossing gun… that worked a little… again probably just a little too subtle for my taste…. ok guys that’s it  from her…. check out her video and then you can  also go to her web site and get more info….

EYE CANDY…THE PRESENTthis is a short award winning video the note I saw of FB said that as soon as it was screened the people/person responsible for creating it was offered a job with DISNEY/PIXAR…as with many things on FB not sure if its true but it the animation is fabulous and the story while short is very cute… and in addition I saw another post about a little girl receiving a doll that was created just for her…its along the same lines as she had lost one leg and the doll while it looked like any other doll had one human type leg and one prosthetic…which also seemed to make her quite happy…

anyway enjoy and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad aka kath.






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