WELCOME to your Friday Morning Giggles….

Yeah …this is really true for me…. and this next one…well if it doesn’t leave you rollin’ on the floor laughing …your funny bone is broken…pun intended…lol

ok…. now that the laughter is subsiding…lets get on with the card making.  I needed to get you laughing cause while DAWN’S TUNNEL CARD is not difficult and I think you will like it, I am a little afraid that the pattern, photos and directions I send you for mine might just make you throw a shoe at your computer.  Its really not that hard but we’ll get to it shortly..First


OK..its basically just a double card with a reverse fold that pops out and a cut out so you can see in and then the sentiment /or image ( your choice) goes in the center of outside card.  Now she is going to show you in the video how she did this but I have my own version of this in which I cut the outside card 5 1/2″ x  8 1/2 ” and scored it in the center but rather than all the extra pieces she cut for her inside version… I simply used another sheet of card stock and cut it 5″ x  8″ so it is just slightly smaller than the outside piece. The inside piece needs to be scored at 2″ 4″ and 6″…then you fold it in the W form and then you use the punch or die cut you want to cut out the piece in the center in my sample below I used an EK SUCCESS punch which is a cross between a flower and a larger wavy circle.  ( I have found this at both JoAnn’s and Michaels but this is a link to AMAZON cause I know its there.)  Then I put two rows of adhesive tape on the back of first fold and on the back of the last fold on the inside piece then I lay the outside card open all the way, layer the inside card onto the outside card by lining up the center folds..and adhered the left side of the card. Laying the inside fold flat I traced a pencil line in the center around the punched out shape so I would know where to put my piece on the inside.  I stamped my inside punch out with birthday message and then taped the back of it and placed it inside the pencil lines and pressed it down… then I gently folded the outside fold so to get a crease on the piece I just adhered.  Basically this is exactly what DAWN did in her video…once that is stuck on then stick the right hand side of the inside card down by stretching it all the way to the right and pressing it down.  Now fold the total card down and you can decorate the outside of the card.  I used an additional layer and die cut of large postage stamp with birthday image stamped on it and a cancellation mark stamp from Seattle.  You could also add a canceled postage stamp just for fun… Ok I just basically elimated the extra cut outs on the inside of DAWN’s card … to me this is easier but you have her directions so do what works best for you..


OK this is the part that looks hard but its really not… just takes a little time and prep work but you can do the prep work ahead of time and it will go much faster, I used stamps that I have for Birthday and cut them out and colored them etc… You don’t have to cut them out exactly as they are you can just punch out circles , squares or ovals etc.  Another really easy shortcut is that you can use the scrap book stickers or ready made embellishments.  One of the best sets I find are by K&C COMPANY STICKERS..lots of birthday images…


OK remember if this one freaks you out ….just breathe and skip over it or if you need more help or something isn’t clear… write to krhblogger@gmail.com AND be sure to give me your e-mail address and I help you with whatever you need.

Now I want to also tell you that that File in the MIddle card…well I tried using a piece of 5 1/2″ x  12… and I scored it at 3″, 6″ and 9″ and then fold it in a the same way as before and you end up with using only one piece of paper.  The finished card is then 3″ x  6″ and it will fit in to the envelopes you can get at any office supply store that are 3 5/8″ x  6 1/2″ think your check size.. they are mostly only in white but they are quite inexpensive and this is a fun size to make cards for a difference…if you were not doing the fold in the middle you would cut the card stock 7 ” x  6  and then score it at 3 1/2 on the 7 inch side.  This is great for a change of pace and then it works well with long tall flower rubber stamps or a tall tree die cut..etc.  Anyway just another option.

Ok one more little bit of humor… I recently went shopping with a friend and during the shopping she wanted to know if I had hot glue gun she could borrow and I couldn’t remember if I had one here in WA …I thought I did so I called my hubby who was at home and gave him three different places in my studio to look for it and he did but couldn’t find it so I said never mind thanks for helping and he said ” NO WORRIES I’LL CALL YOU IF I FIND IT ”  now those are words you don’t want to hear cause this means he is going to keep looking any place he wants…not good… sure enough about 15 minutes later he sends me the following text message  “I have a blog title for you: “The day I sent my husband into my studio to hunt for something and he decided I had WAY too much stuff. Thats why you don’t send your husband hunting for stuff in your studio..lol.. He is however, very supportive of my habit and encourages me and usually proof reads this blog each week before I send it out.  

Ok this last one is not a joke but it is how we should see ourselves.


 That’s all for this week.  AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..the wire headed cyber toad…aka …kath

PS… you have to see this… guy drawing with SALT ..kinda like those sand ads on TV.. SaltJoker

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