The first one is our Sumac tree (well, bush right now) in the back yard and the second one is our Flame Bush also in back yard then the last one is Maple tree in the front driveway.


In the blog of Sept 28th 2012 on BLEACH.. I mentioned that I don’t like to use my stamps in bleach as it will eventually harden them and there is nothing you can do to stop it … it won’t happen immediately but it will happen…so I suggested this technique of stamping first and then using a brush to pull the color out of the paper…this is great technique and works wonderful with fall leaves and SCS has a really good video of how to bleach out images... I couldn’t find it when I posted the Bleach Blog… but here it is…for those of you interested.


Yes, I know maybe you are hating this but it’s more Halloween cards. Well at least the samples I am showing are going to be Halloween.  But you know that nothing has to be what I show…it can be different… for example you could use a heart shaped punch and insert a heart and then you would have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY… CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW LITTLE LOVE (BABY) .  You just have to think outside the box… repurpose is the name of the game.  In addition it could be a round punch such as I used and you can make it a balloon by drawing a tail or adding string to make the tail, then it could be a Happy Birthday… and it can be various sizes for example one of mine is smaller and one is larger and I used them all as if they were Moons… oh yes, I did do one as if it was a clock and made that one a birthday… anything goes…


Ok, first image shows you where to score and the second one shows you how to fold in the left edge and punch only half of your image out but this will give you full image when open.

Last image show you how to see where you put tape/glue on the inside flap and then adhere your punch out image right up against the curve.

Cut cardstock 51/2″ x 11″ (or if you are in a paper saving mode use 4 1/4 x 11 but then make your punch smaller I think)

using SCOR-PAL…score on the 11 ” side at 3 3/4″ AND again at 7 1/2″

Then fold the left side in at the 3 3/4″ mark and then use your punch to make hole doing it only 1/2 way into the fold so that when you open it there is whole at the space..

Then to glue the circle into that hole fold the right side in at the 7 1/2″ score line and then fold the 3 3/4″ score mark over the top of it and just glue 1/2 your circle and stick into the half circle hole… so when card is folded the whole circle shows but 1/2 of it is sticking out of the card…

This is the inside and the outside of Kim’s (owner of STAMPIN IN THE RAIN stamp store in the Bothell Country Village).  I got this card from her several years ago and I loved it.  She was using some duplex paper (double sided printing) that she was selling and as you can tell she tore the left hand edge very close so that when it was closed you got that white edge along the card…


When you are tearing duplex paper its a good idea to check first and see if it gives you a white edge, some papers don’t have a white core…Also check to see whether you need to tear UP OR DOWN… only one way will show the white on the chosen side the other way will also show white but it would have been inside the card not maybe what you wanted…so tear a small scrap first to make sure you are tearing the correct way..

This is my version with a witch hat brad… and inside it says NICE HAT… plus Happy Halloween… both the Hat brad and the idea for words came from IMPRESS rubber stamps.  (they have the most incredible selection of brads…they just got some new ones that are small about 1/2″ haunted houses…yeah I got them…lol) I figured one could even use the little houses to celebrate someone’s move by suggesting that ‘they only thought their house looked like a haunted house it will get better when the boxes are gone’…lol.. BYW the extra hole in the circle is due to miscalculation of where I wanted the brad to go…duh.. You might also note that I had about 1/4 inch along the edge of the top fold so that I could have a border if I wanted rather than tear it as this paper does not have a white core.

This is my version of the same card but I used a punch out of small clock so that I could write TIME TO CELEBRATE and ‘they are playing your song’ inside.. along with a Happy Birthday stamp.  Again I left an edge so that I can make a trim using the birthday candle border punch from EK Success.

This one used the moon with a raven stamp wearing a witch hat… then I also used the Marvey Tree punch and Martha Stewart fench punch on the front .. Inside I plan to write QUOTE THE RAVEN ….NEVERMORE…and add a Happy Halloween also…

I think you can see from these images that it looks like your moon is on the outside of the card but the surprise ( and you know how I love the unusual) is that when you open it turns out the image is actually on the inside.

Ok, hopefully I have both explained and shown with photos how to achieve this card but just in case you can write an ask me either in the comments at bottom or at

Last but not least a few photos that my roomie and table mate, CAROL CROSE, took at CAMP HUSTON, of our wonderful weekend.


The top one is Jan’s table and then my table…this bottom one is the picture of me setting up my work area and yes…that cart beside me has 7 drawers and yep it was full and all my stuff to make cards…

My Halloween nails… spider web on my ring finger nail…. love it…


I saw this on FB and it really made me smile… so give it a look its not what you think...How Women in France loose weight.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well I don’t have a thousand words on this blog (oops, just checked and I do have 1100 + words who would guess) and I don’t have any video but hopefully the pictures are enough.

Let me see those cards…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…aka kath the wireheaded cyber toad.

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