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TENT CARDS … There are several different ways to create a tent card.  If you are like me…you probably have several of the nestibilities  dies and they can cut several shapes, everything from round , square and oval to a variety of funky shapes.  Well one of these versions is a card that  is perfect for using one of those funky shapes or an oval,round or square shape … I am going to call this first one TENT SHAPE A and it is basically just a 1/4 of a sheet of card stock with an image/shape centered and half of it above the fold line.

BASIC TENT SHAPE A .. for the basic shape I use a quarter sheet of card stock cut at      4 x 5 1/2…then I usually use it scored on the 4 ” side at 2″ because this is the easiest to find on our whatever scoring pad you are using.

kath. 4x 5 1/2 scored on the 51/2 side at 2 3/4..

kath. 4x 5 1/2 scored on the 51/2 side at 2 3/4..

These next ones are scored on the 4 inch at 2 inches… I do cut them down to 4 inches wide because when its time to score lots of people ( including me sometimes) can’t find a 1/8 inch… on the SCOR-PAL which is my tool of choice…so you won’t miss it so just alter the card to be only 4 inches wide.

kath tent with separate cut  out.

kath tent with separate cut out. Cut 4 x 5 1/2 scored on the 4 ” side at 2″.

You know I love this elephant and the back of the card says….I AM JUST TASTEFULLY LATE.  Then I used the lovely little alphabet squares to spell out the greeting… I do like to use the aphabet squares ( obviously I must as when I went to get them I found that I had not one…not two but 3 well really 4 packages but I am not counting the  4th as that package was actually the black with white letters on it..so different right…right ..please say right!!!) Then the snowman…for my winter birthdays…on the back the rest of the greeting is “HOW OLD YOU ARE”..  So all of these so far are whole bases with the image attached to the front using a variety of dies or punches to decorate.

THEN these are done using the 4  x 5 1/2 and scored on the 4 side at 2″ BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT . Just score at the ends of the card and make a light pencil mark across the card then stamp your image so that it is centered left and right and then you will need to decide how to place the image top and bottom ..if its mostly square like my elephant that center it top and bottom too or push it up higher if you need more space to write at the bottom front of the card…After that I started at the edge of the elephant and FREEHAND cut around it with the xacto knife…. HINT: Don’t try to cut along the line but rather try to cut about 1/8 of an inch away from the line. But if you look at it closely you will see that while I told you to not score all the way across the card…I DIDN’T FOLLOW MY OWN ADVICE but I felt the ELEPHANT was busy enough inside to kinda hide the score mark… but if you don’t want it the be sure you only draw a light pencil line that can be erased then cut and then score afterwards..

kath's images
kath’s images

Now the Heart card was cut using the CUTTLEBUG  the trick or technique is to find the center of your card and lay your die so that it is centered top/bottom and left /right… I used a small piece of removable tape to hold the die in place then the TECHNIQUE IS only lay the top plate ( in this case C) SO THAT IT ONLY COVERS THE TOP HALF OF THE IMAGE…then run it thru and when you are finished you will see that the top half of the heart are free from the paper and you can score and fold the card now… you can score all the way across because you are probably going to layer another smaller image over it so it won’t show.. now I didn’t stamp on this one yet but it would make a great valentine…ok just in case you can’t understand this here is SCS’S video on how to do it… Using the cuttle bug or big shot..cutting half of die with a machine..



kath's bat tent card

kath’s bat tent card

Ok don’t know about you but I think this is enough for this post but I do have one more type to show you… first here is the link of how to with SCS tent card…Now they are suggesting that you make a small accordian that will force the card to stay open and upright no matter now heavy the image/embellishments you put on it . The way it works is to use two pieces of paper…however …being the LAZY STAMPER that I am… I made the same card and used only one piece of paper CUT 4 1/4 X 11… SCORE AT 4 ”  8″, 9″ 10″ this will allow that piece at the bottom to be accordion folded and you only have to attach it to the other side…Just a little short cut that I think works better then aligning two pieces of paper together… here are my two samples…

kath's tent window card

kath’s tent window card

tent card basic  1

Both images behind the window were  photos’s from the internet…but you could use stamps and while I used the window die …its not necessary any die will work as you can see from BEATE’S SCS IMAGE of the whale… really cute.

I used the large score-pal and therefore came up with score lines at 4″, 8″,9″ and 10″ but if you wanted to use the scor-buddy you can simple flip the card and score it at 1″. 2″ and 3″…accordian fold the bottom and put the tape on the back of  10(3) and stick to the bottom of the front of the card. You can write your message on the back of the card.

OWL/BAT PUNCH was so excited about making this bat after I saw two examples on PINTEREST… the first one came from a blog called creationsbypatti…she has a cute card there with pattern on how to make it so I thought I’d give you link… The second one is by AGAIN same little owl punch from STAMPIN UP and turned upside down and wings added it becomes a bat… don’t you just love it… ok before you think WOW she has gone round the bend… remember I told you I WAS THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN ….well turns out I might only be a princess as there are lots of folks out there on pinterest with very cute halloween cards…So enough about them… here is my tent card version of the bat …. think its gonna be at least some of halloween cards…( yeah I send out about 30 and I have gotten tired of making 30 the same so I make several styles and then mail them out and no I don’t keep track of who got what they don’t care and if they happen to get the same card again next year I am sure they will forgive me.)


I got this off of pinterest and she has a great blog too..

I got this off of pinterest and she has a great blog too..



Well you have seen their bat/owl and my bat/owl and now here is what the OWL looks like if you use it as intended and make it an owl…

From the punch you get all these pieces so you can make your own owl...

From the punch you get all these pieces so you can make your own owl…I think he lost a button..lol

Ok thought this was going to be short and sweet but more just keep flowing out my fingers…lol… have fun…go play and MAKE SOMETHING..

.AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wireheaded cyber toad….aka kath


kath's favorite dies for tent cards and others

kath’s favorite dies for tent cards and others

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