Greetings and Salutations,

If you don’t know that’s a line from Charlotte’s Web.  I was looking over my blogs and realized that I just sorta jump into each blog and don’t bother to say hello or anything so from  now on or until I come up with something better we’ll start with Greetings and Salutations. I kinda wanted to do this because the next post will come from Washington( yeah)can’t wait to be back where it is cooler and I have my birds and my lovely backyard.  I’ll try to share photos of my backyard oasis once I get it set up again with all the feeders and plants on the deck.

In the mean time I have several ideas that don’t lend themselves to a blog alone, so I decided to lump them together with some additional tips on these techniques.

This first one is about using that Scor-Pal or MS’s Score board or even the scoring blade on our paper cutter.  Dawn, seems to be my go to girl for this one she decided to make a BACKGROUND GRID of diagonal lines.  You can see Dawn’s sample, that she used tiny punch outs of butterflies and then her white gel pen to make dots.  This created a very elegant design and in this case very feminine.  It’s really simple just cut your paper to size for the front of your card and then decide how wide you want the boxes to be and well just watch Dawn and you see it is simple.  Then  you can follow Dawn’s sample

or add color by lightly rubbing a stamp cube over the raised edges after you have completely scored the paper or you could color in some of the boxes using those glitter pens or you could stamp tiny hearts, stars, etc or even tiny punch outs not in every box but in random ones.




This next one is a very clever idea from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS who will show you how to make HONEYCOMB images using your punches.






Now those of you who know me, know that I would not normally work with something that is kinda tedious.  However, this looked so cute that I had to give it a try.  I know they were using a larger heart punch than the one I used as it was Martha Stewart’s heart and it was only about 1 ”  really small to work with but hey I made it work and while I am guessing that they probably inked the edges of each one after they punched , I have the mini airbrush adaptor kit for COPIC markers and I just was able to spray the bottom a light green and the top a light red…then just for fun I decided to make a worm coming out of the apple.  I have what many people refer to as a BLACK sense of humor.  The other one is from a solid image of a larger butterfly.  This is an ek success punch and I got it Jo Ann’s Craft store. You can use any type of text weight paper to punch and it doesn’t have to be a heart .  It can also be any nice solid image that can be folded in half .  A balloon punch would be fun. A circle out of orange can be a pumpkin or an orange.  A christmas tree punch would also make a great honeycomb.    

This is my version of a butterfly .. I didn’t punch out 25…I think it was only about any case it worked fine as far as I was concerned .  So now you know that you can make your own honeycomb and it is fun. But I also want to tell you that IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS sells 5×7 pads of honeycomb in various colors.

Now these can be folded flat and you can mail them as if its a bump for about 64 cents I think.  But you will probably need to suggest to receiver that they fluff it back up once they open card.  Pick a nice solid image and give it a try.



OK These guys also came from DAWN and I just thought they were so cute.  They are also going to be hard to mail.  I have a few suggestions though, try going to your local chinese, or japanese restaurant and ask to purchase a take out box.  They will probably give it to you.  There are also templates out there for making your own or you an just put them in one of those little jewelry type boxes that you can get at either Michael’s or Jo Ann’s… if the box is sturdy enough you will be able to them mail it in a cushion envelope …of course this would also make a cute tag to hang on a gift bag …just punch a tiny hole in one end and tie it with string… If you do that then I would defiantly lightly glue the tiny strip of paper with you message on it into the cookie.  Heavier paper probably works better with this then light weight but I think you could even fuze some fabric onto card stock the cut out your circles and make your cookies look even more asian by the choice of fabric.  Jo Ann’s sells the fabric fusing material in various thickness/strengths and you just use a hot iron to apply it card stock.  I use brown craft paper on the ironing board and/or on top of the card stock to keep the fusing material off both your ironing board and your iron.


Here is a piece of fabric that I fused to off white card stock.  To fuse the directions are simple use hottest setting on iron NO STEAM…iron on a piece of the fusing on the back of the fabric… I go over it several times to make sure it stuck and then I let it cool.  After it’s cool then you can gently pick one corner and pull the backing paper off and you should now feel a rather bumpy effect on the back of the fabric .  Now lay the fabric face up onto the card stock you have chosen and again iron with hottest setting and no steam.  Again I go over it a couple of time to make sure its stuck tight. Again let it cool and TA DAH… now you have your paper and fabric fused.  I then used a circle cutter and I wanted my cookies a little larger so I used 3 1/2″ setting on circle cutter.  I don’t think that a punch will work well with this as punches just aren’t sharp enough and I not sure one of the  templates will work well either but the FISKARS CIRCLE CUTTER will work perfectly.

This is the circle cut and fused and below are two cookies that are both made of fused fabric and card stock.. Have fun make up your own sayings and tuck them inside.  Thanks Dawn as always a delightful idea.

I thought taking the photo on the bamboo mat was a nice touch.

I promise these are easier than the Origami money stars!  Speaking of money stars… my friend JANIS BLEVINS sent me a YOU TUBE VIDEO on folding the money stars that made it much easier.

She also sent a great photos of the STAR CARD we made in an earlier blog…she is using it for a 4TH OF JULY birthday card… THANKS SO MUCH JANIS, FOR THE VIDEO and the photos of your card.






So go make something and as always THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…the WIRE HEADED CYBER TOAD….aka kath harney


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