WELL here we are again…for those of you with interest… I do seem to be improving but not as fast as I’d like and not sure if I will still need another round of meds.  But on to the fun stuff… I got this card from my friend, STEPHANIE’S daughter TANA LEHMAN. I wrote up these directions and think you will be able to copy the sheet with the photo from your end.

Tana cd directions



SO if I was going to name this I’d call it the BITE CARD..using that scallop circle you take a bite out of the front of the card… then you punch a whole scallop circle and then a plain circle and glue them together then you fit the complete circles into the bite marks on by closing the card and adhering it to the inside back of card.  Well I just love it there are so many things you can do with it and the circle allows for lots of embellishments, such as stickers, foam stickers, brads, buttons or just stamping.  You can also alter the size of the circles and also the size of the card… Then just to switch things up I can never follow a recipe or a pattern exactly as its given…just ask my auntie …lol… I also tried making it vertically with the bite ending up on the side like this one.

kath's bite on side

Then because I am sure someone will ask …I recently found this punch at such a bargain I had to buy it so I tried using it..since the punch is actually designed to make a boarder rather then a solid image it was tricker to do and I am not sure I liked it as much as the circles , however, you could also do ovals or squares…and I am sure it would work and look just fine.

kath's weird punch

You may not be able to tell but I did enlarge the card size to 4 1/4 x 11….scored in the center… It works but I like the 3 1/2 x 11 better…but as I said try it your way…we are just like Burger King here only calling it CARD KING…LOL.. so do it your way and as always I will beg to have you share and you know if you don’t want your name on it that’s fine I’ll honor your request.

So quick , simple and impressive…we can call these a QSI card…and like many of the others you can cut and score them and even punch them ahead of time the you only have to fill in the inside and the circle front can just be layered paper if you like with a brad or two for fun..


Janis Blevins bite card closed

Janis's Bite card open


SHORT and SWEET…and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath


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