great driftwood against marsh

Our room is bottom right

painting on wall of building

sunrise over marsh

Favorite name for a grocery

WOW its Friday again…. seems like it keeps coming sooner and sooner maybe because the past two fridays  I have been out of town so I worked like a demon the week before to get the posts ready and then set them to auto…well I am sure by now that if you looked at the blog more than once you saw that I had to keep making updates …..why you ask… well because I forgot things and then while I had planned while on the road to make a few tweaks to blogs I was unable to connect well enough… the blog on the 12th I forgot to say that all those lucious samples came from my friend, teacher and fellow calligrapher ELIZABETH WALSH.  Also I came home sick with what I think they are telling me is Bronchitis…not sure if that’s correct spelling but I can tell you it means trying to cough your toes up… I am a little better or perhaps its the meds so if this blog seems really weird chalk it up to the meds.

The photos at the beginning of this blog are from my recent trip to APALACHICOLA Florida.    If you are wondering where in the heck that is look at map of Fl and its up in the panhandle  a little south of Panama City .  For you oyster fans it is also where about 90% of US oysters come from , at least that is their story. I wasn’t sick there so I am pretty sure that is what they said but they may have said 90% of Florida oysters come from…that makes a little more sense to me since I know WA has lots of oysters and they don’t come from Florida cause FLorida oysters are much smaller and I am sure that a connoisseur would be able to tell you the merits of both… My confusion indicates alcohol was involved.  Right, moving on the place we stayed was on a Creek and was both a hotel and Marina so there were boats tied up right outside our room which was more like a condo than a hotel room …Its called the WATER STREET HOTEL AND MARINA.  Ok I am not really changing this blog to a travel blog but still thought I’d share some of this with you. We went kayaking on the creek and around in some of the inlets of the creek which brought us really close to marsh…. I am in love I am ready go stay somewhere on a marsh for a long period of time… It was fantastic and I fell in love…it is also extremely peaceful and relaxing.


I am sure you are all aware of  Jo Ann’s and Michael’s dollar bins well actually they seem to be going up at Michael’s but I recently went into TARGET and they had a dollar bin with lovely little tins already decorated with MARY ENGLEBRETT designs and I thought, WOW just a dollar and it makes a great little box for an accordion card…and just in time for one of my favorite people so below is the photo of my birthday accordion card that I slipped into the ME box for my friend SHARON CLYMER and she is so good at sending me photos back just in case I forgot to take one.  So if you have a TARGET near by pop in and see if you can find some little tin boxes for $1 and you can use them for tiny gifts or as I did make an accordion card.  I rounded the corners and I did not glue the card in thinking that Sharon might also re cycle the box and make a card and send it to someone else… Thanks for the photo Sharon..

accordion card in tin by kh

You can see I also used the Clothesline Caps with colored pencil as well as some embellishments..there was plenty of room for them in the box and you can make your accordion as long as you want.  Sharon also shared with me a great web site of decorated envelopes by Mark B Hill. They are great so take a peak and once you are on his site click on his ENVELOPE PROJECT.


STAND ALONE POP UP from SCS (split coast stampers)

Ok on to the stuff you came to see.  This is a lovely little stand up card…and I have suddenly taken a great interest in TAGS and this card works great to either make your own tag for the pop up or use a ready made tag that you decorate.  You can use designer papers for the tag but it must be rather heavy or it won’t stand up on its own.  So light weight card stock with designs on is fine but text weight paper will not work. I actually got this card in  a kit and then found it on Split Coast Stampers…yippee… I was trying to write up the directions and then when I found it on SCS I realized I did not have to re invent the wheel..merely share it with you all they called it the FREE STANDING POP UP. I


Now they decorated theirs with ribbon and embellishments but I have a tendency to decorate mine with more stamps.. I also write a personal message on the back of the tag . You do not have to follow either of our examples but can make your own.. and of course if your willing please share a digital photo with me.  There are lots of pre-made tags out there and you probably have some already … if you put embellishments on your tag remember that you might need to enlarge the slit so that it has room to slide up and down with the embellishments.

Again this is a great card to pre-cut, pre-score and have in various colors so that you can grab it and go … you might even want to make up some tags ahead also.

I used some zebra stripped card stock to make my tag and then some crayola crayon mini cards glued on top .  I also had some mini popsicle sticks and also a cupcake brad.  My tag is actually a little longer than the one in the pattern so it will require a larger envelope when I get ready to mail it, probably a 5 x 7.  But that is still regular mailing size so it won’t require extra postage except for the fact that I have bumps being the brads as well as the popsicle stick that would make it require extra postage.



I can’t remember where I found the little green crayola cards but it was definitely a dollar bin…probably from Michael’s and I have had them for a while…

This is the back of my card and I just like to add a little personal note on the back as well as the decorations on the front.  I still haven’t added the string or ribbon at the top that you would use to pull it up and you may want to enclose a note to the person receiving the card so that they will know to pull up and make the card stand on it own.




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