me at New Year’s eve with the FLU…

Yep… right after Christmas the 26th to be exact both my hubby and I were at urgent care to find out that yes , we did have the flu…. canceled group annual dinner party as no one wanted to get the flu along with us… but my BFF Pamela had given me these great glasses at her Christmas party and it was good way to cover up how swollen and red my eyes were… lol  got meds now just need energy and ability to hold a thought…lol

BUT I wanted to share some information with you as I figure some of you may have received $$$ for christmas and it may be burning a hole in your pocket… so here is my take on the possibilities… and know that in some case you might also find the Holtz platform at either Michael’s or Jo ann’s and be able to use a coupon… again for the bang for buck my money is Holtz ( I do think lots of his stuff is over priced  but this is pretty fair)

TIM HOLTZ stamp platform

FIRST A DISCLAIMER... I don’t receive any payment for that which I am about to share with you regarding stamping platforms… 2) I can’t really take credit for this as it was shared with me by one of great readers and friend Janis Blevins…she does great research and is always looking for the best product for the money… so with those said… I should also share that I bought a MISTI stamping platform( no video) in WA and while I used it a few times and it worked ok… I did not initially purchase one for her in FL ….so when Janis wrote me and shared the video of TIM HOLTZ’s STAMPING PLATFORM .… I looked but frankly didn’t intend to purchase however  after watching it and discussing more with Janis I had to agree that 1) ITS EASIER TO STORE IN SMALL SPACES…2) IT DOES STAMP BOTH VERTICLE AND HORIZONTAL WITHOUT HAVING TWO PIECES OF LUCITE and there folds flat for storage…a huge plus for both of us.. while I am going to include a link to STAMPING UP’S platform…I don’t like the its two pieces and that the magnets are so difficult to and that ou have to store them on the back … The Holtz one stores on front under the plexiglass..they are strong but so strong that you can’t move them well ( it could also be her nails that causes Dawn trouble…lovely but hard to work with some things although she doesn’t seem to have a problem) 3) and this is the biggest reason… you can order this RIGHT NOW FROM AMAZON and you can’t get the STAMPING UP ONE if you missed the last preorder date until JUNE…. way too long for this impatient stamper… one last disclaimer…remember I am on meds…incase this blog seems a bit spacey…lol

NOW the best part of this device which ever one you choose is that is it will allow you to stamp over your image exactly in the same place until you get the image well inked… for larger stamps ( and I have been removing a lot of my wooden large stamps and using them with this positioned as I get better inking and perfect position every time as long as your image is removed from platform.

In addition it will make stamping multiple cards with the same image go a lot faster just cut your paper and place each sheet in the same place on your platform use your magnets to hold it place and ink and stamp and repeat as necessary.  So as my favorite Calligraphy teacher Carol DuBosch would say “WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION” to your stamping tools…


One more item Janis shared with me was a cleaning cloth from LAWN FAWN... I don’t know what it is or truly understand but you simple wet it and wipe off your stamps and VIOLA it comes clean with the exception of STAZON…that one takes a bit more work and your image is going to get stained with the ink color but it will be clean for you decide where you want it placed on your card…if you are uncertain about the clean  then use a scrap piece of paper the same size as your card and test it… just to make sure… kinda link running only one copy to test before you make 50 upside it happens…also it stays wet for a long time even WITH AC… now heat maybe be different if it dries too quickly keep a plastic bag handy and tuck it in there when you are using it. But you are supposed to get up and move every hour anyway…lol….so just go wet again…

SO the links are listed above but not the MISTI as I was not that impressed with it I am sure you really want to see it go on line to YOU TUBE AND type in Misti and I am sure you can find one…

Ok as I said I am just sharing some information and for ME  and Janis… we found the TIM HOLTZ was our favorite….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath



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