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So I think the first person who showed me this card was Nichol Rauch of Oregon but a few years ago my terrific friend and calligraphic buddy, ELIZABETH WALSH taught this and made this terrific pattern which she told me I could share with you. So this is Elizabeth’s pattern.Elizabeths side pull card 1

So you can see by how detailed this pattern is that Elizabeth was very sharing… she also shared some of her samples and they are terrific too..





This was her card that she did for the workshop and it was so cute the candles can be cut from scrap paper or you might have a die cut for them.. you can free hand cut the flame or a heart punch works as a decent flame if you turn it upside down when you glue it on…

Elizabeth's Bday

Elizabeth’s Bday

IMG_0404 IMG_0406

Elizabeth told me that she used some PLAY money to make this one …she is so talented and clever and also very sharing.


The one below is mine..only sample I currently had handy and I wanted you to see that if you have a little trouble getting it pop up you can help it along by using a corner rounder to make it slide in and out easier…

pop up  2


Another little note is that you may want to be sure and give the receipient a hint that they should hold card in both hands and pull gently to get it to pop up and then push gently to get it to go back down… You shouldn’t need extra postage on this one depending on how much and what you use to embellish…if there is a bump then use the 66cent butterfly if you want to make sure it gets there.

A MAILING TIP:  my aunt recently tried to send a card to my hubby and got returned to her…there was no problem with the address it was perfect but the sticker said not…however best we can determine was that the address was written in very pale green ink and basically the scanner they use can’t read it cause there is not enough carbon in the ink… so my tip is USE DARK INK..the more carbon the better…if you just need to use a color then maybe do the name in color but the actually address in black, blue or red..just sayin.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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