First I have to say that my heart is always in the Pacific Northwest!! And flying home it was fantastic to see out the airplane window My MOUNTAIN…yep Rainier…as you can see from photo its up above the clouds and once we were on the ground it was no where to be seen but I know where she lives and I have seen her a couple of times since we got back but it has been raining a lot…as some here would say time to get the ARK out and make sure its working…lol…

I am always so excited to see her again as I think someday I’ll come back and she’ll be gone.  Ok enough of me and the magical qualities of the PNW.  I was also going to show you my back yard oasis…very tiny but we planted the bamboo in 96 and you can see that it has definitely given us privacy plus the side yard is borders by a green belt creek that has water most of the year and in the fall sometimes raging water.








Ok…guess you can tell I am glad to be back home… so I’ll move on to some other shares…


These are some sites Linda sent me that I think are worth sharing and hope you enjoy them also. One is more watercolor painting than calligraphy and the other is a calligraphy from Germany I think who is lettering to music.  In any case you can watch or not up to you.

The Illustrated Garden is the Watercolor web site and it is lovely and you can even sign up for an on line watercolor class .  The other site is in my opinion one of two actual calligraphic supply sites.  It”s Paper and Ink Arts and they now have a newsletter and you can sign up for free. It will feature new products info and also samples of some amazing calligraphic work by various artists.  In addition to lots of calligraphic supplies they also carry various art supplies, paints, brushes, inks, gel pens, all types of supplies that you might want for you card making, scrapbooking, or calligraphy.  Both PAPER & INK ARTS AND JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER carry supplies… PIA is heavier into supplies and JNEAL is heavier into books and publications.  Both will be CALLIGRAPHY NORTHWEST 2012 at REED COLLEGE in JUNE.  ON June 26th you can go there and see works visit the two vendors as well as other vendors that will be there ONLY ON THAT DAY.  Check the link for more information on events that are open to the public.  But if your close by you would really enjoy visiting the college and the vendors.  Yes, I am going and I do plan to take photos and I will post them on an upcoming blog.  Calligraphy and Harp ,This site is the one with the calligrapher writing to Harp music and is on Youtube.  It’s fun to watch and I love to see that someone is that much in control  or their pen…usually I feel my pen is in control of me.  lol  Then this last one is kinda amazing also… its a sight where you can print your own paper with guidelines on it…or the person who shared this with me is CAROL CROSE from Peninsula Scribes in Sequim and she said another of her members MARILYN SCHOFIELD had shared it with her.  I tried printing the music sheet of paper which is great for a background ( if you are not using it for calligraphy ) which you can imprint music and notes on using one of your embossing folders for the cuttlebug or you can stamp music notes on it or even punch out music notes and glue them on it ..then you can use to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU on a card or scrapbook page or something like THEY ARE PLAYING YOUR SONG..either birthday song or maybe if you have good friend that won’t be insulted but will laugh THE OLD GREY MARE SHE AINT WHAT SHE USED TO have been told I have a very black sense of humor…so beware of who you send that one too.  Printable Paper is the name of site and there are all types of papers there you can print yourself for free.  Give it a try.



Ok I have taught this card several times in various classes and I always called it a SHADOW BOX card but I think Dawn’s idea of calling it a 3 D card might be better.  In any case as always she has great directions and my only caution to you is that if you are using duplex/two sided paper MAKE SURE THAT you make that first 1/2″ score on the side that you want to show on the front and that it is right side up.  I did not do that with my frog sample (below) and because I am not a 100% person I was ok with using it opening backwards i.e.  left to right rather than right to left in order to keep my frogs right side up. Just a little warning to because how you score your paper.  The first half inch should be scored on the side you want to see when the card is closed and open.  Hope this keeps you from making my mistake.  I love this card and while I mostly used the round punch to make the opening you can use whatever you want it could be tag, square, rectangle , oval whatever will give you enough room for your message inside and also go deep enough into the card to leave some space above the opening.



Ok this was one of punch anywhere punches  and while its hard to read here its not when you are holding the card.

Then this next one is also a punch anywhere punch and its the heart again easy to read when you are holding it.

So you can see that you have options for making this card and even just cut an opening with an xacto you don’t even need the punch its just easier but you can do it without a punch.

Last a lovely card from my friend STEPHANIE GOGGLEYE who recently took a class in PAPER QUILLING.  She made this whole card using tiny strips of paper rolled and cut to create flowers for in the stamped basket isn’t it just lovely.  Lot of work and treasure to keep.




Ok.. that’s it for this week. Thanks to all those who shared with me.  Thanks to Dawn for those great video’s that make the cards so simple to do.


the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath harney




















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