SCS ZOETROPE CARD + this and that

GREETINGS AGAIN…I want to apologize for the long delay in posting and to tell you that there may still be gaps … it seems that even though I had the shot … I have according to Dr a mild ( doesn’t feel so mild) case of the SHINGLES… I can tell you that for a week or so before I had sore muscles at least that’s what it felt like then suddenly I had a horrid rash …needless to say its both sore, itchy and hard to sit or even lay without  making it worse so I am not able to spend much time at the computer.  I had put most of this together right before I went to Dr.

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it spins...SCS

Just wanted to share the SCS ZOETROPE card…no I have no idea what the heck a ZOETROPE is but assume from the card that it is simply a spinning wheel.  I thought it was cute and I have tons of that string…sooooo , however, I didn’t have that spinner thing she used in the center  but I am fairly certain that you can make the same thing just cutting out a circle from foam core board the difference is that it won’t already have sticky on the back and to make sure it sticks tight especially if you are giving to a child or child like adult who will play with it over and over…LOL… you would want to use the red really sticky tape and maybe cut a circle of it also so that it covers most of the piece of foam core in fact you will need two one for each side other than those changes jump in and make one …You could write on the inside … SPIN, DANCE , TWIRL…its your day!!… Ok now on to the THIS AND THAT…


This little piece of art arrived in my mail box recently from my friend/teacher Brigitte Heffernan…She is a master at Pointed Pen lettering styles and the feathers at the left of my name are also hand drawn…I am such a lucky girl!! Thanks Brigitte.

Brigitte's envelope

As if I am not lucky enough, some days I just soar!! I also received this lovely little envy and the enclosed valentine from my friend Bonnie Noehr and she is also a master at pointed pen lettering and making tiny cards…just feast your eyes on this envelope then the tiny card that was enclosed.

Bonnie Noehr

Bonnie’s valentine

The message reads” We can do no grand things only small things with great love”… hence the small card… definately a treasure

Bonnie's card closed

As if all of that wasn’t enough yesterday I got this incredible e-mail from a friend.  She was referring to the e-card I sent her and she just cracked me up with praise and so I just wanted to share with you my favorite THANK YOU so far.  I did mail her a snail mail real card today one with a wobble in it…lol…She and I are two of a kind and remember ITS THE CRACKED ONES THAT LET IN THE LIGHT!  Thanks Joanne <3.

Thank you so much for the birthday card I got in the mail!  Here it is a couple days later and I realized that, while when I received it, I beamed in glory and the heavens opened up, and the angels sang, sometimes YOU may not get that vibe because of, oh I don’t know, satellite interference or something, so I thought I had better let you know that I beamed and my heart filled up!






Janis Blevin's valentine

Janis used an embossing template for the background then also she die cut assorted hearts and layered them each one using foam tape… It was great…I have to also tell you that she taught this card to class of 35 men and women… I am so impressed. You can’t tell from this photo but it is that card that forms an easel and will stand when open.  Way to go Janis.




Nichol Rauch's valentine


Nichol is my friend who has also been my teacher and she is very good at eraser carving and then hand on her envelope is a hand carved stamp… I won’t ‘say she never uses commerical stamps but mostly she carves her own.. I always love getting her mail.  I am such a lucky girl…






This card was made by my BFF PAMELA O’NEAL.. and she was so worried about sending it but I just love it…she embossed using a template of lady bugs and then only colored in a few of the hearts and then used a small brad of a ladybug for the main focal point… FANTASTIC..





I wrote the large letters in bone using a Parallel pen and the smaller letters with charcoal pencil based on an alphabet I got from FLO WILKINS…the quote is by Tenneyson and I just realized from this photo that I was going to write that with a small ink pen and I forgot…hopefully they won’t judge that part…we’ll see




kh graceful 13 wobble not sent


I didn’t send this mostly because that heart globe was on a wobble and I finally convinced myself it would never make it…then too my dear friend Marn called my attention to the fact that rules had changed and no commerical stamps were allowed and probably not the wobble spring either…so good thing I redid it…


Ok my favorite stamp store IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS..sent me an e-mail for some upcoming classes and this was one of the ideas they displayed.  I am not sure how its done but it looks like it might be watercolor paper sewn together and only lightly stuffed with filling. BUT ( maybe at this point I should share with you the fact that I can almost NEVER FOLLOW A RECIPE OR A PATTERN exactly as it shown.) I think you can use HEAVY WEIGHT watercolor paper or cardstock and stamp them up as hanging valentines…or you could layer some of those hearts from the nestibilities dies in the previous post. You don’t have to make them valentines they could just as easily be a birthday card or get well pillow..I just thought they were very clever.  Just a thought …let me know if you try it.


Well that’s it for now… don’t give up on me but it may still be a while before I am back to my old self.

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