I just realized that this is the anniversary of the death one of the greatest technology wizards…STEVE JOBS….Apple is playing an incredible tribute to him on the Apple website and his closing remark was…TECHNOLOGY ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH…its technology married with humanites , married with liberal arts …that MAKES OUR HEARTS SING!!!

I am an APPLE GIRL FIRST LAST AND ALWAYS…thank you STEVE…I wouldn’t be posting this blog if not for you and Apple.  


Our Sumac tree, via my hubby’s iPhone.

Well as you can see, it’s beautiful here but definItely heading into Fall…. DOWN into the 40’s at night but full sunny days.  My Flame Bush went from Green to Red almost overnight.  My birds are eating like there is no tomorrow and the air outside has the smell of fireplaces and wood stoves.  I LOVE FALL… and also the leaves on many of the trees around the area are also turning…some went straight to brown … I think that is because we have had a very dry summer and now even fall is looking dry ….not something that usually happens in the PNW.

I spent last weekend over in the Goldbar area at CAMP HUSTON. The annual WASHINGTION STATE CALLIGRAPHERS gather there each year to share ideas and learn new things.  We have FLO WILKINS to thank for this as she each year finds a teacher and does all the prep work for the weekend.  Its just great …we arrive on Friday and leave usually after lunch on Sunday.  We have a great large room to work in and generally we each have a 6ft table work on so lots of space.  This year the teacher was SUZIE BERINGER from Bellingham.  Suzie, has been making small quilts with places in them for her to write calligraphic quotes….. That quote doesn’t do them justice so let me show you a few…..

You will notice that the first two both have to do with BIRDS…lol… I DO LOVE MY BIRDS especially crows and ravens..Each of these is a little masterpiece and before you assume that the center with the writing is paper ITS NOT… its treated muslin.  SUZIE  showed us what she does with the muslin and also how to and what to treat it with so that you can letter on it.  She was a wealth of information and has so much energy and was a delight to us all.  She does freehand quilting on the cloth and each of these little jewels were amazing and I wanted them all.  She does sell them and also does commission work I think.  You can see there were also hand sewn beads and sequins as well as bead fringe on some of them.  It was an amazing weekend and one I am sure we will all remember. Because you can’t really tell the size of these, roughly they were mostly not larger than about 12″ x maybe 14″ or 16″ and I am again guessing but I think her largest letters were barely 1/2″ inch tall and maybe closer to 1/4″… just so beautiful my descriptions are not doing them justice.


This just came in yesterday and I thought it was very cute .  I have done their standard Easel card and shared that with you already in a previous blog.  But this as you can see from the name has a TWIST… it is quite unique with the circle but if you check the below the video I think there is also a link to a version of it as a square.  I also wanted to tell you that while you may not have the SPELLBINDERS you can always use your trusty Fiskars circle cutter and cut your own circles.  Same holds true for squares…. that said I will say that the spellbinders are easier on your hands and wrists then the circle cutter, especially if you have one of the cutting embossing machines like Cuttlebug or Big Shot to name just a few.


Above is my version of the card but in a Halloween format, what are the chances,  using the circle like it was a moon and using crows or trees etc . As you can see I used a Bat instead and inside I wrote …BAT MOON RISING…little play on music.   This is because I am not the frou-frou girl.  I like the ideas abut my cards are like CALVIN AND HOBBS OR FAR SIDE…definitely dark humor’s not that I can’t make nice sweet cards it just isn’t very likely and I don’t like too much ribbon or bling ….this is not a rule with me its just that I tend more toward humor rather than nice.  But that is why I am showing you the SCS version….lol.


I want to share another technique or hint with you and its one of those “SMACK YOUR HEAD” things and maybe you already know this in which case you can just assume I am a little slow…the truth is that I have used my Cuttlebug almost exclusively for embossing again  because its easier on my hand than using the metal stencils and do it by hand however, in the last year I started buying the templates and cutting things with my Cuttlebug and I saw immediately that cutting against the B panel was going to leave cut marks ..that was fine I expected that but I was always putting my die face up with paper on top and then the scarred B template on top of that.  Well that works but the more you do it the more the B panel starts to curve and so I started flipping it over to make it curve back the other way…. then one day I realized that I could put it (the scarred B panel) on top of the A panel then lay my paper on it then lay my die on it face down then put the C panel on top of that and run it thru…. and VIOLA …no more curving panels!!!! Ok it’s not rocket science but I wanted to share it anyway.  In addition to not curving your panels, it also lets you place your die so that you get the most of out your paper…..again “smack your head”…but hey sometimes I am a slow learner.

Well the SUN and my birds are calling ..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...whct…aka …kath harney


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