acs tri fold shutter card

WAIT BEFORE YOU THROW UP YOUR ARMS AND SAY NO WAY…. this is way easier then it look… TRUST ME…SCS…will give you the complete cutting instructions and a video to show you how as well as all the measurements on the printable tutorial….. I have always liked this card and of course its one of those ones that I would suggest you cut your base card and then sit with small paper cutter in your lap and while watching TV you can cut the base.  Then if you have the SCOR BUDDY( small scorPal You can also score the card…

Now the busy work comes from all the pieces that you would layer onto the base….and while I love this image I also think that sometimes less is more…. you don’t have to layer every single fold/space… you could stamp in some or you could use a punch or die and layer a piece onto the base.  I like the black as it makes the other pieces stand out so well but and off white or white background is just as nice…as for your layers well use your scraps and make what ever works for you… but if you want to make several the same then I recommend that you at least cut the pieces and as always save them in a sheet protector so that you can quickly assemble when you discover you behind…lol… If it wasn’t for being behind I would have no life at all… lol…

If you go thru the written tutorial you will see at the bottom is  a adaption of this card using 8 ½ X 11 CARD STOCK rather than the 12 inch card stock… I personally have more  standard size card stock then the 12 ” scrapbooking kind and sometimes the 12″ while it may be lovely and double sided its often lighter weight than I would normally want ..however with this card you will probably put so many embellishments and layers on it that it won’t matter if its a little lighter to start… HOWEVER the directions for the adaption of this  card are not accurate or rather they leave out the most important part which is to cut your 8 ½ X 11 ” PIECE OF CARD STOCK DOWN TO 5 ½ ” x 10 ½ “... I know this because I tried it and was pretty sure that I did not want it the full sheet of card stock so the rest of the measurements are accurate so follow them but start with a piece that is 5 ½ x 10 ½.. and it will be slightly smaller when you are finished.. Personally I like the smaller size and again probably because I tend to not put as many embellishments or layers on as they use in the sample…


This is a similar card and I really liked it also so the blue line above is the link to tutorials and video.

ModTrishutterstep5ModTrishutterstep6a Watch the video and look at the tutorial and then here is my suggestion… I watched this video twice assuming I missed something but I can find absolutely no reason to cut those spaces out … if anything I think it weakens the card a little and depending on how many layers you put on the front it might not stand up plus as I said it seems like a step for no reason… like running up a flight of stairs when there is an elevator… The card works fine with those pieces in there if you want you can cut layers for those side pieces or you can just cut the smaller pieces for layering at the top and bottom… up to you and if you just have to follow directions absolutely then by all means cut out the side pieces but for me it is not worth my time and effort and just opens me up to not cutting straight or even and leaving ragged holes… so I am skipping that step…

All the other measurements are accurate and will work just find with pieces in or out. So suit yourself.  This card will fit the standard size A2 envelope so no adjustments needed there.

kh modified tri shutter

kh modified tri shutter


With the piece on the front of the card this is going to make the card seem to have a bump and frankly it makes more sense to me to be sure I have the full 70  cents on the envelope so it doesn’t get returned …IN addition be SURE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN RETURN ADDRESS on the envelope…that way if it does not go it will at least get returned to you no return address and it goes in the dead letter office or trash…that’s it.


These photos came from a friend and were from a FB list of beautiful churches… but I am only sharing the ones from Italy that I got to see last  May so my reason is if you are thinking of european travel put ITALY on the list… so may beautiful buildings and these photos brought back great memories.

Cathedral in Milan

Cathedral in Milan

This one was just outside in a piazza from a huge mall what was in itself beautiful but the cathedral was under some renovation on the left side facing it but at first I didn’t even notice it as they had hung a huge drape to protect tourists but the AMAZING THING was that the drape was the exact image of the piece of the cathedral that was being worked on so at first glance and until there was a breeze you would not have even noticed that it was being worked on… that was very cool.

St Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican

St Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican


Interior of St Peter’s…this is great photo with sunlight when I was there it was a cloudy day but there happened to be a choir rehearsing inside and they were singing in latin …. it was such a special moment and the sound was so incredible and moving that I am sure I will never forget it.  Ok is a TRAVEL HINT … If you go and if you plan on going to the VATICAN…. try to spend a little bit more more money ( It will not be cheap and I am not sure exactly how much but our guild was wonderful and worth every penny) and hire a personal guide to take you thru first you get walk past the hordes are there are hordes of people second there is so much to see in the Vatican so do some checking first and decide what you want to see the most and then be sure to tell your guide that…. there is so much to see that you will never see it all in one trip even if you spend the whole day there so its helpful to have someone to be sure your get to see those things you want to see.  I found this also to be true of seeing the COLLISEUM…we paid an extra 5 euro when we went in to buy tickets and it was also really worth it… there was a person to give us all the important info and we got to go in a head of those who were waiting in line to go in by themselves and after his/her talk we were free to roam on our own … I am guessing you can also get a personal guild for this but that will cost considerably more but for just a little more we had a much better visit in my opinion…Ok that’s my plug for ITALY and I can’t wait to go back… hope you enjoy both of these cards

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HUMOR…..If you love dogs this is going to crack you up… Enjoy

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