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OK, if you have stopped laughing you should know that I am this friend…in case you are looking.  I borrowed this photo off FB, and while you may think I am computer savvy… when it comes to FB I am awful and never know what I am doing or where….I try to avoid it but sometimes my friends really have some funny stuff….. HEY, ITS SERIOUS THUNDER HERE…. no rain just major rumbles…happy girl here. Just so you know I am home and while I was in Victoria I played and made these new WEATHERGRAMS and as you can see from this first photo it was definitely time to put some new ones out.  And with all this Thunder which isn’t normal for here I think they are going to get a chance to get “weather”. lol This is the last of a few years ago weather grams.  I obviously didn’t get this one before it decided to leave. These are some of the new ones that I hung out in the bamboo next to our deck. This is a great photo taken by a mountaineer at Mt Rainier recently…it was also posted on FB and I decided to post it here on my blog cause its so unusual.  That’s where the thunder is coming from right now…another storm in the mountains and guess we are close enough to hear the thunder not sure we will see any of the rain and not much of the lightning but believe me the thunder was definitely heard! Ok, I promised you a card and this one is from Splitcoaststampers and it’s a lovely pop up. They used a flower but this could be a photo of yours or it could be a stamped image and it could also be an image that you picked up as an embellishment. In addition they used additional decorative papers on the inside of the card but you can also use some duplex paper and you would have either two different colors or lots of duplex papers come with a design on one side and solid color on the other side.  Either way you are give your recipient a lovely surprise when they open it.


This is copy of Birthday card I did using the Pedestal for my Grandaughter’s birthday… I also used embossing templates…bamboo on the outside and birds on the inside and while the words are blurry the stamp says STRUT YOUR STUFF…its a fun little word stamp by Karen Lockhart.  Give this pedestal a try its really quite easy and fun.


Splitcoaststampers also had a really interesting technique last week.  It was using both your pop up dots as well as PERFECT PEARLS…which I ordered on line from you guess it Amazon.

I Loved this technique and you can use a only a few of them on a card or as many as they used in this sample.  Also you can make them up ahead of time and just have them ready for when you need them.

Another technique

This technique ALCOHOL INK BACKGROUND also from SCS has been modified several times but this will share this one and remind you of one of the others…. first they are using alcohol based inks…and it probably works best with CHROME coated paper…ie the shiny white card stock looks like photo paper glossy and that can be used but it is a little more expensive than buying it in a ream of card stock except I don’t have a good source of that type of paper… probably you can find it at Kinko’s or any place that does printing… you might be ahead to just buy the photo paper from COSTCO or some other discount store like WALMART.  I am not linking any of this cause you probably know best where to go or what to get.  I do think you are going to need the alcohol inks which are not your basic stamp pad ink nor your refills for the pigment inks… The Copic refills or if you have a large art store you might find refills for the Beryl art pens which are also alcohol and think some of the Ranger inks are alcohol …just look at what you have and see.  If you don’t have any then you can try the watercolor inks or paints but don’t think they will work…

The other variation on this was using shave cream and dropping ink onto a pile of shaving cream and then swirling it around with a tooth pick or something and then laying your paper again preferably coated i.e. shiny card stock on top of it and kinda pressing lightly then picking it up and letting it dry and brushing off excess cream.  I can go into all kinds of backgrounds here but for now will stick to just these too since they are sorta related.  You know with all of these ideas /techniques…try what you have first and see if it works before you run out and buy this stuff..unless of course you have a magic coupon and its burning a hole in your pocket…lol..


My friend  LINDA O’NEILL sent me this site with lots of lovely envelope s called ENVELOPE CREATIONS.  Now before you decide, “I don’t do calligraphy and so I’ll skip this” there are envelopes and pages there that are not done in Calligraphy, well not formal calligraphy anyway, they are done with monoline/regular pens like gel pens etc…plus Creativity is a strange thing…you never know what will trigger an idea in your head that maybe no one else will see how what you were looking at made you think of your idea….but it did and that’s what counts…don’t try to understand it just go with it… and hey EYE CANDY IS EYE CANDY …no matter what the type.  ( no pun intended)…lol


For years a lot of us have been using the white plastic erasers and carving our own rubber stamps..well here is a site that will show you how to do that as well as showing you that if you simply carve designs rather that a specific object you put them together and make an even larger design. .  Rather than making you any more confused I am just going to link you to Stamp-Making Adventures: Carve.  Now you would have to order of purchase this DVD however there is a preview site here so take a look at it and see if this is something you want to try or not.  Know what you like and if this doesn’t appeal then just move on.


OK this last is from my friend SHARON CLYMER who was sharing a new type of WHITE INK, its made by the COPIC people so I am guessing its also a type of alcohol ink and in this case it was for sale a JO ANN’S CRAFTS…so here is the link …AND YES, I did order a bottle but its not here yet but as soon as it comes I’ll give you review and show you a sample.


My Friend Stephanie Goggleye shared a web site with me called COMSUMERCRAFTS.COM.  What we both loved about them was the embossing folders that were about 1/2 the price in regular stores…they are a different brand called DARICE but they are very cool and at $2.97 each hard to resist.  Also they have gone the extra mile on the ordering and when you go to place your order it comes up and tells you that some of them may be out of stock, so you can remove them and save for another time.  Very cool in my opinion… you don’t usually find this out till your shipment arrives and its noted on your invoice.  This is my second order from them and I am most pleased with all my purchases…There is one set of EASY FRAMES Shapes embossing templates that are just shapes and silly me I assumed that they would need to be hand done with a stylus…but no there are directions on there about how to do them using the CUTTLEBUG… however, I tried it and don’t think it embossed enough to suit me.  However, they are a nice heavy plastic (white) and they will emboss nicely with a stylus.  If you use it with their directions of use with Cuttlebug…what it does is leave a blank space with the outer edges have the embossing of whatever template you were using so you now have a smooth space to stamp an image or write a phrase or quote.  This is what is known as DRY EMBOSSING this IS NOT USING A HEAT TOOL AND POWDER.

 Last Week’s post.

  The above photos are of a card I created based on the card design from the previous post…called FILE IN THE MIDDLE by DAWN..I just posted it with stars and used the word stellar day for an anniversary card.

Well guess that’s it for another week….have fun and play..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath



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