Well all I can say is I know I am behind….lol  Living on two coasts is not easy…especially as it gets close to holidays… I can tell you that once I was back on the east coast as I was unpacking and moving furniture back out onto the lanai I suddenly decided that I might just as well get my xmas decor up no sense putting things away and then digging back into same storage areas a week later to get out decorations for christmas… My space is limited so I try to make the most of walls and doors to hang things…My tree which I am proud of and which I created about 10 yrs ago is another of my favorite things…Its only about 2 feet tall and I have used laminated canceled Christmas postage as ornaments on it along with VERY TINY weather grams…I made the weather grams and then “weathered” them by wetting them and wading them up as if I was going to throw them away… I love it and I even drew a fake chop on them that looks like my rainier chop… it was easy to draw and I found a small (35) strand of mulit colored lights and VIOLA… I have my Christmas tree.  One of these years I will work on making small packages to go under the tree but Not this year…lol.. anyway here are some photos of my decor.

my blue lights on lanai

my Charlie Brown tree and my barista bearsmini tree mini postage and weather gramOK ENOUGH OF MY DECORATING…ON TO THE SCS PAPER LANTERN

This is just so sweet I had to post it along with several photos and of course if you click on the blue link you will be able to go to the site and print out the directions as well as look at a video of how to assemble… In addition they have two templates available  to print out and my suggestion is to use those print out to simple print the pattern onto your card stock and then when you cut it out put the printed lines on the inside of the lantern.  That my friends is the lazy way to do it… you can however make a template and of course while she makes the windows using an oval die you could in fact use a circle or a heart or even square…… You can also make this smaller by reducing the templates and then of course you would also need to reduce the cut out area and be sure you reduce both templates by the same amount…then of course you can put a small little battery candle inside…They won’t mail well but they will be a lovely little gift if you just need a little something.

paper lantern


paper lanterns

paper lanterns

I know that this one is short but as I said I am behind so I am going to send it along and give you a chance to get them made before CHRISTMAS…lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




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