YES, its me again and boy do I have a fun card for you today.  This just came from SPLIT COAST STAMPERS AND ITS CALLED MINI BLIND.  I really loved this card..its very unique and I hope you will try it and send me some photos or notes about how you like it.


One of the things I like best about it is that it doesn’t actually open… that’s right …you just pull up the blind and your message is either there or on the back.  You will also note that she suggests that you make it as if you a making a regular opening card but then glue or tape it shut.  The reason for this is stability and I agree with her, you will need it if you want the card to hold together.  This is especially true if you have card stock that is relatively light weight.  It needs that extra weight for you to have something to pull against. ( MORE ABOUT CARD STOCK WEIGHT LATER)*

Also note that she is using about 1/4 inch ribbon that is that gauze type.. You could try something else but it may be like trying to re-invent the wheel… not worth the effort.  I can say this with some conviction as I thought that it might be a lot easier if you either scored the window shade every 1/4 inch or every 1/2 inch…well an hour or so later and that was just making the shade…I found that 1/4 inch is too small and 1/2 inch is really too trust me and do the measuring her way.  That works just fine… and also works best.

Now I didn’t have the nesting rectangles so I tried just cutting the opening and it can be done but again… if you like this ( and how can you not) its probably worth the effort to try one of the craft stores with you trusty coupon in hand…( did you know you can sign up for a 40% off coupon every week from HOBBY LOBBY…just go to hobby and you’ll find where to sign up for coupons…. in addition Michaels now has an app for your phone that will give you copons so you don’t have to print them out and since we all hardly go anywhere with out our phones you always have it with you. HOBBY LOBBY also has an app that you just choose the coupon and it scans it in at the store. ) Its a wonder my poor hubby doesn’t have to eat beans and rice every week.. lol… the nestibilities rectangles are also available at AMAZON no coupon there but little cheaper.

THE ONLY SUGGESTIONS …I would make on this card is that you a) send the person a note telling them how to pull up the blind …especially if they are not card makers themselves they may not figure it out without breaking the card, and b) I would put a little pull tab at the bottom so that they can pull it back down when / if they want too..I would just use sticky dots white or whatever color you might have and fold it in half and stick it to the middle of last fold on the blind. You could even write a small ” pull” on the dot so that they could pull it back down …however , again from experience I would tell you that it would be good to just write a short note explaining the way it works to them.  Because I plan to make several of these I actually wrote it up and printed it on a business card so that I could just slip it in the envelope with the card.  If you are like me you are scrambling for the deadline to begin with and no extra time to write a note along with making the card. This way you have and when you run out you can always print more.  I Use AVERY business cards clean tear here is what mine looked like.

mini blind biz card

Ok enough about the blind… how about a fun and funky but easy lettering sample.  I made this up using only a few letters that I found and made a complete alphabet.  NOTE…the lines pull thru that is not just sloppy writing on my… You can write this with any regular pen..gel pen….colored pencil…pencil or felt tip pen it can be large or small if it gets too small you won’t be able to see the detail of the letters much and it may look like those pull thru lines are just slopping writing… hence my name for it LAZY PEN…

kath's lazy pen lettering style

The best way to teach yourself a hand like this or any hand really is to run thru the alphabet first… never make more than 3 tries at the letter if it still doesn’t look right move on and try it again later… more than 3 and your just teaching your hand How to do it wrong..

Once you have the whole alphabet then start making words… you can’t really get the feel for spacing till you have the words.  Also it helps to practice a couple of time what you plan to write so you can get the spacing and also make sure it will fit where you want it too… again this is the VOICE OF EXPERIENCE speaking. lol

* NOW  about the weight of your card stock ..well it goes like this 24 is light and 67 is good anything higher will definately need to be scored if you want it to fold nicely …anything lighter will be so light its more like text weight paper than card stock.  ALL OF THAT said the lighter the weight of card stock when you are punching makes the punches not only easier but cleaner..also some cards that have a lot of folds in them like the last post NAPKIN FOLD will not want to use too heavy a card stock as it will just not lay flat after the folding.  If you are buying your paper at a copy store like KINKOS or STAPLES you are pretty much stuck with what they have available and just so you know COVER WEIGHT  means card stock but it does follow the weights I told you but there is up to 110 weight which if its bristol is heavy but not too heavy if its some of the other frosted type of papers its going to be VERY HEAVY…ok I see your eyes glazing over so I’ll stop here as always if you have a question please feel free to contact me at  I promise I will do my best to answer or help you find the answer.  If you you are looking for a special paper try the PAPER… they have lots of colors also PAPER SOURCE if you have a store near buy it will be $$$ but if its for an invitation to a wedding etc you may want to spend the extra and I think you can order on line.

WOW… I just looked and I have written 1183 words and if you are here ….you just read that many…LOL .


MY FRIEND JANIS BLEVINS…says maybe I should caution you all that the previous post DAWN’S NAPKIN FOLD might become an addiction ! See all her lovely napkin cards …she told me folding them during a Thunder’s game…and mostly she used solid card background and then added amazing decorator paper for the triangles.  Just lettin you know that addiction to folding is POSSIBLE… hugs whct

JANIS BLEVINS napkin fold cards...

ps I LOVE FROGS and my WA BFF STEPHANIE GOGGLEYE sent me this one.

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