a quick note the above link will show you how to make the card but for this one there is no video but its pretty straight forward just remember CENTER CENTER CENTER before you CUT!



Hi guys, I have fallen in love with this little card and I have a few samples to share with you.  I want to say that while it is actually simple it is also difficult … the difficulty is that once you have scored and folded your card base… you are then ready to cut…here is the hard part you have to be REALLY CAREFUL to center it and use removable tape to hold it in place BEFORE YOU CUT…its that old MEASURE TWICE CUT ONCE… the reason is due to it being folded it wants to slip between the layers of plexiglas and then you end up with this one…

layered window mistake


Notice how this left side is shorter and less of the insert showing… well that’s cause I cut it off center it looked good when I started but it slipped or else I wasn’t careful enough about the centering and then VIOLA… YOU GET A BOO BOO…In this case I am going to use it anyway cause the person I am sending it too will get a laugh out of my error.  I like to show you the errors cause we all make them and some of us…you know who you are…take it way to seriously… I also wanted to not that this one is done using the SIZZIX die  called FRAMELITS WINDOW FRAME from STAMPIN UP… as you can see below I did try some using another Nestabilities that I already had and while it worked I decide to spring for this one and I do like it.  Also just so you know I do buy all my STAMPIN UP stuff thru DAWN.  She is always fast efficient.

Here is the first one I tried using a nestibilities that I already had…


layerd windowscsas you can see it works but I did like the one with the rounded edges better so I ordered it and then went a little crazy with making them..

layerd window


This one is using the same image as the first one I did but now it fits a little better I think.

photo copy 5

This was one of my favorites and the above is the out side and below is the back of the card which opens to show a feather and note..

photo copy 2

I just love telling them no thanks necessary…lol…

photo copy

this one is a photo of a dear friend of mine TORY BROKENSHIRE and myself and I wrote on the left FUN TIMES and the right side said FUN FACES..

photo copy 3

This one says CELEBRATE YOU on the left and the right side says ITS YOUR DAY.. and then on the back since this is a photo of Mt ST HELEN’S …I wrote hope its a hot one..kinda corny but hey that’s who I am… lol..

SO YOU CAN SEE that I am having fun using a variety of images , photos etc to create this card…the secret is just to make sure that you do center it before running it thru your machine

Since this is a SIZZIX , it works in all machines…in fact they look just like the nestabilities.. but since it came from  STAMPIN UP it came in a cool like folder …that snaps so it holds them all together.  Again its called a FRAMELITS by SIZZIX and its the WINDOW FRAME.

I checked on line with AMAZON and they have a bunch of FRAMELITS but not the window one still you may want to go a look as they have a several that have both the die image and a clear stamp image ( the kind that you adhere to a clear lucite block) that match the die.

layered windowcentered

ok this is one of mine taped up and ready to run thru my cuttlebug…and as you can see it is centered then I use the blue paint tape light tack to hold it in place so I can cut it without it slipping.  Again if you spend a few minute and put together a few of them in various colors you can then cut them all at once and have them on had for when you need them in a hurry… hope you enjoy this one as much a I do and so don’t sit here GO MAKE SOMETHING.  LOL

Oh yeah… here is link to AMAZON FOR SPELLBINDERS NESTABILITIES that is slightly different and little smaller but it works just the same… and here is a quick sample that I made using those dies.



Now here are the two sets of dies… however, I just noticed that the set from AMAZON now has 9 dies where the one I am showing you only had six so its probably really close to the same size if you are just the biggest 3…

sizzlet:nesta dies


That top one is the SIZZIX FRAMELITS…the bottom is the SPELLBINDER NESTABILITIES..BUT WITH ONLY 6…instead of the 9 it now shows for that number. In addition I think they are both about the same price..not sure but STAMPIN UP may be bit more expensive… either way you probably have to mail order… so take your pick or go look for similare at either JoANN’s Crafts store or Michael’s ,or HOBBY LOBBY..

ok NOW go make something…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath

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