I just want to let you know that the posts may be a bit erratic or short for a while …my Mom (88) has had a bad bladder infection and been in hospital and now in rehab to get her strength back so I am spending a lot of time on the road and not much in the play room..

However, saw this one from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS And its so quick and easy that I thought I would quickly set it up to share.



SCS glowing lights

SCS glowing lights

Ok this was just a series of triangles then they drew bulbs on with a with gel pen (  more about this later) and then they made the garlands again with the white gel pens….Punch out stars for tree tops and then a dots background which suggests snow.

TIP 1…. the best way to get this triangle is to cut a square… then pinch or mark the center of one side and cut from that point down to the point at one corner and flip it over and repeat cutting from top down to opposite corner.. and you have a perfect equilateral ( thats all the math I know lol) triangle.  

TIP 2… when it come to white gel pens… ( remember that i told you ALL GEL PENS need to be standing up with writing tip down to keep the gel liquid in the roller) I had three different types….SAKURA GLAZE WHITE GEL PEN, SAKURA SOUFFLE WHITE GEL PEN AND UNIBALL SIGNO BROAD WHITE GEL PEN…this last one the UNIBALL seems to be the white gel pen of choice…however I have three samples below all down with a different white gel pen and I can’t tell the difference…THAT SAID….I have to admit that I prefer the Uniball FOR WRITING EVERY TIME..BUT IT DOES WRITE A WIDER STROKE THAN THE OTHERS.  The Souffle will turn opaque and matt finish when dry the glaze will turn RAISED and shiny when dry…with writing this may matter with these bulbs any will do. 

TIP 3 .the chalks. SCS is a STAMPIN UP WEB SITE so they used the STAMPIN UP CHALKS if you have any chalks give them a try they will probably work just fine I had a small Pearlescent set by PEBBLES INC( think they used to be EYE CANDY. If you have no chalks you can go to any art supply/craft or Amazon store and by cheap chalk pastels usually in stick form and they work just finesame technique just rubbing on the stick with a q-tip then rubbing it onto the paper…just the act of rubbing it into /onto the paper will lock it on you don’t need to use any kind of sealant after. And any extra dust you can simply blow off or dust off lightly with your finger or tissue… so you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve this look.  

You will also note that I tried a different image than doing the tree… this is a stamp from PENNY BLACK and I do love these little hedge hogs… so if you have an image with lights on it you can see that it will work with those too…

glowing lights with soufflé gel pen

glowing lights with soufflé gel pen

Ok this is the one using the soufflé pens and you can see a couple of things one I was impatient and didn’t let it dry completely and smeared the first light…two I also used some colored pencil to give some ground for them to run on and also rubbed a little of the chalk on it and also tried to make a moon again using both colored pencil and the chalks…I don’t think the glowing effect shows up as much on this paper as it might at least not in the scan I used to post the photo… but I also think that because the soufflé pen is opaque and matt finish it doesn’t glow as much as it might….

glowing lights with Uniball sign white gel pen

glowing lights with Uniball sign white gel pen

This one was done with the Uniball Signo white pen and I like it better…think it is shinier and while that won’t show up in the scan too well it does on the card and the pearlescent effect of the chalks shows up better too.. but its hard to do a dark background with a stamp I am guessing thats why they just used a triangle for the tree with white bulbs and then white dots … also I think the less is more principle works here with using chalks only on the bulbs on the trees and leave the dots to  just be plain white…. that way they both show up if you chalked them both it wouldn’t look as dimensional.

glowing lights on dk blue

ok this is the first one I tried and I tired to stamp that same image on dk blue paper with white ink… as you can see even enhanced with the white colored pencil it still doesn’t show up too well however the glowing lights show up better than on the green paper even with the scan image… then I also used some glitter glue with too big of glitter in it and I don’t like it at all on the ground… also the color of the glowing lights doesn’t show up as well with the SAKURA WHITE GLAZE PEN as it does with the white UNIBALL SIGNO…I am guessing that’s because the glaze dries very shiny and raised and it doesn’t take the chalk as well but remember that my chalks are pearlescent and the color would be darker and stronger with just plain chalks … the pearlescent is very soft a pastel palette rather than a deep color palette.

Ok that’s it for glowing send me a copy of an image if you find one that you like but my best guess is the tree is best option as it does not require a stamped image and therefore can be done on dark paper.


bonnie's  front xmas cd

bonnie's greeting

Several years ago (1991 i think ) I met a girl from California named BONNIE NOEHR and thanks to her my mail box is a frequent recipient of luscious mail.  BONNIE speaks 5 languages, draws, and is an incredible calligrapher and I don’t think she had done any calligraphy before I met her at the conference but her eye and her hand work magic together.  This is her christmas card for this year ( never mind that she ALREADY HAS THEM DONE AND MAILED) BUT IT WAS TOO WONDERFUL NOT TO SHARE.. I know that she hand drew the image of the nest /twigs and eggs then I think she either used colored pencils or water colors  and then she may have drawn this larger and reduced it and color copied it for on her cards but she also on each copy or at least on mine used just a smudge of glitter glue on a few of the branches and then also a snowflake embellishment. It is just so amazing as are all her art and lettering projects.  Inside she used her lovely pointed pen letters and the word NESTLE for her greeting… its mounted on dark brown card stock and the envelope which is also addressed in white ink on dk brown paper using the same pointed pen hand …. I may not have this 100% accurate as to her “HOW”. But you get the idea… and it is an amazing card and I am once again such a lucky lucky girl… THANKS BONNIE..



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