GREETINGS, I wanted to share this DIAMOND ORIGAMI FOLD with you because I thought it was fun and easy to fold.  It works best with light weight paper.  This is the front of the card when its folded.



and this is the inside which for me is way toooo busy… less is more…but everyone has there own ideas on that so you do what makes you smile.


SCS DIAMOND ORIGAMI FOLD CARD This is a really cute card and it has become one of my new favorites… Last night I sat and folded 15 while watching TV… lol… yeah obsessive…While this is the name that SCS gives it I am going to refer to it as Diamond Pocket card because there is also a different diamond fold and I think they don’t have the word origami in it but it is in there resources and its very cute also and totally different.

As you can see from this one and from the video it could actually be used as both the card and the envelope if you write or lable the back of the card with the mailing address…however NOTE: its square so it is going to cost extra ..that said depending on how much embellishing you do on it you are probably going to have to pay extra postage anyway..(currently 66 cents) so it may not matter.  In addition you want to make sure that you have inserted the front flap in and secured it with some type of removable adhesive or with a belly band so that it will go there the mail and not be eaten…

Another point that is not really addressed is that this is going to work best with some type of lighter weight paper , heavy card stock is not going to fold nicely nor stay folded. At some point I walked into Michael’s and found that they had huge book of 12×12 light weight paper ( not card stock but not text weight either so somewhere in-between) It is all printed on one side but white on the other but that doesn’t matter as you will not see the other side if you fold this correctly. Also you can’t really tell for sure but the pocket on the right side can be sealed shut as you will only fold that flap into center you will not be tucking anything into it.. the pocket on the left side is the one on the front and that needs to be left open so you can tuck the top point into that pocket.

Now if you folded correctly both side flaps are the same so it doesn’t really matter which little pocket you use to tuck the top flap into ….if you like the one on the left better for some reason use it either way the card opens the same.

One more note I will mention…is that if you are sending this as a card but lets say you have a desire to also write a letter you can print your letter on the back before you fold it and then don’t stick it all shut at the end but leave it so the recipient can open and read the letter as well …you may need to give them a heads up with a small note on the inside that says open fully or something like that…

If you have old car atlases those old map pages will work well also…You can also see from  my samples below that I am into those little wooden embellishments…I get mine from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS and you can order from them on line… I just got the little houses box of them and then I rub stamp ink on them to give them some color.  The little bird is new also..this box of birds has them on branches and in different then the first ones I got which were pretty much all the same but different sizes… the box also has little owls…How cute will those be for a GUESS WHOOOO…


kh diamond pkt made of map page

diamond pkt kh

kh more diamond pkt

Ok that is only 5 of the 15….I didn’t want to bore you to death… on the bird one it is duck paper so I was going to wish the a ducky day or write “a little bird told me…then HAPPY BIRD DAY.  The house one inside will say from my house to yours …HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR GET WELL WISHES…etc..The U rock is a congrats or a graduation type card or birthday for thank you  whatever works for  you…The All about U one  is blue so inside I was going to write something LIke I am so blue without you… missing you …etc. Ok enough pocket folds..

Here is more EYE CANDY … This first one is from my extremely talented friend BONNIE NOEHR..whose wizardry with pointed pen knows no limits.  She complete hand drew this whole image with her pointed pen and the reproduced image may be hard to see that there are tiny gold dots …it is so exquisite that it must go in a frame at least until next years little bit of lovelyness… I am such a lucky girl to have such a talented friend who graces my mailbox with lovely designs .  THANK YOU BONNIE… ( you may remember I posted her lovely little VALENTINE back in Feburary it had similar images even smaller and multi dimensional pop out heart)

Bonnie Noehr’s hand drawn birthday card 13

Bonnie’s valentine

Bonnie’s envelope error

Above is the beautiful envelope she wrote to mail my card in which however, she got back because she did not have my address on it… that one is wrong… she was so freaked when she go it back she sent me an e mail showing it too me so I would know she tried to make it on time… Well I love stretching my birthday at least until my hubby’s in april it was not problem and the second time this is the envelope it arrive in!!!!!

I had posted this previously and briefly it was larger and when I saw it on the blog I FREAKED as in the background was my kitchen garbage can…aaarrrggghh..the kitchen has the best light and so we took photo there and looking at a thumbnail I didn’t realize that it was showing the GARBAGE…well I edited photo cropped out the garbage and reinserted, reposted it into that blog as well as putting it in this one.

The reason I can do that is because I am able to go look thru a media library of images on my blog and easily find and repost it… if you are thinking of a blog I LOVE WORDPRESS! That said it is all I know…or have ever used but still I find it does a great job.


ONE MORE HADDA SHARE..I found this site on PINTEREST and just thought it was fun ….TISSUE PAPER FLOWERS..tissue paper comes in such great colors and designs but it is always hard to work with but this looks simple and makes a great package topper or embellishment…DON’T JUST SIT HERE  go PLAY…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wireheaded cyber toad….aka kath


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