Ok when I went to this site I have to admit that it was the accent that made me sign up to receive her posts… Its also a STAMPIN UP blog but its in the UK so you probably won’t want to buy things from her as you would have additional shipping I think but maybe not in any case she had some things here that I had not seen before so ….as I said I am a sucker for British accents…

LONG BOX VIDEO … I AM NOT SURE WHAT you might want to put in this box but she did such a nice job with it and its fun to see how someone else would decorate…if you watch the video  you will see that she wraps the decorator paper around the box at the top and bottom leaving the middle solid color to use with her ribbon… that alone was a new idea for me as Dawn usually cuts strips and puts them on each panel…

When you go to the site be sure you read about her back story and where the name POOTLES comes from and what it means…. I was delighted with her story and immediately jealous that my blog name was not more creative….however, my only other nick name that both my folks called me was Princess…and somehow I don’t think that would make a good blog name….

pootles long boxes

pootles long boxes

You will also note that her name is SAM and that she is a she…. she explains it all so give it a look see….

Ok this post is short because I AM HEADING WITH MY BFF for a week at the Beach and we have agreed not to do any heavy thinking…. lol… just sun, surf and maybe a SKI DO…yeah we didn’t get a chance to try it last year but we are both feeling more adventurous this year so we may just have to give at try.  Lots of lazy days and we both deserve it… I will post a few photos…after we get back as I will also be heading to Granddaughters Master’s graduation then back to WA so will be very busy….

here are a couple  photos of us from last years trip which was too short…lol

beach daze girls BFF'S for 40 + years

beach daze girls BFF’S for 40 + years

No we didn’t dress alike on purpose ….lol



AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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