I’M LATE , I’M LATE …FOR A VERY IMPORTANT DATE…Ok so I am not the white rabbit and I don’t have a pocket watch but I do know that this week has just rushed by me and here it is friday and I am just sitting down to post the blog.  However, I think you’ll really like it.

Ok here are my samples…. sorry they are a bit blurry on the writing due to the foam dots for the rolling starts…I really liked both of them and a few hints…one don’t try to make the slot for rolling penny any smaller than 1/2 inch wide…two although they say you can use regular dots and just pile one on top of the other that will work but sometimes it doesn’t roll as well so you must be very careful to get them right on top of each other ….thick dots are easier…also if you penny slides but doesn’t roll aka spin then maybe its because whatever you glued on top isn’t quite heavy enough my stars were 3 layers of card stock and they spin wonderfully…can’t show as I don’t have video but you’ll have to trust me…also while I don’t understand the physics of it…I think your glue on needs to be perfectly centered also otherwise it may only slide..which is not a bad thing and perhaps that works better with your image… either way…this is the MOST FUN… HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE AND STAY SAFE.

penny slider kh 1



penny slider kh 2

penny slider kh inside



I have a good friend, ( SHARON CLYMER) who has moved to Arizona and we don’t see each other much but we do send cards and e mails.  Her most recent e-mail contained the directions and a video of make a card called a PENNY SLIDER.  This link takes you yet another Stampin Up site and under the photo of the card there is a note to click here to see the video ( its darkened to be bold) but the page also contains a step by step photo and directions for you to use to create your own Penny Slider.  What I loved about this site was that the person doing the video has an english accent so its just a treat to listen to her.  But there is also a video on YouTube called PENNY SPINNER and if you go to this link you will find that this video says that if you go to her website she has a pattern that you can print out and cut she also shows a nice way to go about cutting the slit for the Penny to slide. Also at the side of this site on YouTube there are several other sites shown that you might also want to check out.  So here are at least two sites that will show you /tell you how to make this fun card.  You know I love it cause its got movement and its going to make children giggle.  But adults will enjoy it also.

In the first video she uses what she is calling “SHAKER TAPE” but we would call it double stick foam tape… and she tells you that its not THICK ENOUGH so be sure to use two layers…if you can find the thick foam dots… I would use them they do work well and its easier to stick on a few dots than to use double or even triple ( if you are using the foam tape from the stores with the green plaid on it)…I think you will need 3 layers as it is very think and won’t allow the penny to roll. BEST IDEA…do a test with the penny rolling in the slot before you glue your image on the top. ALSO YOU MUST YOU DOTS because while the penny and the image are moving what they are moving on is the DOT so if you try to use a square or even one of the hexagon may slide but it won’t twirl you decide.

Now they both use a regular A2 card which is a sheet of card stock cut at 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and then folded in half.  Next layer on the front can be text weight and it is cut 5 1/4 x 4 then the piece with the slit in it is 5 x 3 3/4 and I cut my slit approximately 3 1/2 inches long x 1/2 inch wide.  The width of the slit is what allows it to roll but too much width will cause the weight of the penny to fall out… again cut and check then proceed…Also while neither of them tell you ( ta dah!! that’s why I am here!! lol ) this I did notice that they both were using multiple layers and I am sure this is because you need the piece with the slit to have some weight to it.. It must be pretty sturdy or the weight of the two penny will pull on it…In the English version she doesn’t use a full sheet of paper but rather makes a band and using the mirror paper as she calls it … is rather heavy alone and she adds another piece over the top of that.. those layers are with regular double stick tape. But when the band is stuck to the card front she does in fact use the double thickness of tape so that there is freedom for the penny to roll.

TIP ONE….is for the piece with the slit…use the heaviest card stock you have or layer! 

Now the YouTube video has a good suggestion that she shows in the video which is how to cut the slit…

TIP TWO….the thing is you need those corners to smooth and even or the foam dot will get hung up in the corner and not move or spin.  

TIP THREE…be sure to center your image on the penny as close as possible so that it rolls evenly.

TIP FOUR….they both mention GLUING the decoration on the top of the penny and I think this is a great idea… my favorite glue to us is the green bottle of TOMBOW MONO GLUE.


beehive penny slider

beehive penny slider

Ok this was my very quick attempt with this card and in retrospect…I would have liked it better if I had the bee hive stationary and put the bees on a circle piece of paper and let them spin across the paper… they are ready made embellishments from KC crafts..I liked them for the bees….I thought ” HOPE YOU BEES BETTER SOON”…HAPPY BEE DAY…YOU BEE-N ON MY MIND LATELY…anyway you get the idea… I believe that both Michael’s and Jo ANN’S carry this brand of embellishment.

So what are you waiting for …get out there and make something..

I am going to try a 4th of July theme as I have several birthdays for the 4th and shortly after…I ‘ll post it here when I am done as I thought a large star would be great spinning around…that said I WILL BE OUT OF TOWN for the 4th so there will not be a post next week but I will be back on the 12th of JULY …don’t know about you but my summer just seems to be flying by…HAPPY AND SAFE 4TH to you all .

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...and a HUGE THANKS to my dear friend SHARON CLYMER for sharing this idea with me…..wire headed cyber toad…aka…kath




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