With Graduation coming, I thought it might be fun to give you a few origami patterns made using money.  While I think money for graduation is a good thing, I can’t bring myself to just give it plain…..just seems so impersonal.  So here a few ideas for making those gifts little more impressive, and it’s just a suggestion but usually, I fold a dollar in the same way as I fold their money gift.  Why you ask, well I have had kids and even adults (when I give Christmas tips I fold them in the star or a tree and then found my  receipient didn’t want to unfold it)  kinda defeated the purpose so now I give a dollar as a keepsake. You could also buy some play money at Michael’s or Jo Ann’s and fold it up and give that as the keepsake.  Even if the Play money is smaller or larger it will fold the same way and just finish being either smaller or larger.  I am also giving  you a little origami wallet that you may want to use for gift  card,  again just a little extra pizazz.






Both of these patterns came from a  CAN DO CRAFTS BOOKLET..MONEY FOLDING 101. IF you are just getting started in Origami this a great beginning with many different images you can fold using money.  While you might find it in a craft store or bookstore I gave you the link to my ” go to” for books AMAZON.  There are several other clever folds some harder but most well written and easy to follow.  I almost always cut a piece of paper the size of a dollar and practice with it first so I can be sure I have the fold down, however if you get cocky and forget or try it with money first don’t despair because our money is almost cloth it UN- CREASES pretty well, just unfold and smooth it out with your bone folder if your really freaky or one of those type A folks ( I am not disparaging you )then you could even lightly iron it to get it crisper. It is a paperback book and I believe its around $12 dollars.

This next fold is also from a book which I am linking to Amazon.  It’s called ORIGAMI CARD CRAFT.  I love this book it’s also paper and a little more expensive but filled with lots of fun folds using origami paper or other papers but not money…when I got it a year or so ago I sat down with a package of origami paper and went thru it and folded a lot of the patterns and just left the sample in the book.  So when I went to give you this one (wallet) for the gift card, I realized it was slightly larger than I thought…so after about 10 sheets of paper ( remember I told you I don’t do math ) I finally came up with a different size of paper that will fold almost the same size as a gift card. Its very simple and not a lot of measuring so you Type A guys may have angst with this, but just cut some scrap paper and work with that first and I am sure you will get it. It does work best if you have duplex paper ( thats paper with two different sides even if one is white for making the strip across the front. If you like Origami I highly recommend this book the pages are beautiful as are the images , its easy to follow and filled with lots of lovely card ideas.









You will see that they are calling this an envelope and they did it using a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and suggested that it was great for mailing out invitations or even a letter.  You could type on your paper first and then fold , address and use a sticker or return address label to hold it closed.  Using that size paper it will fold into a mailing size of 3 1/2 x 5.

To make this the gift card size as I said I cut about 10 sheets of paper to get it the size I wanted because I am not good at figuring mathematical proportions . Actually I suck at it… so finally I cut it 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches …now that makes it a square and they used a rectangle piece of paper and generally in Origami that won’t work so it blew me away when it came out just like I wanted.  This is why I don’t understand Math but it does work.  Trust me on this but do fold with scrap paper first .  As I said, this will work fine for a gift card but it also makes a cute postage stamp holder.  I used to send friends that were going on a trip, to somewhere I would like to go, a few postcard stamps along with some self addressed labels… and I would tuck all of that into this fold along with a note that said, they didn’t even have to write anything just mail me postcards from their trip… it almost always worked I got lots postcard and I called it my ARMCHAIR TRAVEL KIT.  They always seemed to think it was a great idea.

POP UP GIFT CARD HOLDER from SCS  Here is one more idea for gift card holder .  Its from Splitcoast Stampers and it quick and simple and came just in time for this post. Hope you enjoy it.


I want to share with you some very creative Eye Candy….it’s three short videos from U TUBE.   They happen to be ads for Sherwin Williams Paint.  This is not a recommendation for Sherwin Williams but these videos create various scenes and everything in the video is created using nothing but paint chips  Now it may all be done with photoshop, I don’t really know how they do it I just think its so incredible that I wanted to share it with you.  I wanted to try to link them here but the best I can do is to give you the titles and tell you to go to utube and type in this each title and click search.  If that doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll try to find another way.  Enjoy…

Sherwin Williams Honey bee…..

Sherwin Williams.River.mp4

.Sherwin Williams-Paint chips mp4

Had to share just two more… first is a FLASH MOB in Russia and while this one is way more organized than I could ever pull off ….it is on my bucket to be part of FLASH MOB and I think this second one is something I could do alone or with just a couple of friends.  Let me know if you want to do this.  Its called dance-walking and while there is music playing on this video the guy was walking down the street/dancing and no music… this I think I could do.

Just received another lovely little piece of EYE CANDY…from CYNTHIA THOMAS. This is a version of the Word Card I posted pattern for back a month or so.  I love her flowers and leaves.  You may not be able to tell are dimensional. Thanks for sharing Cynthia.

If you have a card you’d like to share whether its one of the patterns on the blog or not, I’d love to receive it.  Just send me an e mail and I’ll give you my address.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BUY……Wire Headed Cyber Toad..aka kath

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