Origami Dollar Heart

How to Fold a Dollar into a Heart. ( it takes a few seconds for the image to come up and then if you click on the page it gets bigger and you should be able to go under file at top of your computer and click file then print ).   First let me say that you don’t have to use a dollar bill either real or fake to make this heart you can just cut a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill and make it.

The size would be 6 1/4 x 2 5/8.  If you have trouble figuring out eights on a ruler then just cut it 2 1/2.  This is a nice way to give a gift of money that is a little more appealing than just sticking the money in one of those money holders. And of course I thought it was kinda timely with Valentine’s day being almost on us and lots of us are not near our grandkids and sending money to grandkids is always hit.

I chose this one because it is a rather easy origami fold and I love folding origami and will want to share more with you in the future so didn’t want to make you run screaming from the computer with your first effort. For those of you that would prefer a video of this rather then printed directions here is web site for YOUTUBE version. This one is slightly different but very close and she had the least offensive amount of ads.  You can skip the ad at the beginning…after about 30 seconds.  You know you can bookmark videos and ad them to your favorites list so that you can go back and find them again easily.  There are many different folds for this heart using money so you can explore those as well. Again I stuck with the easiest version so that I would not scare off folks from trying future posts.

Another little tip I wanted to share was that a friend was working on the SCS I heart U card and was having trouble cutting with exacto knife and keeping it from wobbling.  The best way to draw/cut a straight line is to ( this is tricky so practice a little first but once you train your eyes to do this it works great.) DON’T LOOK AT THE BLADE….defocus and look at the line you want to follow then just draw your blade while looking at /following the line you want to cut on.. see the trick is YOUR HAND CAN’T SEE…but it thinks it can but really you need to be using your eyes and if your eyes are looking at the blade they AREN’T looking where they are going…. I compare it to a waitress carrying a tray of drinks or food ..you won’t see her looking at the tray she is looking where she is going and she arrives 99% of time with no spills and no dropping the tray.  So make some lines on paper not all straight make curvy lines too and practice cutting with them.

As to xacto knives ( my hubby just informed me that like zerox, x-acto is a specific brand so you need to look, if shopping on line, for utility knifes…I hate being Politically Correct.) well there are so many out there that I can’t begin to note them all I will tell you that I have been using for the last few years a version I got at LOWES because it has break away blades…that means that as your blade gets dull you can just use small pliers and snap off the old blade and bingo you have new sharp one. They have several styles and there is a small one that is not break away blades ( they say snap off) but is great for your purse just don’t carry it through security at the airport. This really comes in handy if you are off at a retreat somewhere and miles from anyway to buy new blades. But like pens xacto’s are a personal choice so find one that works for you.

Lastly this week just a little eye candy by my WA BFF…Stephanie Goggleye…this is her I HEART U (SCS) card from the last blog.  I recently commented on a friend’s apron she made using fabric she got from Africa, and suddenly my mailbox had this wonderful hand made apron out of African Fabric.  THANK YOU SO MUCH CYNTHIA THOMAS.  Next week I am going to give you the AKIM CURSIVE script to play with so you have some lettering styles .

As always thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Kath,
    Sharon shared your site with me. What great sharing – as always. How have you been? I’d love your address and will promise to send something your way. Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Ardi

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