YES, its almost here DECEMBER 31st… and one wonders if things will actually slow down a bit after it passes. WE all survived the end of mayan calendar and so we are about ready to begin 2013 and I want to wish each of you a very creative year.

This is a quickie post mostly ideas that have come when I was too busy to share….so I am sharing them here and some are christmas but REMEMBER I told you that I was the self appointed QUEEN OF REPURPOSING..lol… so the tree…DECORATE IT WITH HEARTS and make it A Valentine tree…or eggs or chicks or jelly beans and make it an easter tree…or stick some tiny candles ( MS punch) on it and make a TREE-MENDOUS BIRTHDAY WISH..see its easy…

SCS CHRISTMAS TREE FOLD this one is done using a 1/2 circle.. and its quick and simple but looks impressive on a card and changing the size of the circle will allow you to make smaller trees….and when looking up the link for this one I stumbled across another one they had that makes a 3 D tree…that will stand up so check out …PYRMID CHRISTMAS TREE this is another amazing card that will need one of those little tea lights to really make it shine (pun intended)… its not something that you would want to make 50 of but a couple for special cards would be very nice and they give you the cute little poem to copy and paste inside so recipient  knows how to set it up… the only thing I didn’t care for was the ribbon…I’d just use a scallop for the circle and call it good… you could make a few of these now and if you can find a way to let yourself know where you stashed them ( let me know too please)you would have them all ready for next year.  BTW….Amazon has the best price for tea lights..I got 12 for about 6 $…( for those of you who are wondering why I don’t have links anymore to vendors. If you need help finding them let me know.

DAWN’S PAPER LOOP ORNAMENT… again I loved this idea and thought it could be fun for next christmas ( repurposing coming up) but in watching I went hey 2 OF the loops makes a HEART… and 4 could be fashioned into a BUTTERFLY …one could be a balloon on a card especially if you cut it narrower like only and eighth inch or used quilling strips cut to her length and folded just like the ornament… very cool and fun idea…the quilling strips are readily available at most craft stores and Amazon too.  REMEMBER THOUGH If your card has a bump and this will either need  a cushion envelope to mail it or put the 65cent stamps on or both …. cushion and 65 stamps works best to keep it from being crushed.  If you don’t know how to glue quilling on let me know… but there are tons of stuff about that on the web.

DAWN’S GINGERBREAD GIFT CARD HOLDER…ok this is very cute but remember it doesn’t have to be gingerbread men…it can be anything you want any image you like  and it could also be great for a gift card holder for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift. Its THE FOLD that counts…its quick , simple and easy to make it ahead and then decorate as needed… I promise to show you some of mine later…

Lastly I wanted to share with you I am looking forward to a very creative new year for all of us… HAPPIEST NEW YEAR.  

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…hugs the wireheaded cyber toad..aka kath


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