NICHOL RAUCH’S chick and egg

A few years ago my good friend and teacher NICHOL RAUCH… sent me this adorable easter card….a baby chick ( origami) tucked into an egg…WELL OF COURSE ..I had to figure out how to make this chick myself and it wasn’t quite as easy to find as I thought but finally I did come up with fold by fold photo directions so I put the link here for you.  I printed it out and then cut the strips and put them on a few sheets of paper to cut down the number of pages I had… in addition there is no size given so my chick is made out of a 6×6 piece of light weight text paper.  I think Nichol’s might have been only 5×5…as for her egg I think she simply cut an oval and then using an exact cut a ragged edge in the middle so that the egg looks broken then simply place a narrow line of glue around the edges and press the two pieces together…then she used the GLAZE sakura gel pens to decorate the front of the egg…

NIchol's chick:egg

Here is the LINK  to the origami chick…


You notice that both Nichol and I love GOGGLIE eyes so I put them on each of my chicks…but rather then the egg as the holder I decided to use DAWN’S DIAPER FOLD CARD so that I could tuck not only the chick but some easter grass and also a single Ghirardelli chocolate square….hey its easter your supposed to eat candy…

my bskt and chick


DAWN'S DIAPER FOLD cbd557970b-320wi


DAWN was using her’s as a complete card so she used a larger piece of paper than I did. I only needed a small pouch so I used the same size as the chick a 6×6 square and again it can be made out of lighter card stock but it works better due to the thicknesses with text weight paper.  As for how far down to fold the point I just looked at her picture and decided that it was about ¾ of an inch up from the bottom… I tried that with just my eye not a real measure and it worked just find… so that’s my recommended size … if you make the bigger one you will need to put more grass in it and maybe even stick the chick up near the top or it may gone down into the pouch too far….if your not mailing jelly beans would be fun but if you are mailing even the eye of the chick is going to mean that you will probably need the extra postage… I am warning you because I have experienced the PO being rather picky about your mail…my bskt and chick

Ok just a couple of quick things to make for your Easter cards…. I cut my papers and did my folding in front of the tv…by the time you fold 2-3 of the chicks you will have it down and no problems.. then the diaper fold is even easier…just use a clip board or some hard surface to rub your bone folder on and away you go…. O

One last Easter Idea… DAWN’S OMBRE FRINGE CARD 



Yes, I am well aware that this is not the least bit easter….. I am a LAZY STAMPER not a stupid one ….lol… I used the same idea with greens  for grass and small bunny die cuts that I had purchased from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.   Then I made this Easter card.

khombre bunny

so this ombre technique will work in a variety of ways… however I like the boot one too a great birthday card…

Ok in the words of GAME OF THRONES ( my favorite) EASTER IS COMING….( instead of winter…lol)  So get those creative capes on and get busy…. have fun and Play….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR COMING BY....wire headed cyber toad…aka kath












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