A little Turkey humor….Thanksgiving

I am wondering what it must have been like to be a traveling reporter back in say the stagecoach days…just a small whine with no wine….about the joys of bi coastal living. No one really wants to hear you whine about having a place in the sun, however while it is mostly good there are pitfalls, like returning after a RED EYE flight that with layover took about 7 ½ hours now its mid morning at your destination and you think we’ll just drag our luggage in and go back to bed ….but hubby reminds me that we better check the car since I have an am DR appt for my Mom the next day.  THIS IS WHERE THE FUN begins… not one but BOTH cars have completely dead batteries…I mean archeology dead…not even a click or a whimper when you turn the key.  So now you have to call AAA and since the cars are in underground parking you have to wait outside for them to show so you can use the remote to let them in…( I am shortening this in the interest of getting to the actual blog Hours later you have one new battery and have jumped the other car and must now drive it around for at least 1 hr to see if it holds the charge… so you take it ( via a quick stop at HOBBY LOBBY while Hubby stays in car to keep it running) to the dealer where since you have no appt you WAIT…SEVERAL MORE HOURS …at this point you know that you will not be going back to bed… so its not all sunshine and roses…just saying.


NOW  on to FUSING again with your iron….but this time we are going to do it with TISSUE PAPER AND those lovely DESIGNER NAPKINS .  You may have noticed that there are lovely designer type tissue papers out there but that for the most part they are so fragile that you can’t use them with your cards or scrapbook in or even envelope making. Well you can… but first you need to fuse again with your hot iron but this time you can use the freezer wrap from the canning section or tinfoil/wax paper section of your local grocery store.


FIRST  the most interesting way is to take the tissue paper and wad it up into the tightest ball you can… I know that seems crazy but it gives the paper lots of wrinkles which end up adding great texture to your paper once you fuse it… so go ahead wad it up then gently ( it is fragile) un wad it and begin to gently smooth it out on your ironing board… once you have it smoothed out then  I use a piece of brown wrapping paper and place it on the board it needs to be at least as big as your tissue paper.. then tear a sheet of the freezer wrap off that is also about the same size as your tissue paper its probably going to be a bit wider than our tissue so you can either trim it down or use the brown Kraft paper ( the stuff you wrap things in to mail ) so that you don’t  get the waxy stuff off the freezer paper either on your iron or on your ironing board… I usually trim my freezer paper so that it mostly fits the tissue with the tissue being slightly larger so that I don’t get the waxy stuff … ( it will mean you will loose a little of the edges of the tissue but you will still have plenty left to use for cards or scrapbooking or envelopes or envelope lining…

Just like the fabric fusing you lay the tissue on top of the waxy side of freezer wrap and start pressing it from the center out to the edges… its going to flatten out a lot of those wrinkle and you do want to go slowly so that you don’t get air pockets and be sure to go all the way to the edges.  Again go slow but KEEP THE IRON MOVING or you will risk burning the paper.  Once it is stuck down to freezer paper I flip the freezer paper over and iron again but now I am on the flat side of the freezer this is where you want to be sure that if your freezer paper is bigger than your tissue you have it laying on top of the kraft paper so that it doesn’t stick to the ironing board… AND VIOLA…YOU KNOW HAVE LOVELY TISSUE ON ONE SIDE AND it now has enough body to work with if your tissue is plain then you can stamp on it or even write on it if you want and it won’t bleed… ALWAYS TEST A CORNER TO BE SURE  and if it does bleed then use some spray fixative on it and that should stop it.  I recently saw a demo on the STAMPING SCHOOL web site about using it to cut liners for your envelopes …I have  done them but mostly I use it to make the envelope and then depending how busy the pattern is I use labels to address the envelope. ( STAMPING SCHOOL IS A PAID WEB SITE SO YOU DO HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO SEE THEIR DEMO’S)



Apparently STAMPIN UP has dies for cutting envelope LINER templates… You can just cut a rectangle slightly smaller than your envelope and then insert the paper and draw a light pencil line around the flap then cut about ½ inch inside that pencil line and you have your liner and it should not be in the way of the licking part….lol… you could then make your own liner out of an old manila file folder and save it in a (what else ) sheet protector.  FUSING WITH DESIGNER NAPKINS…

The process is basically the same except with the napkins there are actually 3 VERY THIN layers to the napkin and only the top one has the design so you need to take a corner and try rolling it between your finger till you can see the separation ( remember peeling the tinfoil off of gum wrappers…) then gently separate each layer till you have only the top one, its going to be very thin see thru almost but then you need to cut your freezer wrap to that size and I like to again gently ball it up wad it up so that it has a little more texture but you don’t have to…you can just proceed  to iron it to the waxy side of the freezer wrap and again I would do both sides and use the kraft paper to protect your ironing board. Now you have this designer image on a small square which you may cut and use on a card or fold into a design element or line a envelope.  You can also make an envelope with it but it will most likely not be mailable ( smallest size to mail is 3 ½ x 5) but it can work to hold a tag or gift card on a package or as a design element on scrapbook page or on a card.

Plain and decorated tissue

Plain and decorated tissue

above are two pieces of tissue that I fuzed and on the green plain one you can see some of the creases that you get when you have wadded up the paper first .

designer napkinsThe above are 3 napkins, the clocks , birds, and ladybugs…but the green circles is actually a piece of regular text weight paper which again I wadded up and fused to the freezer wrap.

Ok I am sure you are all tired of ironing at this point so we will give it a rest.

EYE CANDY contest

Ok on of my blog roll people is PAPER AND INK ARTS and they are having a contest but time is short you must send an addressed to them by NOVEMBER 25TH and you may win some art supplies… give it a try you have nothing to loose… I’ll keep you posted if I win…the only rule that I see is that you should use markers to address /design the envelope here are the summer winners… sorry I didn’t give you more time but I just got this myself beside some of us do best when under pressure… lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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