Well I started a previous post but then I went looking for the pattern for my earlier post and that lead to Pinterest and then I just had to see if there were more Minion Cards out there and THERE WERE!!!! So if you don’t like minions you can just skip this post… cause its mostly about Minions…. this is my previous Minion card post again copied from an image ( no pattern) KH’s Minion Card from Pinterest this earlier card was the first one I had seen.  Now there are all of these…and again most don’t have patterns some do but most you can figure out yourself from the image and some are available for sale usually on ETSY..I got so excited that I have already made 5 of these since 10 am and its only noon now… I am already thinking that I can see this guy with BUNNY EARS… oh yeah….I am such a Minion freak…ok this is the one I choose because I did have the circle thinlits card # 133480…I did get mine from AMAZON  SIZZIX #2 CIRCLE CARD …Now it may also be available as a THINLITS ( sizzix calls theirs FRAMLITS) from STAMPIN UP and I use DAWN.  Either way its a great card with extra pieces for layering your gonna love it TRUST ME… and no I don’t get a kick back… lol

YIPES HERE IT IS SUNDAY… guess I missed Friday….oh well this is so much fun you will forgive me….. won’t you…

This is the image I worked from



….and below  are the toolsI used to make the card….


These are the punches I used… as you can see two circles think the bigger one , EK SUCCESS and is 2″ and the smaller one is STAMPIN UP… the word punch is also STAMPIN UP  and if you never buy anything else from STAMPIN UP that is a punch I use all the time in this case for the straps in the case of my leprechaun I used it for his hat band…Use it for cutting slits and for the opening in the penny roller card… again just trust me you will use it and some time even for words… see my finished card…lol

Below is what the circle die looks like and it does have other pieces to layer but I didn’t use them for this…

circle thinlit die

sizzix circle framelit die from amazon

below paper with belt BEFORE CUTTING...

below paper with belt BEFORE CUTTING…

This is the card stock with the belt glued on BEFORE I CUT  the card out …I wanted the edges to be  smooth so this work best to make them feel really cool.

I cut the rectangles from just blue paper using my paper cutter and cut them 1 ¼ wide by 1 ½ long… the buttons can be punched but as you will see from my card I happened to have a jar of black buttons so I used them… his smile and hair are just cut from scraps of black paper MOST IMPORTANT AS YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE SEEN THIS BLOG I LOVE GOGGLEY EYES…SO rather than the brown paper and black paper circles I used a LARGE GOOGLEY eye… I have them in all sizes

Ok that its for the THINLITS /FRAMELITS CIRCLE DIE CARD…OH no I forgot to tell you that in order to get the black band across for the eye I ended up gluing it to the YELLOW PAPER BEFORE I CUT THE DIE….It just came out smoother and crisper…. now it does leave that black strip on the inside of the flip but I just stamped on it so I didn’t care… trying to cut those pieces smooth after the die cut was just not going well and I didn’t like it so ” I did it my way”… can you hear FRANKIE..



WHILE I say all the time that I am lazy stamper and don’t like too much detail this obviously proves the exception… so I also saw this card and thought it was very cute and not so much work …. simple 4 ¼ x 5 ½ folded yellow card…

easy minion

This is just a simple A2 size card and I just used a corner rounder to make the top look more like a rounded head… but the one below I used a circle die to cut the card only half way down but as you can see it looks much rounder than the other one….takes a bit longer and uses a bit more effort but think its worth it…

easy minion 1

One last note I did all of this while my SWEET HUSBAND WAS BOTH STEAMING KITCHEN FLOOR AND VACUUMING THE REST OF HOUSE… I guess I had let it get really funky for him…. lol.. no he is just a great guy…those who know him would definitely agree.


 FINDING OREGON is a great short video that shows you some of the spectacular views of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST…OREGON made me homesick…

Then my friend CAROLE CROSE sent me this link to a wonderful 5 minute video on the underwater world… as a kid growing up near the keys in florida I definitely  knew that there were all these lovely fish and coral and general sea life… so sit back and check it out take a dip without ever getting wet… OCEAN VIDEO

Well guess that’s it for now…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY....wire headed  cyber toad…aka kath


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