OK  Christmas will be back on the shelf for next year by the time you get this post… but before you just skip over it …ask yourself how many winter birthdays do you have … yeah I know I have a few… and this can work with YOU STAMPING OR WRITING HOW OLD …above the snowman and then inside …is SNOWBUDDY’S BUSINESS…happy birthday.. just a little humor as we all get older… or just plain HAPPY BIRTHDAY at top and inside wishing you a magical day… I could go on but I am hearing the groans… so you can also use this and start your next year’s Christmas cards…every year I swear that I am going to do just that but every year I don’t …. and in the end I find that after thanksgiving I am in a long downhill race to get it all done it time and this I goofed and didn’t print enough cards… trying to be frugal I guess… anyway I am going to use either this one or the next post which is also KWERNER’s AND its all about xmas trees….

kwerner designs youtube snowman in watercolor

I am finding that she is my go too on YOU TUBE….she has the simplest and easiest ideas for playing with watercolor…she just delights me… maybe because I have wanted to be able to watercolor paint for years ….bottom line in most cases you have to be able to draw and I just can’t draw…so her ideas appeal to me so much because they are simple and they inspire me to give it a try…. also most of my friends who will receive these cards don’t spend time on YOUTUBE. so they won’t see how wonderful hers might be compared to mine therefor mine will look good… anyway I’lll post it and let you see….

ALSO. my HINT:1 HERE IS that I will make one or two of these and then take them a color copy center and either print up 4 to a page and then cut them and glue them onto my cards… yes I know that means that none of them are originals however, when you are making 50 cards a year …who has time to make 50 originals… I may make 4 just to do the paste up and then use those 4 as originals for some special people… sorry that’s just the way it is…but no-one is complaining so far… lol

As I mentioned at the beginning if you can’t or don’t want to do lettering at top you can use either die cuts, stamps or even stickers …so that they show up you might want to adhere them to a piece of die cut and then glue it not the front of the card… and this is so cute It could be just like a postcard without opening and just a message on the back or just a personal note or just your signature…

HINT:2 because he has not hat you can also add a square with rounded corners and hatband out of black for laying on top of his head at an angle if it were me… or if you are using this for winter birthday…had a birthday triangle hat… to make it like a party hat…

ok that’s it for today there is still too much to do here so gotta run… have fun…always

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY. wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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