WELCOME TO SUMMER IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.  This photo was taken last summer but we are having summer here, in fact we broke a record in Seattle this past weekend.  I think it was about 95…now some of you in Arizona will think that’s  just luke warm, but for us its hot.  However, the weatherman has suggested that we will continue with summer for at least another week but the temps will be back in the 80’s rather than the mid to high 90’s.


I got this card idea from a class I took recently with KATHY FOX at STAMPIN IN THE RAIN at the Bothell Country Village.  STAMPIN IN THE RAIN is on Facebook so check it out.  Kathy is a great photographer and her classes are making cards using small images of her photographs.  She sells the images at STAMPIN IN THE RAIN..and she has 4 of the same image on a 4×6 photo.  She has lots of lovely card ideas and most include different layers of papers and ribbon and sometimes brads or other embellishments.  Here are some samples of recent cards. The first one is the one we made in class and you may notice that mine is slightly askew due to lack of attention on my part…lol  I have a friend to who sent me stamp that said …”it’s the cracked ones that let in the light”  that’s me always letting in the light.

Basically this is just two cards of different sizes put together with overlapping folds.

BASE CARD…cut 4 1/4 x 8 1/2…then score the 81/2″ from the left at 3″

MINI CARD….cut 3 x 8 ” and the score in the middle at 4″..

You can now layer the various parts of both cards so that they coordinate in color or with the image you may be going to use.  Then you are going to adhere the BACK of the mini card  to the base and just try to center it  between the fold line and the right edge.  When you have it together you actually have two places where you can put the message.  Look at the photo of my giraffe card if this seems unclear… and below that is the GIRAFFE card both front and open.   So that’s it .. simple really and you can adjust the sizes if you want something different and you don’t have to use photos

Might be able to see that one of the embellishments that Kathy had for this card was a tiny die cut belt buckle what we ran our ribbon through. And yes, this is one of Kathy’s photos of a bicycle and sunflowers…just sings summer doesn’t it.

This next one is also one of her photos and I just loved it.  Now I should confess as you will see from the card I made that I thought this was a photo of Peach and perhaps it is but AFTER I made the card I thought hummmmm maybe that’s an apple that is not quite ripe yet…much more likely give the time of year apples ripen but hey for me its a peach  with a dab of snow… it could happen.

ok I am still laughing when I took this photo with my phone I never noticed that my hand was making a terrible shadow …oh well at least you can see the lettering done with a SAKURA GLAZE GEL PEN.  The lettering style is the EAGLEFEATHER which is one of my favorite monoline scripts which as is my usual a rather ART DECO style of lettering. I think I might have lived a previous life ( or I am hoping for the next time around to come back in the next one ) in the 20’s and 30’s.

This next one is mine also for a friend and it’s done using the embossed copper I told you about last week as well a photo I got from somewhere of a giraffe licking a squirrel.  I just loved it  and my friend loves all things Giraffe and its also a JOY- FOLD.  

‘I also punched out the birthday candles at the top left and inside it says a Best  long distance wishes.

This one is from a few years ago,from my friend and stampin buddy CYNTHIA THOMAS and its almost a JOY-FOLD but without the second overlay card.  But she used stir sticks and beads to make a bar to make it look like it was a locked card.  Since it was for Halloween it worked great and I just loved it. You just use the bead to pull the bar back and open the card. You can’t tell from the photo but the card does overlap rather than to meet in the middle.  I am such a lucky girl to get such creative goodies in my mail box.  THANKS CYNTHIA..

As you can see Cynthia’s card just has two overlapping flaps rather than mini card so its sorta a variation.

This last one I did I wanted to use the large die cut of the word love which accordian folds but to do that I had to make the mini card larger which meant I also had to make the base larger… I cut the base about 5 1/2 x 11 then the mini was approx 4 1/4 x 8 I/2 , then it goes together the same as the smaller one…

I tied it closed with a ribbon which can just slide on and off and I layered several layers of paper but no photo on this instead I used a stamp and it was an anniversary card.

EAGLEFEATHER FONT..adapted for the pen by kath harney

I found that lots of people like the look of calligraphy but don’t really want to spend the time learning it.  Especially Scrapbookers, then too some of them just don’t like their own handwritting and wanted to use something more appealing in their scrapbooks or on their cards.  I had adapted a lot of fonts to be used with the pen because I love writing my own cards but sometimes formal calligraphy just doesn’t fit or I wanted to do broadsides ( quotes) and I wanted to use both formal calligraphy along with the idea of blending textures by also using a monoline lettering.  I am an art deco freak as I mentioned earlier and I started hunting for all these art deco styles of lettering and seeing if I could adapt them to a regular pen ,pencil, gel pen, B calligraphy nib, kistka ( Ukrainian egg tool available at Dick Blick’s) or thekemper fluid writer tools (available at Paper and Ink Arts.), colored pencil …just about anything….In fact , I have used the phrase WOMAN WHO WRITES WITH ANYTHING…when referring to myself.   I admit I do have an addiction to pens. I knew I could write using a kistka tool but found that because it was a straight line it was not comfortable or ergonomic…so I gently took some pliers and bent the little cup at the end so that it could be held more like a pen… worked and came in multiple sizes so that was fine then I stumbled onto the Kemper fluid writer …solid brass nice cup on the tip with nice angle and I was sold …they were around $10 when I bought mine and yes I have two …hey it comes in two sizes…. and I do love them because I mix ink, paint, gouache, almost anything and get it fluid enough to flow throught that fine little tip… If you buy one and I do recommend them then be sure you sure you use the wire that comes with it to clean it out when you are done using it ….THIS IS NOT A LEAVE IT LAY TILL NEXT TIME ….it needs more care than that …you can soak it if you forget and let ink, paint etc dry in it but its just easier if you clean after each use… also a pipette is good for blowing water through it to make sure it’s clean… Ok enough about pens and writing equipment…here is my verison of the font called EAGLEFEATHER…you can see it was based on FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT’S LETTERS on a blueprint he did.  But only 19 0f 26 letters then the rest was adapted to a font by DAVID STEGLE AND CAROL TORIUMI-LAWRENCE FOR  AGFA. Enjoy it and if you share my paper please be sure that you copy the whole sheet which gives the credit to the Font designers above.  Also remember that this is my adaptation.

Yes, there are only Capital letters because the lowercase letters were not as appealing to me as the CAPS… so caps is all I did they have all the ART DECO FLAVOR.

That’s it for this week, and I hope you enjoy the card and the lettering.. again I’d love to see what you do just use the krhblogger@gmail to send to me and I may have to send myself something so that e-mail address gets used…lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… the wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath harney

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