INDISPENSABLES are things that are essential, absolutely necessary at least for this girl. A girl just has to have a few tools that she just can’t seem to do without. I am not telling you to run out and buy them but just wanted to share them with you in case you decide to make purchases. My first is what I think is the best paper cutter/trimmer on the market. It’s by FISKARS and comes in 3 different sizes. Unlike many of the previous Fiskars this one cuts true and straight and I think that is due to the fact that it is using a wire running down the line of the blade so you can really see where you are cutting. There are 3 versions and two of them have the arm that folds out to assist with measuring. My choice is the 6 x 12 which does have an arm that will allow you to measure 12 x 12. Amazon is a good source, but you can also try Michael’s or Jo Ann’s .

My next tool is called a SCOR-PAL..It comes in two sizes and is used for scoring cards both simple and advanced. You can also buy a self healing cutting mat that lays on the top of it to use as both a work surface and for cutting with an xacto when you are not using it for scoring. I am going to be posting card patterns from a web site called SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS and they refer to the Scor-pal a lot on their folding cards. If you are just getting started and this seems a bit too expensive, my next recommendation would be to purchase a 6 x 12 quilting ruler the thick kind so that you can cut against it as well as use it for measuring and scoring and you can see thru it so that makes the measuring a lot easier. These are readily available from Jo Ann’s Fabric and Craft. And at some point if you are using an xacto or rotary cutter you will need a self healing cutting mat.Scor-Pal

For adhesive purposes I prefer to use double stick tape or glue dots rather than glue stick and there are so many different types out there I think just find one that you like. If you are doing a lot cards or scrapbooking and you find you are going thru the small ones very quickly, you may want to consider the SCOTCH ATG 700. Its a large tape gun that can lay down a 1/2 wide strip of double stick tape.3M 700 Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator, 1/2 in and 3/4 in Wide Rolls, 6 per Case

Also the SCOR-PAL people make a tape called SCOR-TAPE and it comes in a variety of widths..what makes it unique is that it is a tearing rather than cutting tape i.e. you tear and stick it down and peel off the protecting strip and are done. Since you have a roll tape you can make it any size. I use the 1/4in width a lot when sticking on small things.

Some things though really do need glue… if you do any quilling images for cards or my favorite GOOGLIE EYES…you gotta have a glue and for that I prefer TOMBOW MULTI GLUE in a green bottle with double ends a wide one and the small tip called a Pen tip. I am not sure I have ever used the wide end but the pen tip works great. Its fast drying and holds well. Again usually available at Michael’s or Jo Ann’s.

When it comes to pens… I am a total believer in SAKURA gel pens.. I love the GLAZE sets which dry clear but raised and you can layer them to make them raise even higher. The SOUFFLE sets which dry opaque and work well on dark papers. Lastly the STARDUSTsets which have a definite twinkly,glittery effect. There is also a set called Metallic and they tend to be a frosted. I find that these pens write first time, all the time and that they don’t seem to dry out…a tip…if you can store them laying flat.

While most of the above items are available at Amazon, Michael’s or Jo Ann’s you may live near a stamp or scrabooking store that carries them as well.

OK, think that does it for this time but I hope to post a great Valentine, Birthday card very soon. Thanks for dropping by.

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