I am late , I am late for a very important date….soooooo sorryimagesJUST HAD TO SHARE THIS ONE FOR EASTER…or anytime you want to use chicks… I am not really sure where I got this but think it was on Pinterest and sorry I think I tried to go to the sight and it wouldn’t let me so I just guessed at how….

my easter bunny

my easter bunny



THIS IS MY PEEPS IDEA….it came from Pinterest and SCS and I made several and I didn’t have the corrugated cardboard so use a piece of sandpaper to look like gravel… its hard on the paper trimer so you might want to use your scissors or tear it for a rougher edge…I could not find any video or directions so I guessed and here is what I did… ½ oval for body, and small flower punch for tail feathers and then smaller flower or small leaf for the head piece then a small triangle for the beak and a small heart for wing… black STICKLES for the eye and my favorite black SAKURA GLAZE PEN for the legs.  I also used  foam tape to lift them up on the card and then draw the legs on….

Again I a so sorry that this is so late but hope that you might still have time to hurry in an play a little to make the cards if you need the for easter but the bunnies you can also say as I did somebody loves you and Happy birthday inside.. the chicks you can say CHICKS RULE on the outside and HAPPY BIRTHDAY INSIDE…..

I am also going to make one that says thank you inside as my cuz mailed me some chicks for EASTER…then below in the eye candy I found a DIY youtube video on how to fold a paper napkin to make small bunnies for decor on your easter table or for a basket…anyway agin sorry its so late hope you still have time…to make and take for your easter celebration… HAPPY PEEP DAY ALL…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY... wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


this rocks.. not painted but wrapped …its lovely… http://www.artisaway.com/blog/del-webbers-art/

BUNNIE NAPKINS...origami little bunnies to use a decoration on your Easter table  so cute and not at all hard…


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