GREETIN’S YA’LL… yes that there is my southern accent… just a little spice for your Friday mornings.  This week I am going to show you two different types of containers for Halloween and adding candy or a treat of some kind.  The first one is from DAWN and the second one is just received from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS or SCS.


This was just so cute and so quick that I had to share it and also because it is the perfect size for sharing a Ghirardelli Chocolate. And just for a laugh I had to go look up how to spell this 3 times…. and I didn’t eat one any time… lol..

I have a HINT for you when you watch Dawn’s video she is using the STAMPIN UP score board with the diagonal insert.  I don’t have that and probably neither do you.. I do have SCOR-PAL and I have thought of buying the diagonal insert cause I think it would fit but I haven’t don’t  it yet so here is how I used the SCOR-PAL…Lay your 6×6 on the SP in a diamond shape not a square, with one of the points at 4 1/4 and the opposite point will also be on the 4 1/4 line so you can score it straight down for that diagonal line.

Next rotate your diamond (square) one point and score on the right at 5 3/4 then I turned the card over and lined up the diamond with the left edge of SP and scored a second time at 5 3/4.

If you don’t have a scoring board then you can do this but just scoring diagonal then measure in from the point on the left 2 3/4 inches and then from the right point 2 3/4 inches…



I didn’t have this lined up perfectly when I took photo but you can see how it would work.


This one is also very cute and gives you lots of room to decorate and you can fill it with Hersey Nuggets or Hersey Kisses, or some other little treat for a friend and while this one is decorated for Halloween it could be just for a birthday or some random gift box.

SCS…did use the scor-pal to create this one and the box is approximately 1 inch square but if you wanted to stick small candybars in it you could just make the score marks about 1 1/2 inches and you would need to make your paper about 10 inches long in order to have the same amount of space on the top for decorating or you could loose an inch from the top.  I think two of the small size that they sell for Halloween would also fit in this box.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I do make lots of different Halloween cards… I probably have more Halloween stamps than Birthday but then again it might be close.


I also have some new eye candy to share.  This first piece is another of RACHEL YALLOP’S and she titled it DENSE WRITING and it was written with a pointed pen. I thought it was just lovely and I love the texture it creates .

This Next one is by my friend BONNIE NOEHR and was her submission to TRICIA SMOUT’S A-I-R ( for artist in residence) request for envelopes from around the world. Way to go Bonnie, I love the lettering (Bonnie is a terrific calligrapher) and the flower is incredible.  I am just guessing but assume she printed the flower on the paper and then made an envelope and addressed it. I’ll check with her and maybe let you know more details later.

This last one is done by ANN ERICKSON and is an ILLUMINATED PIECE she posted on Cyber Scribes.  It’s just lovely isn’t it.  She had on Cyber Scribes that she did custom work.

Just in case you don’t know Illumination is usually made up of drawn letters with designs or even images within them and are the types of letters you often found in medieval works.  The designs around the work love look like Gold…not sure if gold leaf or gold ink, either way its simply beautiful.  Monks often had the first letter as an illuminated letter on the page or at the beginning of a piece.


We have talked about a lot of different pens here and some of my favorites are FOUNTAIN PENS.

From left to right the first one is mini Sheaffer then a Pelican (now Koh-i-noor), Larger Sheaffer with a larger tip..Mont Blanc (also Koh-i-noor)… a Cross…and a unknown enameled pen.  I love them all and I also have a collection of ruling pens but that’s for another time.  They come in all kinds of styles and shapes.  From Modern expensive to inexpensive and even old antique fountain pens.  The older ones are harder to find and more expensive than when I first started collecting them about 10-15 yrs ago.  Then it seemed that folks often didn’t know that these pens had any value especially if they were still working and the nibs were intact.  Now they are generally more but occasionally you will see them and very reasonable prices.  This is a photo of some of mine and my favorite was the Parker 51… You can see that unlike other nibs it has the plastic right down to the very tip…don’t know why but I find this very appealing. Actually I find it sexy but can one find pens sexy???? I can.

They are fairly expensive now a days and this one does have a piece of cap missing but it holds ink without leaking and it writes very well.  I also have a couple that are new and have a broader nib so that they can actually write a modified Italic

…these came from WARD DUNHAM and I am not sure if he is still selling them or not.

My newest one is from PAPER AND INK ARTS...and its a  NOODLER’S FLEX PEN the reason for this is the nib while pointed is also slightly flexible and allows you to write a pointed pen or modified copperplate and they can be filled with your own ink colors.*

Noodler’s makes a variety of ink colors that hard to pass up and they are also available at Paper and Ink Arts.

* a few HINTs about fountains pens…if you are only going to use it at your desk and for a short time then not again for while don’t bother filling it just dip it like a dip pen.  Also NEVER FILL A FOUNTAIN PEN WITH INDIA INK there is an abrasive in it that will over time destroy your pen nib.  If you must use it then dip it and be sure to clean it really well after you are done using it.  But frankly I would not use it even in a dip …instead use a regular dip nib and clean it also as soon as you are done.   If you have it in your purse and are going on plane I’d either empty it which means you have to carry ink with you also a problem or don’t fill it full and put it in a ziplock baggie just in case it leaks.  Even a new pen might leak so be warned… all of that said FOUNTAIN pens are my favorite tool  for writing.

As you can see they come in a variety of colors and I just love it.  I got the Yellow /Black one they call the Bee.

Now after showing you all these pens I want to link you to website to show you HOW TO WRITE WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN. If you go to this link you will see he has several short videos on how to write using Fountain Pens.  You know you need one….lol…

All this talk about pens a quick story, (those who know me know that rarely happens) In 1984 I was on a trip with my husband and another couple and I had taken some rubber-stamps …small ones … plus a fountain pen and ink with me in a small fishing tackle box I got at Wal-Mart.  We were staying at the lodge at Lake Yellowstone and there was a huge room with glass windows looking out at the lake.  The carpet had just been redone and was lovely shade of green and the room had several small writing desks out of wicker with chairs.  I came in and was immediately charmed and went to desk next to the window with my tool box..I did not pay attention to the fact that there were a few men in the room but not many I had the place mostly to myself.  I sat down pulled out my postcards purchased earlier that day and suddenly there was a nice man at my elbow….I looked up and smiled, he smiled and with an accent said ..” mind showin me your flies?”…I am sure I looked puzzled and he elaborated with …” can I see in your tackle box ?” At this point I smiled and slowly opened my tackle box all the while keeping my eyes on his face….NOW HE HAD THE PUZZLED look…what is all that stuff he said… I proceeded to show him and to show him some of my cards…” well I be” he replied and I thought he was walking away when he called several of the other men over to see.  I think my ears burned the next day as I am certain that I was a topic of conversation while they were out fishing on the lake. Its a great memory…. hope you enjoyed sharing it with me.

Well that just about does it from here… so don’t just sit here go Make Something…


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