Yep, I am back in the Sunny South… and missing my autumn weather …FLORIDA has two seasons WET AN HUMID  and…DRY AND HOT….LOL…IN addition and just in case you need to know… GUMMY BEARS sealed in a glass jar ( apparently NOT air tight) will become archeology artifacts…so close your eyes and just throw them out… lol.

Just because there may be new bees a reminder that all BLUE WRITING IS A LINK TO ANOTHER SITE AND IF YOU SIMPLY CLICK ON IT it will open a new page and take you to that site to get back here to the blog you should be able to just click on the linked site and close it…and you will bounce back to my blog.  RED WRITING is a TIP OR A HINT.

I AM CERTAIN THAT MOST OF YOU KNOW THAT HALLOWEEN IS OVER FOR 2013…not however for this self proclaimed HALLOWEEN QUEEN… you will continue to see samples that are halloween related due to the fact that I CAN’T HELP MYSELF…lol… HOWEVER…I DO PROMISE TO move more towards FALL and then CHRISTMAS…



Oh be ever so glad there is no sound with these posts….lol… my hubby will tell you that while my heart may be in my singing… my voice shouldn’t be… the leaf by my foot above was from a large maple tree in Gold Bar, Washington and I took it while I was attending my annual get-away at WASHINGTON STATE CALLIGRAPHER’S CONFERENCE at CAMP HUSTON… its always fun to be there  and next year we are extending it from 2 nights to 3….yeahhhh…can hardly wait… ok ok… I know you dying to hear about the ironing…

TECHINQUE….FUZING WITH fusible backing..

There are all kinds of backing you can purchase at a fabric store the one I like comes on a kind of light weight paper so that it is fusible on both sides and that’s what you want…I usually get mine at Jo Anne’s Fabric and Craft but its probably available at any fabric quiltiing store.

My Mom is an avid seamstress… she never really quilted but from the time I was a little girl she made lots of my clothes , prom dressses and when I was really little every year for Christmas I would get a Madame Alexander doll even back then they were expensive and Mom could not afford both the doll and the clothes so I would also get a Christmas dress for me and one that matched for my doll as well as other doll clothes…So anyway, I grew up with a foundness for fabric…. BUT NOT FOR SEWING… my highschool experience with sewing got me a D- for creativity since I managed to cut out and sew a dress together with both sleeves on the same side ( left I think)…we were told we could get help and we did this in HOME EC class and you were not allowed to take your project home… hence my problem but the teacher wanted to know how I did it and I had no idea but bless her heart she gave me the D- for creativity (my cooking skills were much But still I love the colors and textures in fabric so years ago I discovered that you could buy small amounts of fabric and fuse them to paper then you could cut them out and make cards with them… so  now I had a reason to buy some of that delightful fabric I saw…however, the first time my hubby came home and found me ironing he was so happy as I normally grumbled alot about Ironing then he saw that I was ironing fabric to paper and he gave up and used a dry cleaner….much better idea….squares, and rectangles are no challenge for me but sleeves and pant legs I suck… lots of wrinkles and if there is more than one on a sleeve or pant leg…you can’t claim they are creases…lol…

STEP 1 Ok so here is what you do using the fusible paper( think of this as double sided tape only it must be heated to become stuck to the fabric hence the iron.) from Jo Ann’s you lay you fabric on the ironing board cut to approximate size of the paper (8 1/2 x 11) This stuff is very sticky and you don’t want to get it on your Iron…. ( You can get it off using lighter fluid and really scrubbing) but its better if you use brown kraft  paper over it or cut it slightly smaller than ei ther the cloth or the paper) You will have to fuse twice well that’s how I do it… first fuse the fusible webbing to your fabric by laying the fabric with the good side DOWN( SO YOU CAN’T SEE IT) on the ironing board then lay the webbing on top of the back of the cloth with the paper side up and USE A VERY HOT IRON NO STEAM….and just iron back and forth for about a minute or so… TIP Don’t just hold the iron in one place …keep it moving all over or it will either burn or some other horrible thing…when I am doing this I usually do several pieces of fabric at a time…and I do each of them as above and then lay them aside to cool down a little.


STEP 2  Now you take the piece of fabric and gently peel the paper off the back of the cloth it will leave a texture feeling to the back of the cloth if it isn’t then you need to back and repeat STEP 1 cause it didn’t get hot enough to fuse or you didn’t iron it long enough (Same thing really but remember keep moving the iron).

STEP 3 Next you flip your cloth with fused webbing over so you are now looking at the good side of the fabric and lay it on whatever card stock on which you want to fuse it…since you are not really going to see paper unless you use the whole thing as card rather than just a layer what you fuse too doesn’t matter but cardstock is better than text weight paper.  AGAIN as in STEP 1 YOU iron on the right or good side of the cloth and again keep your iron moving the paper is going to curl a little but it will lay flatter once its fused and cooled down…so now you should have a piece of say 8 1/2 x 11 card stock with fabric on one side and cloth on the other…then you can cut and layer it. TIP…if you want to cut it with a die or with a punch you might want to put wax paper between the cutting edge and the cloth…it cuts better/cleaner that way…and frankly dies work better than punches…but don’t panic if your punch locks up …just us e skewer or something to gently push it back open but your cut may not be good and you may need to trim with scissors..

My hubby still loves to see me iron even if it is only crafts so the photos are from him..Now you see why I don’t have video’s on my blog…lol…I was doing this early in the am before breakfast and from the looks of it before coffee… and obviously NOT DRESSED for an interview..but he loves his candid shots…

fusing fabric

Ironing is hot work…lol… hence my water bottle..You will note that the fabric extends beyond the piece of fusing material.  THIS IS THE PAPER SIDE UP so that NO FUSING MATERIAL gets on my ironing board and  protects my ironing board and my IRON.

this is step one fusing the webbing to the back of the fabric.

this is step 1     fusing the webbing to the back of the fabric.

You can see the paper after its fused to the back of the fabric kinda looks like wax paper on the fabric and yes, this is the back of the fabric.

fused fabric to webbingThis is the front of the fabric and you can see the spider web images have glitter on them. It is now ready for step 2 and to be fused onto a piece of card stock.  Then you can cut it with a die , scissor, xacto or paper trimmer to fit whatever size of background you might need or you can trim the pice of 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and make a complete card out of this with both the front and back of the card covered in fabric..

This is a link to the fusable webbing at Jo Ann’s as you can see its only listed as buy the whole bolt for 85 DOLLARS…well that’s 35 yards and way more then you will probably ever use but if you go to the store you can purchase just a yard which will probably give you need…this is just to show you what it looks like.

fused card

This is a card with fabric fused to the whole card…and used a small label die to cut the hole in the front…then put a spider accent inside.

fused card inside 2I used a GLAZE GEL PEN BY SAKURA (black) to write the greeting and as you can see I didn’t allow enough time for it to dry…lol… I’ll paste something over it so it won’t show. That pen is my favorite and I use them all the time and the black one the most.

Here is another way of creating Halloween letters… I used a FUNNY BRUSH from LESNICK ART PRODUCTS..I love these little rubber band pens….they are ok for a very rustic lettering but they are also go for making various backgrounds… I used the smallest one for my exemplar and you might have to reduce your words etc to make them fit on the card but its great for an envelope.. give it a try…my letters….

You can also fuse tissue paper but that’s for another post. I think this is enough for one posting… Have fun and give it a try…

Just a few more photos of FALL….

fall eaves again from internet

This one is in New England I think.. Don’t you just want to go for a walk..


MASKING TECHNIQUEclick on the blue link here to see a very cool and about 5 minute video on how to mask a moon or sun type image and then stamp over it ….HINT: YOU MUST USE SHINY CARD STOCK WITH THIS TECHNIQUEthat said it may also work with regular card stock but not as easily as with the shiny…. I just really liked the way it looked and thought it would be fun to share with you as well.

Just a wee  bit of EYE CANDY …I recently came across a You Tube video of this handmade book of letters and I just had to share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




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