Ok I did previously warn you that I was the self-proclaimed QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN  so you sould be prepared for the next few posts to be basically HALLOWEEN does that mean you can’t use them for other things like birthday or thank you… well I say NO…maybe because I have so many halloween stamps.  But for example I like to use various Halloween images to say BIRTHDAY’S AREN’T SCARY….then inside you could say something like not having them…that’s scary… OR  but how come you don’t look any older?….OR it’s just all those candles that are cause for alarm….anyway you get the idea.

Well today’s Video is from DAWN’S VIDEOS and its a cute little idea of a card that swings open rather than flips open.  IN addition it was a FRANKENSTEIN..image and while I had already created one type I thought this one was too cute not to share them both.  Now I had the same template as she used but mine was from AMAZON and was SPELLBINDER one and they called something different I think, but hate to tell you that I threw the paperwork that comes with it away… but you can see it has those little points at the side.  I love the idea of using the brad in the right hand corner to attach to the back piece of card and then slide it open and putting the pocket in for gift card or a note or tag…well as usual she really impressed me.

Mine I did just cutting a rectangle and then rounding the corners.  Then I also used an very old fiskar’s border punch called grass to cut the hair , and big googlie eyes on one and then also just a Die for a jack-o-lantern face for the second one.  But Dawn’s uses less of dies and punches so improvise…you know what you have and what you can use… the big difference for mine is that IF YOU REMEMBER, I LOVE THE UNUSUAL …then you won’t be surprised that IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS has these things  called WOBBLE SPRINGS  these are cool springs that come with self adhesive on the both sides so that you can attach it to an image and to the cards.  So my FRANKIE  WIGGLES… I KNOW ITS JUST WAY TOOOOOO COOL… You could also do that with Dawn’s image make him fit the front of a card and then stick the wiggler thing on it…VIOLA …FRANKIE WIGGLES.  They also had these in BEN FRANKLIN ( at least the one in Monroe). Now I am using them for halloween but they could be all kinds of birthday images, balloons, animals anything they are about an 1 1/4 by 1 1/4″ but if your image is smaller than just put it on a circle ,square or rectangle and away you go…Ok I guess I am just easily amused but give them a try.  In addition I also used some readymade embellishments from KC and Company both the Bat and the frog.  These are usually readily available at either Michael’s or Joann’s .  You get a lot for $ with them, as there are usually 24 or so in a pkg and less than 5 $…. and there are all kinds…

Well in addition to the WOBBLE…(I know you can’t tell from photo but trust me they wobble) I used the quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and I printed it on my computer with a font I found at P22 I think..called BLEEDING COWBOY’S…now you may not like it but I thought it was spooky looking and just in case you’d like to try it on one of your cards, the quote I mean… below is the page I used from my computer and you can cut 4 of them out of one page.  Just print them on any color you like…that’s why this one is white so you can put your own paper in and just copy of course you will need to print out my page first then copy it onto your paper choice.

Are you feeling creepy yet….. well hang on cause the ride will get bumpier as we go…I love halloween so much I might even send halloween for Christmas this year….lol.. bet that would shake everyone up a little.  HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…ewewewewe the witch in me is starting to take over… gotta run make more halloween cards for next week…


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