punkin moon

punkin moon

Have no idea where I saw this probably on FB someone sent it too me and it just cracked (no pun intended) me…so had to share it…happy halloween

I am getting back my southern accent as we will among our souther family soon.  lol I have to share this with you because it is soooo WEIRD and I have never had it happen  before.  You should know that I have a thing for PURSES AND SHOES… I am pretty sure its heredity as my Mom has a thing for SHOES AND WATCHES…lol.. anyway best I can remember I bought this great pair of ECCO flats about 2006 or so as is often the case with me I kept saving them i.e. never wearing them… until last FRIDAY when I pulled them out and since it was raining this looked like a good choice… well I noticed right away that my feet were sticking a bit to the wood floor but I looked at the bottoms and decided it was just because they had never been worn YET!!! So I just ignored it and went to dinner with friends…next day I put them on again as we were heading to visit a few days with my Aunt and Uncle. Again something I never do is pack ONLY ONE PAIR OF SHOES…in this case I did have flip flops in the side pouch for use in the hotel room.. but otherwise I had only this new pair I was wearing which while still sticking a little were very comfortable…

We stopped for  gas just before arriving at destination and I reached down to get my purse off floor and noticed that while My hubby had put new clean floor mats in car two days ago mine was full of crud…but I grabbed my purse and headed to bathroom.  On my way back I noticed that the rocky area seemed to be poking thru shoes i.e. it was poking me in the foot…. I got in car removed my shoe and this is what I found

my old new

my old new shoes

As you can see the tops and iside are perfectly new …however the bottom was shedding rubber like one of this wheel things you see on the side of the freeway… pieces were falling off in huge hunks and my foot would have been exposed to ground if not for the leather lining on the inside …. I was AMAZED… I did not know that your shoes can literally fall apart when they are not worn… they were not kept in the heat and in fact they were stored in a box with the no moisture thingie in the box and wrapped in tissue… SO MY TIP FOR THE YEAR IS DON’T SAVE SHOES…wear those babies before you have a major wardrobe malfunction and have to go buy another pair of shoes just to get through the weekend…also NEVER pack only one pair of shoes.. lmao…. ok onto LETTERS



I  was recently  confined to the couch with my leg up due to some minor surgery and so there was a lot of TV watching going on and I was watching DUNE on the SCIFI station and it was a friday so they kept showing this screen that said FANTASY FRIDAY and I had paper and pencil handy plus my phone so I took picture of the screen and then started playing with the monoline script…obviously  its it is a font but I had no idea what it was called and didn’t feel like trying to find it so I  just decided to go with the letters they had on the screen and then make up the rest of them… for the most part it is a tall, narrow set of letters and the special effects are that they used dots for crossbars on the A,E, F, H…. then I decide to also add the dot to the center of the O…. and I suggested that if that was enough you could add it the Q and maybe the U or P as well.

I would not suggest that you use the dot in the center of any of the other letters with bowls like B,D to me that is just too much.  But hey its ok to play…

The pen I used to write the exemplar is the WRITER by ZIG …

zig writer pen

This and my SAKURA GLAZE GEL (black) are my go to pens for lettering and this one is the one I use to write my exemplars most of the time… mainly due to the fact that it has two size tips/nibs …a large bullet on one end and a small not really a bullet but a fine point on the other end… both tips last well beyond the amount of ink i.e. they don’t wear out they run out…the large bullet doesn’t get mushy like a sharpie will and while they are permanent ink on both ends they don’t bleed through your papers like a sharpie will.

Also I like to show you the letters in a larger than you will probably use except for single words or names on envelopes…it is easier to see what the letters really look like when written large then taking them down to the smaller size gives you a better idea of what is possible for greetings in/on your cards.

This is not just a DISPLAY (meaning that it best be used only for single words and not sentences or phrases)..but it is clean and easily legible so that it can work for even a long letter if you chose to write one with it.

So as you can see I love letters and love looking at them and writing them so here is fun new script that maybe will work with your Christmas cards… yes, its time to start thinking about that… SO practice and play.




 This is an incredible technique and you need to watch her video to see exactly how she does it and she is using WATERBASED MARKERS, in her case the distress markers and distress ink pads that are dye based and NOT waterproof..the colors would be some different but you could also try using the TOMBOW water based markers with the brush end…I do believe that the tree stamp is stamped in permanent black dye ink. There are a lot of layers here and they are by necessity going to make your paper wet so as she suggested you need to use watercolor paper for best results…even heavy card stock will start to “PILL” up with this much moisture on it…and if you want really smooth watercolor paper then try buying the hot press…in a large sheet ..then cutting it up…

Now the LAZY STAMPER IN ME…would never want to do more than one of these cards but the LAZY STAMPER is also resourceful so what I would say is if you like this a lot then DO ONE perfect one and then either scan it into your computer and print it on photo paper or take it to Kinko’s or some printing shop and print it there on color/photo paper and cut it to fit on your cards… yes, they are only getting a copy but its a lot of work and maybe there only one someone who would really appreciate the original or perhaps save it for your own portfolio… REMEMBER  this is the LAZY STAMPER talking not the perfectionist who would make one for each person or maybe like my friend Steph you might enjoy the process so making multiples is not a problem for you… In any case I wanted to share the technique with you… ENJOY

EYE CANDY  WESTERN AUSTRAILIA CALLIGRAPHERS this is a link to ISDI college Mumbai..I am linking you to this FB page and you should be able to open it even if you don’t have a FB account if you look at both the first video on the top left and the one down on the right with the man bent over a huge strip of paper those are the ones I really wanted to share… the MAN is ACHYUT PALAV… and he has his own web site as well abut the video on the Western Austrailia FB PAGE is not on his web site… but he is lettering with so many different tools and they are not your usual calligraphic tools but the results are fantastic and the number of students in the workshop is incredible also.

The first one at the top is just various types of letters all done with a regular ( well maybe a more flexible ) fountain pen and its incredible also… if you have a Face Book account I recommend you follow this group as they have some wonderful stuff…

This next picture is the pop up box card that I posted a few weeks ago and this one was a birthday one done by my most talented friend JANIS BLEVINS… had to share it cause it was just to great…

Janis's pop up box

Janis’s pop up box

Ok that’s it for this week… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath



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