I am not sure who coined this term…Eye Candy ….but it is a good one. Its non fattening, it doesn’t go bad and it brings a smile to your face just to see it. In this case it’s mostly either calligraphic or cards or both. While there may be a few of my pieces most are from friends.

Teabag fold and akim cursiveI want to thank all of those who have generously filled my mailbox either via snail mail or digitally.  I hope to continue to post Eye Candy so send me something.  Lol.  This first piece was sent by ARDI BUTLER and is a Christmas card using ARDI’S Akim Cursive lettering and HER Teabag Folding to  create the wreath on the front of the card. 





This one is ARDI’S ENVELOPE 


It was done , I think, using watercolors for the flowers and maybe the stems or it could have been markers. Her letters are a variation on NEULAND and just her own handwriting for the last name and what a great idea to add a dot between each letter for a more elegant look.  Also note that she used the Dragon head new 45cent postage(forever stamp). Have I mentioned that in addition to ART DECO …I love all things ASIAN.

Just received this post from Ardi on her envelope…...the beautiful daffodils…yes, I did those, but the original idea was the genius of Annie Timlick.  She taught a class using markers and this was one of images that I use over and over as it is so “spring”. “    Annie is a wonderful teacher and reminds us to always play.

This one is the Valentine card sent by my Aunt, MERRILYN SHAPE.  I just loved the little porcupine with the hearts stuck on his quills. That stamp was one of those dollar stamps from Michael’s and I purchased it for her in January.  When Michael’s has these seasonal dollar stamps they usually happen a while before the actual holiday and at a dollar apiece there are hard to pass up. Plus they don’t have to be just Valentine images..this could also be “SENDING YOU LOVE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY”, or even get well wishes i.e.” SENDING YOU LOVE AND HEALING WISHES FOR A RAPID RECOVERY. ” 





This one is from ELIZABETH WALSH and was her valentine to me.  Also her envelope which I think she used the masking technique to make the Heart’s white.  She also used Bone lettering not the envelope and then on the card she use a copy of a piece she had done with an image ( pretty sure she painted this ) of Bleeding Heart and then a lovely quote written in Legend or maybe chiseled pen akim.  Elizabeth has been great at sharing and sending me mail and calligraphy information.

The envelope was the masking technique and acrylic glazing liquid, mixed with acrylic, and sponged onto the evelope with a cosmetic sponge, while using a heart stencil and the positive heart (cut out from the stencil).

As for the Valentine, the orginal art was a watercolor I did, then the nature quote was done using gouache, using the carolingian style lettering that Carol DuBosch had taught in one of her classes

Elizabeth sent this update to her card and envelope

 Thanks Elizabeth

This one is a card sent to me by my WA BFF ( that’s Washington BEST FRIEND FOREVER), who is also my favorite card making buddy and shopping partner.  In fact she is out shopping for me today.  She is heading to IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS ,they have several stores and if you click the above name you can see where they are located.  The Tukwila store is the parent store and that’s where Stephanie is heading to pick up both a new little easter stamp for me as well as the new Rain Boots image . Click on HERE to see them. They also have a offer a lot of classes and I enjoy all of them.  You can subscribe to their weekly newsletter which in my case usually cost me money…lol… they also have lots of Eye Candy posted on their website. I definitely recommend subscribing and it our favorite word FREE.

 Back to Stephanie’s card she used lots of accessories on it and it was quite dimensional which made it lots of fun and great Eye Candy. The background of leaves was done using  3 colors ( any more than 3 and you can get MUD) of ink and stamping leaves all over the paper, especially over the top of each other…start using the lightest color first and then little darker then darkest color last. Since we did this background as a full sheet of paper she was able to get multiple pieces out of it for backgrounds on various cards.  I am pretty sure that the large Butterfly came from another dollar bin at Michael’s ( cause I bought them for us, again that dollar thing) and looks fantastic with the leaves.  Then she stamped the “Thank you” on the background and added a tag with a with a little bow and a very tiny raised plastic type of butterfly image.  She tied the bow herself…lol

These last two pieces are calligraphy from my friend BONNIE NOEHR.  Bonnie and I met about 10 to 12 years ago ( Bonnie can you believe its been that long) at the Calligraphy Northwest Conference in Tacoma.  She was rooming across the hall from me and my roomie Marn Majeski. I believe at the time that she, Bonnie, was just beginning calligraphy and she is amazing, I continue to enjoy seeing her work and watching her run circles around me.  She draws, paints and speaks 5 languages and has been studying calligraphy ever since.  These two pieces she posted on FB as the samples of the work she was doing in a class at  LETTERS CALIFORNIA STYLE  a few weeks ago.  Neither of them were intended to be read but were a study in creating texture using letters, ink, watercolor and in the case of the black one, black paper with white ink and I am guessing that the writing on the black one was done using a folded pen, or ruling pen and white ink. The tiny writing may have been done using a crow quill pen.  I just loved them both and asked her permission to share them.  The Envelope below is also one of Bonnie Noehr’s.  It was a ZENTANGLE …STUNNING.

Well I have more but think that is good for this week and sorry that I am a day late in posting.  Also want to say that it appears that if you subscribe to my blog what it does is shows up in your e mail so you don’t even have to look.  Don’t feel you have to subscribe but as far as I can tell they ( goggle/wordpress) are not sending you any junk just my blog postings.  Also I would love to see more comments, questions or requests for information or  How To Request.  It’s really simple just write in the comment box at the end of the blog.  And please know that I will not post anything you don’t want posted.  If your too shy to write in the comments, feel free to send me e mail and ask that way and you can ask me to remain anonymous . And Thanks again to all who gave their permission to reprint their work and for sending it to me in the first place.

Well as always thanks stopping by..Next week a new card idea and pattern plus a great idea for a simple and inexpensive yet very personal wedding gift .

Hugs kath

PS.  Please DO NOT REPOST any of the images or text from this site.( unless of course it’s your artwork). You can, however, post a link to my site.


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  1. Such a surprise when Sharon emailed me that you’d put this on your site. I can’t claim the credit for the beautiful daffodils…yes, I did those, but the original idea was the genius of Annie Timlick. She taught a class using markers and this was one of images that I use over and over as it is so “spring”. Love the things you share with us…yours and others.

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