OK remember when I started this I told you it was because of the movie Julie and Julia, and if you saw that movie ….do you remember when she burned the one dinner and it had taken hours and she had to do it all over again…. WELL that’s the kind of week I have had so bear with me.  I wanted to share with you a really fun card that has so many variations that I doubt that I even know them all but for the most part they are called EXPLOSION cards.  I think that the reason was because they kinda pop out at you and do you also remember when we all used to love to put various confetti in cards so that the person receiving them would end up playing PICK UP.  These cards were great for creating a lovely little pocket in which to tuck confetti and I confess I still like to do it..LOL..


6×6 sheet of text weight paper ( i.e. light weigh not card stock unless its very light)

small square punch think mine is a one inch

folded card 4 1/4 X 5 1/2. (Any color)

With the inside of your page facing up fold the card in half from top to bottom ( this assumes you have already stamps or written on the paper you should do that as it is easier to get good images if you do it before you have creases.)

Take the small square punch and with the paper folded punch out each corner ( because its folded you are punching 2 at a time) on the open side of the card NOT THE FOLDED SIDE.  I line the punch up with the outer edges of the paper. i.e. top and side.

Unfold the paper , flip it over and fold it diagonally from corner to corner and use your punch outs to get it perfect.

Unfold again and fold it diagonally again the opposite corners.

Now you should be able to push it into a triangle by pinching it together at the point that you see on the back.  

Making sure you have it right side up adhere it to the inside of your folded card as near to the crease in the middle as possible…putting it there allows for the card to open as wide as possible.  If you adhere it close to the outer edges of the card it will not open as wide, however if you filled it with confetti it will for sure pop all that confetti out on the recipient.


The first one I am going to share is based on a square sheet of paper folded into a triangle and somewhere along the way I was shown to punch out the corners.      I ‘d love to give credit to the person who shared that with me but I think I may also have mentioned that I have CRS disease ( Can’t Remember Sh_t) and I have no idea so whoever you are if you see this blog please send me a comment and let me give you credit.  Ok back to the card.  I typically use a 6 x 6 square of some text weight paper …depending on  whether or not you want to do a lot of stamping or only a few words you can use textured, or paper with designs or solid.  It does work best with light weight paper (text) like the paper you use in your computer.  In fact I have designed several in my computer using my PAGES (APPLE) program but there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing with WORD (PC).  I went into program and set up margins so that paper was 6 inches wide then also 6 inches long then added additional margins of 1/2 top bottom and sides and wrote my quotes/sentiments using the centering layout. Then print the page on any color paper or white that you want .  Take it to your paper cutter and trim it so its 6×6… be sure you save it in your computer and I begin the title with CD so that I know it set up to make the card.I know some of you are going to scream what NO STAMPS , NO CALLIGRAPHY but some days I just don’t have time to hand calligraph a card plus there are so many fun and lovely fonts for computers that I just designed these to be cut and folded into the Explosion style.  I will also confess that I am terrible and borrowing sayings /quotes from greeting cards that don’t have the image I want or just because I love the quote.  ( This is where I remind you that because of that you should NEVER use Commerical Sentiments in your cards if you plan to sell them.  Since I usually buy the card to get the sentiment (CRS again) I don’t feel bad about using it on my own designs but I am not selling them.) Again I can’t give credit for the sentiment as I have no idea where I got it and eventually I did send the original card…that’s right I do send commercially made cards !!


1…2 1/4 X 5 1/2 strip of card stock

1….3 1/2 x 3 1/2 square of light weight or text weight paper

Now this same fold can be used to create what I call a MATCHBOOK card…its tiny ..and I don’t punch off the corners as I did in the one above.  But its cute and fun.  Again fold it the same way but this time you to fold those points into the center once you have the triangle.

Repeat this with the other side of the triangle so you now have 4 tiny triangles.  Gently holding the paper in your hand reverse each of those little triangles so that they fold into the inside leaving a shape that looks a lot like a BISHOP’s hat.

Now for the match book measuring horizontally from the left score

1/2 inch ,  3″ then 1/4 inch from the 3″ score line.

Fold the 1/2 up and staple it like a match book not too high kinda in the middle of the fold…then fold the top at first score mark and then the send and VIOLA…you have a match book…again insert your explosion piece so that the point is almost on the first fold line up from bottom.  Adhere both to both the front and back and you have a tiny MATCHBOOK CARD..you could glue it onto a tag or onto a larger piece of card stock or just mail it in a small envelope (3 1/2 x 5 is smallest mailable size).

I hope you like these and I have a couple of others also but I’ll save them for another time.

Since these are the first ones I have done without sending you to a web site to see someone else’s video….I love hearing from you as to whether this works for you or not.   I’d love more comments good or bad…what you like what you don’t like etc.  Or what you like to know how to do or what you might like to see.  Please do share my site.

As always Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hey, Kath, love the matchbook variation……will try it soon! And will try the placement option that “shoots” the confetti! Everyone should have to vacuum occasionally.

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