Envelop Art Example

Ever since I saw the movie Julie and Julia, I was tempted to do a blog.  No I was haunted to do a blog.  I have a few calligraphy / card making /rubber stamping friends who seem to think I always have the answers and so far I have been able to pull rabbits out of a hat and come up with answers or at least suggestions to solve their problems.  I guess I am inquisitive by nature so I seem to have a lot of somewhat unrelated information and I kinda think thats what this blog will be like.  I hope to talk about products that I love, both old and new and also to answer questions and not all of it will be about calligraphy or card making. I hope to maybe once a month put a card pattern on for you to be able to try.   I also love birds and animals in general and BOARDWALKS..I am totally freaking about boardwalks so I hope to share some of my favorite photos from various boardwalks here in South florida. As for how often I will post…. I am not sure but probably not more than once a week and I’ll try to do it the same day every week.  Ok so that’s kinda a rough over view if you think you might  be interested come back if not just pretend you never saw it…. I won’t know as far as I know there are No BLOG POLICE…lol

Envelop Art Example

My first effort here is to share some envelope art.  John Neal recently posted on FACEBOOK a number of lovely calligraphy envelopes he has received.  Several of them really appealed to me and also to another calligraphy buddy SHARON CLYMER.  

Basically we were using NEULAND letters and coloring in the counter spaces…I am not sure what was used on the John Neal letter but pretty sure Sharon (bottom envelope to Jack) used markers  and my version I was using the GLITTER GEL PENS by Sakura. These are the ones with the little comet star thing on the pen.  I can usually find them at art supply stores , Michaels, Jo Ann’s craft and of course if go on line and type in Sakura Glitter pens I am sure you an find them there also.  This is not a new technique, I have seen it done with colored pencils or even just drawing pencils ( i.e. Black /white) using shading to make it darker on one side same could be done with the colored pencils just remember if you doing shading the dark side has to be the same on each counter as the light would be coming from the same direction every time.   So here are the samples give it a try and feel free to contact me with any questions.


9 thoughts on “ENVELOPE ART

  1. KATHY, THIS IS GREAT! Good job! You always have such good ideas and are willing to share! You have helped me tremendously throughout the years, and I look forward to reading this blog!

  2. Kath, glad you are doing a blog. I agree that great ideas are meant to be shared. And you certainly have a fountain of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just received my wonderful brithday card from you yesterday! Love it! Of course I always know it’s from you when I see the envelope! You’re the best! Have a great time with the blog, I look forward to reading it and learning from you, Love you Kath!

  4. well … cake-girl … now it looks like envelope-girl !!!! my are we the busy one … glad you finally got around to doing something (else) that you’ve wanted to do … and by showing your creative side, and sharing what you and your friends have been doing … i commend you !!!!! sharing art, in all it’s forms, is most inspiring …
    keep it up, girl !!!!! xxxo

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