backyard flame bush

GOULISH GREETINGS YA’LL Yes it’s still fall here and this is the flame bush from my back yard to prove it and I am still working feverishly to get my halloween cards in the mail soon.  I also thought at the last minute that I had used ZAZZLE  to get some daisy stamps for my Graceful Envelope back in January so I thought hummmmm wonder if they have halloween stamps…..OMG they had so many I had to force myself to only buy one sheet …ordering special stamps is a bit pricey but I do so have fun with the cards that the stamps seemed necessary as the Post Office had nothing available that would work.  I just type in Zazzle in google and up it comes and then you can choose your category.  I don’t know who they are or what they do as they have tons of stuff on their website but when it comes to postage they are incredible.  Wedding , holidays, just about anything you can think of …and they are legal. lol  So if you can afford about $20 for a sheet of 20 …I know about a buck a stamp but my friends are worth it….lol I also wanted to share this photo that my hubby took recently of the PINE SISKINS that are swarming our place now with winter on their heels… DOUBLE TRI FOLD CARD FROM CARD MAKER MAGAZINE  Ok this is the pattern and and it is going to take a 6 1/4 x 12 strip of cardstock at least that is their pattern…You can also use 6 x 12 and then cut your diagonals.  In addition they use a paper that is not duplex well it may be since I believe it is black on both sides so solid duplex rather than pattern.  Then to create that pattern effect they cut paper and layer it on top of the folds.  I however, am a very lazy stamper/card maker…so my first effort was to use two strips of duplex paper ie it had patterns on both sides of the card stock. HINT The above was what happens IF YOU CUT BOTH PIECES IN AND ASCENDING DIAGONAL ON THE SAME SIDE OF PAPER… YOU will end up with both sides showing on the front and inside.  To make them match you will need cut each panel from opposite side. From the left side of one sheet measure up 4″ and cut a diagonal up to the tip on the right.  On the other sheet cut from the point a diagonal down to 4″.  Then you need to SCORE each panel at 2″, 4″ , 6″ and 8″…then reverse fold the panels with whichever side up that you want to show on the front.  Now I don’t mind it being a mix on the front but for my halloween cards that patter was rather busy on both of them so I wanted them to be the same on panels but I wanted to give you the option of doing whichever way you wanted.  Also the pattern doesn’t tell you that so that’s how I learned it… cut it and then realized it wouldn’t match up…unless I cut them in the opposite directions…Just so you know… now here is one of my halloween images WITH BOTH SIDES MATCHING. I also used a ribbon to tie it together when its closed. Oh yes, and I am sure you remember Frankie and yep I did put one of those wobbly springs behind him so when they open it , it will WOBBLE…….I do love halloween.

Ok hope you enjoy this card as much as I do and if you have any questions please free to either leave as comment or to send them to me via


You may remember a while back I posted some envelopes that I sent to a woman in Australia who was an ARTIST IN RESIDENCE and she was collecting as many envelopes as she could from as many places as she could. Her name is TRICIA SMOUT and she posted two other blogs about the gardens.  This first one is called ARACHNID ARTISTRY and it is showing all the cobwebs that were placed throughout the gardens.. Its very cool so take a quick armchair trip to Australia.

The second one is of flowers that were made of fiber arts again placed throughout the gardens. This one is called FLOWER POWER. AS you have probably guessed both of these were done by locals and they are amazing so for a quick trip via armchair or computer check it out.


I recently discovered this very cute little ad that we saw at the movie theater… think of it as like the old movies where there was a cartoon at the beginning well this was a short video at the beginning .  Since it involved a type of lettering I thought I’d share it with you as well. It’s very well done and very cute and apparently won several awards.  I am not sure if its from France or Italy but there is no dialog just video and music and its a bit scary since its at night and stormy… enjoy its called “D”.

Well my friends that its for this week so hope you enjoy and get those halloween cards going...AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…whct aka kath

My Dad used to say always leave them laughing…so for all my PC friends out there this one cracked me up and was sent to me from a dear friend SHARON CLYMER…

Wife texts husband on a cold winter’s morning:
“Windows frozen.”
Husband texts back:
“Pour some lukewarm water over it.”
Wife texts back 5 minutes later:
“Computer completely screwed up now.”

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