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Speaking of Charlotte, I have a few of her sisters on my deck and they are making web lines faster than I can knock them down… think it’s egg sac time and because these are mostly small spiders and they are outside I try to let the egg sac’s hatch… I end up with little and I mean LITTLE yellow dots with a tiny black dot that if I had a microscope on them I am sure I could see they were baby spiders.  I know they are alive as they migrate across my deck and eventually hit the railing and then off they go just like Charlotte’s babies.  ok, I promise I am not getting senile on you.

Here’s what I have for this week… first some eye candy to share…

Janis’s Stand Alone Pop up ( design shown in previous Blog scroll down to find)

Both cards she tried or did something that I hadn’t thought of…namely I was trying to find stamps or write something in the 1″ box across the front.  Well she as you can see adhered an image or words that she only adhered the bottom of the image  onto that one inch box…this allows that piece to fold up against the tag/pop up part when you are folding it  for mailing… Thanks Janis for sharing and for a great idea … I was running out of 1″ tag lines or images for that piece.


These are cool little ant brads from  Impress Rubber Stamps…and while I think carrying the watermelon is very cool he could be carrying anything… any image you have or even words like Happy Birthday…PICNIC!!!. Balloon almost anything..Just click on ant brads to go right to them.

While these are just plain black mini brads they make that watermelon look really cool.  Impress again is my source for these but you can probably find them at Michael’s or Jo Ann’s or even in your supplies somewhere.  Impress does carry a cute watermelon stamp but I think what they did here was just cut a circle in half using two different size can do that either with punches or a circle cutter or just use like a juice glass and draw your circles ad then cut them out.  Eazzy Peazzy  as my BFF would say.  If you don’t want brads or can’t get them and you have some of the dimensional paint like Stickles… you could use that too …just a drop makes a good seed.


OK this isn’t really Dawn’s Double , I’ll show you that in a sec… this is actually my double STAR 3D card… but as you will see when you watch the video , the 3D and the Peek a Boo are very similar cards except the Peek a Boo actually has an insert that allows the image to slide into  view as that card is opened.  Very cool… Dawn makes it look pretty easy and it is. Just a tip, I write down the measurements as she is showing the card.  I also pause it when I need to do part of it to see what she is doing. So I used a star punch and you could also use a square or if you don’t have punches but like this idea squares are fairly easy to cut and you know they don’t even have to perfectly regular …well for this 90% person they don’t they are sorta more interesting if they are irregular BUT AND THIS IS IMPORTANT if you cut your own images the you need to trace with pencil where the pieces go on the slider part or they won’t line up and the card will look sloppy..Funky is good sloppy is not..

Ok for my Non-calligraphy friends…. I found these cute stencils at Jo Ann’s and they were about a 1.50 give or take and then I used a makeup sponge to rub color on the paper to form the words .  I also used a couple of small post-its to mask off the other letters.  You can also just trace the letters then color them in with colored pencils or gel pens or even tiny zentangles drawings… just fun to play great for names on envelopes or single words on a card.  Remember having fun is what its all about.

Top image is called  HAPPY ALPHABET

Second image is called FAT CAPS


What I love about this card is that you get two images on the front then two different images on the inside.  And while she is showing you stamp images ( and FYI I have purchased from her and she ships quickly) you could also use photos that you cut in circles or squares etc.  You can also write in the spaces if you want or use mini watercolor images etc… Experiment ( then send me a copy) and Play. That is what this is all about.

Also one last TIP I  want to give you… I usually make a mock up of each of these cards then store them in a sheet protector with a piece of paper or write on the mock up what the measurements are and where to score etc.. that way I watch the video for a refresher but I don’t have to have it running while am making the card and I would also note the name of the card so if you go back to either my blog or Dawn’s you can find it again in case you loose it.  Reminder that this is also a good card to pre-cut and pre-score so its ready to go when you need something impressive in a hurry.  

Well that’s about it from here and if you think these are little shorter …but hey … IT’S SUMMERTIME IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST and I just can’t stay at the computer all day.


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  1. You are absolutely the best blogger ever. What a joy to open to your site and have all this eye-candy to savor and learn from your notes and instructions. You are and always have been the most sharing art/calligraphy/crafty person I have ever known. Much thanks from Sharon (a friend and former student in many of your workshops)

    • You are a terrific friend and always a great student…thanks for all the kind words…so glad you are enjoying it..heading to CNW 2012 in Portland on Monday hope for lots of eyecandy when I get back..just going for day trip with friend. Again thanks for kind words..

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