HI THERE…. well its Kite flying weather so I thought I’d send you a site to see some real kites then a friend of mine  Dorothy has this great pattern for making a kite card.

FLYING KITES IN GASWORKS PARK IN SEATTLE WA.You have to see this to believe it…first its set against the background of my favorite city…SEATTLE and second this guy is amazing… I have been to GASWORKS park and its a great place to fly kites… but 3 OF THEM… yeah he is going to fly 3 at a time… its a 5+ minute video so if you get bored then be sure you push to the end so you can see the final shot… also it has to be summer …no rain ….no shirt…we do get lovely days like this off and in spring and winter but don’t tell anyone but the no shirt gives it away… lol…


FIRST thing don’t panic over the word ORIGAMI…. its not a hard one its actually very easy.OK here is her pattern for folding the kite they you would glue/tape it to a card and cut it so that the shape is the same as the kite.  Then write your message inside… something like  “JUST FLYIN BY WITH A BIG BIRTHDAY HI…or a GET WELL WISH …or THINKING OF YOU …just about any thing will work for this great spring card.  I used some slighly heavier paper to fold it because it was duplex( printed on both sides …but it works just as well just using some origami paper with the white showing for a nice contrast.

Here are the directions in just 3 easy folds.

FIRST fold the square in half …this is a 6″ square of origami paper …next fold the left corner and then the right corner into the crease in the center.

NEXT turn the paper over…and again fold into the center with both the left and right side.

second folds again into the center crease

For this last one you will need to flip the kite over with the point up at the top and then fold the last two corners into the center…. and TA DAH…you now have a kite…

Here are some of the others I folded and I have to say that while I liked the duplex paper I did decided that I like the contrast of the white and then colors better than two different patterns.

All the above papers except the star/red paper is Origami paper.  All of the larger ones are folded using a 6″ square but the two smaller ones are using the 4″ square.

Ok after you have your folded kite, Dorothy actually attached it to a folded card so that it could open and you could put your message inside.  The way I did it was to fold a standard 8 1/2 ” x 5 1/2 ” than I lay the long leg of the kite agains the fold and glue it down.  Then using my paper cutter I trimed it off so that there was either an 1/8″ edge all around the kite or I cut right up against the outer edges  and bingo you have your kite card and when it opens it kinda looks like a heart shape with flat edges.  Now I used the 6″ and lay it on fold diagonally ( see below)

kite on card ready to be trimmed

trimmed card with 1/8″ edge

the above kite was trimmed exactly along the lines of the kite…it will also open but had no border /margin around the outside..I like that margin.  In addition I used the baker’s twine to create a tail for this card…then I punched out 6 tiny butterflies …could be flowers, frogs, anything for the embellishment on tail.  You will need to put them together one on each side of the twine.  I liked the effect.  You could also use tiny hearts…


Then this one below is one of the 4″ square kites so its smaller and I just glued it diagonally into the center of the card , so that I had a standard size card.


Again this is great little folding project do while watching television… then save our kites in a sheet protector along with the directions ( best idea is to fold one and save it so you can unfold it if you forget ) You can then mount them and trim them when you need one.

Thanks again DOROTHY CARMACK…for sharing this delightful little origami project.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath


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