AND THE ENTRANCE TO YELLOWSTONE…. yippee…But first a brief message that got left out yesterday… info on the LAKE…and  my  first  lakeview  of  the  canadian  geese

And you will note that when geese are dipped over to get food its hard to spot them as their butts are the same color as the water.


Some lovely fall color and I just loved this fence..

This one is for my friend Janis who does remarkable things like finding complete alphabets on her trips and all out of natural surroundings…. me I cheated and used a D that was on the hillside ….and what looks like little wisps of smoke coming out of the trees and ground is actually the bugs that continue to smash into only my side of the windshield… hubby’s side stays free and clear…. and he kept pulling over and putting a bit of gas in the car just so he could wash the window..

this is what happens at 70 0r even 80 mph..legally ….we are in Montana you know..when you can’t get your camera ready as fast and you hubby speeds by… this was a cool house but sorry all you can see is the roof and of course the lovely hills in the background and some sage brush in the foreground.   I promise I will do better when we actually enter the park tomorrow.

This is part of the mining equipment that is still in use ( maybe not this one) but there are lots of them all over BUTTE MONTANA.. mostly I think they were mining copper and they took out lots but are still mining it today…


And signing off tonight with my first view of the Yellowstone river as we are entering GARDINER…FACT…the Yellowstone river is the longest river in the continental US that is still WILD AND FREE no Dams.  I think it may be the longest un dammed river also in the US.



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