DAWN’S WILD RIDE..(shaker, gift card)

WELL DAWN has outdone herself in that she created a stamp set for STAMPIN UP and its called WILD RIDE…it features her Hubby’s style of motorcycle which is in fact a HARLEY…its cute and she has done a few cards that she is using this new set which is in the new catalog… so even if you have done shaker cards before she does a good review of how to put it together……be sure you note that they now have lovely strings of foam tape i.e. there are very thin so that you can use them around the edges of your shaker template so that you aren’t struggling with either large foam tape or trying to stick a zillion foam dots along the edge ….. that there is worth the price of purchase….so if you are buying anything do go look for the form strips….her TIP: USE THE EMBOSSING BUDDY TO CLEAN OFF THE CLEAR ACETATE WINDOW SO THE CONFETTI WON’T STICK TO IT .

Her video is ONE WILD RIDE

Dawn's shaker card... with her new self designed stamp set

Dawn’s shaker card… with her new self designed stamp set

I had to get the set as I have several family and friends who have motorcycles and my husband and myself both had Yamaha cycles early in our married life… in fact at the time,  I was a first grade teacher and rode my bike to work…my kids that it was great that their teacher was a bike rider…. lol…. so I thought one idea for a pun type card using this set was as a birthday and then on the inside it would say HAVE A WHEELY great birthday… aww what can I say my mind is full of useless fluff…. lol…

Using this same set she created a cute repeat of a gift card fold that she had demo’d before still this one is cute and I can think of a few paper cards to insert with free dinner or if you have a bike free ride to someplace  etc that you could insert as your gift rather then a monetary type of card…

WILD RIDE GIFT CARD this is a Z fold type of card and as I said she has demo’d this style of card before… but I like the black card stock with the silver card stock to make you think of the chrome on the bikes…

Dawn's Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE SET

Dawn’s Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE

I sometimes think there are just too many layers on some of her designs however, I like all the layers on this card and think that its just terrific…. I also like her TIP: COLOR THE TINY PEARLS WITH BLACK INK…. so that you get a black stud look on them  when you use them on the card… neither the crystals nor the pearls would look right with the motor cycle but black stud looking embellishments just right…

EYE CANDY….DANCING TO 2015 MUSIC….this is a short video of various famous 1940 -50 famous dancers and the dance scenes are pretty much from a variety of movies, however  the music that you seem to see them dancing to is current music and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…. do turn on your sound….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath


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