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HELLO AGAIN… First my blog server Not my actual Blog but the machines that allow me to write it and then put it out on the internet were hacked and I had to have my Guru deal with it ….then right after we moved to new servers that were running very fast….my Computer died  and I do mean died…my hard drive complete rolled over with barely a gasp and croaked and all attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful so this meant  trip to Apple for new hard drive… luckily I was still under warranty and while i have had many apple devices this is the first one that actually died on me so I am still hard core apple as they replaced it in less than a day…so these are my excuses for no POSTS…SO HOW AM I DOING SO FAR…..SERIOUSLY with  Christmas marching rapidly forward I thought thiswas a good idea for possible gifts…… which is that you make some cards or perhaps like you have plenty you can use to fill the box just put them in this little box so that you can give them to someone as a gift… I am sure we all know friends who think are cards a lovely and say things like wish I was creative, or wish I had time to make cards…so here is a lovely way to share some homemade art with friends and if you check out her web site you will see that she has both the box and some samples of the cards…now she is using leaves but to some people leaves mean raking…so make your box for whatever you want if you do it a box of birthday cards you might want to put balloons or if you did thinking of you cards you might want butterflies or flowers… the possibilities are endless… you could even do a box of MINION CARDS…lol..no I am not over them yet….anyway I think the box will hold about 4 or 5 cards so depending on how many you want to make to give away that are a nice thing to have handy for quick gifts… thank you cards are always a nice thing to have handy…also great teacher gifts… so Here is her link check out the video and give it a go….


Dawn's vintage leaves box

Dawn’s vintage leaves box

sorry about the photo ….I tried to post from my husbands computer but he doesn’t use mouse and I am lost without it.. again not my computer and its coming up weird and while it shows that I have edited it and cropped it …. this is what I got…. but you will see it better when you link  to her sight… these can be any kind of cards…. whatever you want…birthday , anniversary etc or a variety…


Dawn's luminary window card

Dawn’s luminary window card

I also really liked this adorable card , remember i showed you about buying those little battery candles and using them as birthday cakes…well there are everywhere right now for the holiday season and here is another great use for those candles… and you will notice that this sample is her recent Shadow box card but you could also do this using the DIORAMA BOX CARD

DAWN’S DIORAMA BOX CARD  Now the difference with this one is that instead of window you have a cut out using that punch or you could cut a rectangle and in side of putting a separate piece of paper in the center you can stamp on a piece of vellum and then paste it to the back of the front of the box against the cut out then you can just put the candle behind that image and the card will fold flat for mailing and you remember I told you that you could this in one of the small priority mail boxes to mail or of course you could hand deliver it to someone…

dawn's diorama boxs

as you can see she made this back before halloween and then being smarter than me moved on to Christmas…. anyway its cute and easy and fun with or without the little luminaries.

NOW BECAUSE I AM SO FAR BEHIND…here a few more too look at…

DAWN’S CHRISTMAS GIFT CARD HOLDER 2015.. (she calls it lots of labels gift card holder).this is really easy and quick and you can just use decorative scissors on the front flap and overlay if you don’t have the die she uses….Dawn's xmas gift card holder

these are just a few that I did…

my gift card holder with embellishments

my gift card holder with embellishments

one more of my gift cards

one more of my gift cards

as you can see I only used one layer of paper and then the circles with little embellishments… after doing these three I decided that they would be better with solid color with layer of designer paper then solid color for the circles…. however these will work fine and since they are going to folks that don’t do this kind of thing they won’t know…lol…. why is it that them minute Thanksgiving is over the dishes and left over turkey not even put away yet… things move into warp speed….and its not like I don’t plan ahead…I do…it is just never enough… any way…

One more then I promise to quit for this post this one is SPLIT COAST STAMPERS ...DECORATIVE CORNER CARD...

SCS decorative corner fold

SCS decorative corner fold

sorry this is blurry for some reason it won’t go bigger an when I tried it got blurry.  maybe this one will be better…

deco corner card from the web

deco corner card from the web

ahh much better…lots of extra die embellishments but lovely… one other 

this is very cute and stands up yet folds flat and the unique part is the the circle on the front ( could be square, oval, star) stands out complete…cute little mechanism that allows that to happen…. but you could just adhere the image on one side it would be quite as spectacular but it would still be quite impressive… Now my HINT..is she mentions that you can just use 5 ½ x 8 ½ paper and in fact you can and it works just fine… SCORE  the paper on the 8 ½ inch side at 2 , 4, 6 and 8… THEN GATE FOLD the card and seam it with that ½”…. now you layered panels should each be 1 ¾ ” x 5 ¼” and if you want a third layer cut it 1  ½ x 5″….otherwise its the same as the one in the video….

HINT…you can use punches and make this a candle type card as well using the little luminary inside with vellum covering the cut outs…. again it would go in one of those little priority boxes to mail or you could hand deliver it.

Ok again I am sorry for all the delay and remember that everything here can be adapted to birthday, get well, anniversary…valentines…whatever…. hope you will forgive my delays…

MERRY MERRY and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY... the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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