I loved the idea of this card as a way to send a Money gift card.. giving money even a debit type card seems so impersonal so if I can make the holder a little more personal than the folder they ususally give you with the card ( if they give a holder at all) is important to me… and this was just the perfect answer… Its quick …its simple especially if you use duplex paper ( her word is designer) which means there are coordinating colors/ designs on both sides of the paper, then you don’t have to cut paper to insert.  Remember when you are adding something like a gift card you may want to be sure to pay  to track it so you know that it arrived , it’s not much.  Also you will probably need to add additional postage like the 66 cent butterfly stamp or any variation of stamps to add up to that amount.  It’s gonna make a bump in your card and it probably going to go over an ounce.

Now while this is designed to hold gift cards.. you can also use money and then fold it in the origami heart ( easy ) or in the origami star ( little more difficult) or any number of other money origami folds.  In addition you can also  just use it as a birthday, get well, congrats card with inserts in the pockets with either stamped messages or hand written messages.  REMEMBER …. I am at least the princess of repurposing…

SCORING TIP.. Dawn suggested using your paper cutter and the scoring blade..well don’t know about you but in the heat of creation… I know I would accidentally cut the paper rather than score it…mainly because there are at least 3 black scoring blades to my fiskar paper cutter hiding out somewhere in my room. I never can find them when I need them and I even do tell myself that they should go right next to paper cutter when I do find one…but the little devils wait till I turn out the lights at night and then they run away… SO my solution is to MOVE AWAY FROM THE CUTTER….go back to my desk and use my scor-pal… now making a score that long is always difficult and you have to find a way to line up the top right and the bottom left on the same score line or it just makes a mess… so I found lining up next to double lines on the scor-pal was the easiest way to do this for this project I used the 7 1/4 LINE ON THE LARGE SCOR-PAL…it’s right next to another line which has no measure mark next to it so I have no idea what it is…but the two lines so close together makes it easy to line up your top right and bottom left on the same score line and score away….Ok hope this helps… or that you are better with using the scoring blade on your paper cutter than I am…

Well I know this is a little short but sometimes enough is enough…right…

front my twisted gift card holder

This was the one I did  and I did insert a gift card in it.  I really do like this card for using with gift cards, tags, notes, money ( folded origami style of course) etc. Even a photo would be good but you would have to print it smaller that 4×6.  Business card size would be good.


I have a great friend JANIS in OK..who not only reads the blog…lol but actually makes things from my posts.  These are two of the birthday cards I received from her and they were both done it the VELUM DRY EMBOSSING style .  The Magnolia is just stunning and the Iris done sorta like a stained glass window is also just lovely… She told me that she added the color on the back side of the images using colored pencil.  I think she would also agree that the images show up better against a dark background in this case her’s were on a dark green background an the Magnolia was on the same background but she had used and embossing template to make the background appear polka dot.  As I have said before I AM SUCH A LUCKY GIRL. THANKS JANIS for enhancing my mail box and for following my blog.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad…kath

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